Correction Officer

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Are you looking for an opportunity to build a career that makes a difference? If so, we invite you to discover this amazing opportunity to join our dedicated team!

The State of Connecticut,  Department of Correction (DOC) is currently accepting applications for Correction Officer positions, located at Correctional Facilities throughout Connecticut.  In this role you will be entrusted to provide safety and security to all under your supervision, your co-workers and the general public. This is a fantastic opportunity to positively change the lives of those under the Department of Correction’s supervision, by serving as a role model and educator.

Candidates who took part in last years CO process but were not selected for hire, must re-apply to this job posting to be considered for future opportunities in the title of Correction Officer. 

Job Details:
  • Correction Officers work a base schedule of 36.25 hours per week on a rotating shift.
  • Candidates applying to the position of Correction Officer will need to take and pass a Physical Ability Test designed to evaluate their ability to perform essential physical tasks performed by Correction Officers.  
  • In order to apply to this position, you must be able to work second or third shift and be willing to be held over for additional hours based on facility need.  
  • Candidates will not be able to select which facility they would like to work at, assignments are solely at the discretion and based on the needs of the agency.  
  • If selected for appointment as a Correction Officer, candidates are required to pass a pre-employment physical, undergo an extensive background check and attend our training academy in Cheshire, CT for their first 14 weeks of employment.
Mission: The Department of Correction shall strive to be a global leader in progressive correctional practices and partnered re-entry initiatives to support responsive evidenced based practices, aligned to law abiding and accountable behaviors.  Safety and security shall be a priority component of this responsibility as it pertains to staff, victims, citizens and offenders. 

Guiding Principles: Appropriate and proper assessment of every incoming offender; individual programming, education and job training for offenders; shared economic, community, social and collaborative partnerships through research and best practices.

What we can offer you
  • Industry leading health benefits, including medical and dental coverage 
  • Comprehensive pension plan including a 25 year Hazardous Duty retirement 
  • Competitive market salary plan 
  • Professional growth and development for promotional opportunities  
  • Pride in serving the citizens of local communities and the State of Connecticut

Selection Plan

Selection Process:  (Please read this section thoroughly and reference for questions and future use)

The Correction Officer hiring process is extensive and appointments are based on approval of Academy Class Training.  This selection process may be used up to 18 months.  If selected for appointment, candidates are required to pass a pre-employment physical, undergo an extensive background check and attend our training academy in Cheshire, CT for their first 14 weeks of employment.  The application to hire process is separated into 6 stages:

1. Application Period: How to apply to the CO posting 

2. Referral Questions: These questions are designed to allow hiring managers to learn more about your abilities and skills related to the Correctional Officer position.  

  • Referral questions will be asked during the application filing period. Applicants must respond to each to successfully complete their application. 
  • Please do not call or email about referral questions or application status.  If you successfully submit on time, you will receive a confirmation page immediately following your submission.
3. Correction Officer Physical Ability Test (COPAT):  Candidates will need to take and pass a Physical Abilities Test designed to evaluate their ability to perform essential physical tasks performed by Correction Officers.  This process will take place after the completion of the posting period.    

  • Video Overview - Correction Officer Physical Abilities Test (COPAT) - Video may take 20 to 30 seconds to load.
  • We will send a notice to your personal email address and your JobAps personal status board, with a link to self schedule for your COPAT.  Once scheduled, there is a zero tolerance policy for missing your appointment.  No makeups or rescheduling will be permitted.
  • All questions regarding the physical ability test must be directed to the Department of Correction,
4. Three Part Interview:
  • Application Review - Candidates will meet individually with a Correctional Lieutenant to ensure their application is thoroughly complete and all required documents have been provided. Candidate will have an opportunity to ask the Lieutenant any questions about the position. 
  • Writing Sample - Your written skills will be evaluated as part of the Correction Officer process for the following reasons; If hired, you will be required to successfully complete a fourteen (14) week intensive academic training course and written reports are required on a regular basis when working at a correctional facility.
  • Oral interview - candidates are asked job related questions and a panel of subject matter experts will evaluate the responses in a number of critical areas such as:  1) Interpersonal Skills - The ability to work effectively with diverse populations  2) Problem Solving/Judgement -  Responses to solutions are logical and thoughtful and displayed the ability to handle stressful situation while maintaining good judgement.  3) Communication - the ability to communicate with clarity.
5. Background Investigation: Comprehensive review of employment, education, training, criminal and motor vehicle history.

6: Medical Evaluation: Comprehensive physical examination, including drug screening.

Correction Officer Training Program:  

Training is a significant component of beginning a Correction Officer career.  For the first fourteen (14) weeks of employment you will participate in a combination of classroom and on the job training with peer mentors. After successfully completing 14 weeks of this training, you will be promoted from Correction Officer Cadet to Correction Officer. Classroom training will be held at the Maloney Center of Training and Staff Development in Cheshire, CT and at Northern Correctional Institution in Somers, CT for the first ten (10) weeks of employment.  The additional four (4) weeks you will train with your peer mentors at a Correctional Institution. Academy training is Monday - Friday, typically 1st shift with a possibility of 2nd shift based on facility demands.

New appointees to the training academy will learn proper security, custody procedures, facility management and institutional polices and regulation.  Cadets must complete a set of core curricula tests which include:

  • Prison environment
  • Inmate supervision
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Report writing
  • Use of force
  • Behavior management
  • Legal issues
  • Security procedures
  • Code of ethics
  • Visiting procedures
  • Employee conduct and professionalism 
Please save the below link to your phone, computer or print for future use:

Work LocationsDOC Facilities

Important Information:

  • Should you have questions pertaining to this recruitment, please contact the Department of Correction at
  • Please ensure that your application is complete prior to submitting.  You will be unable to make revisions once you officially submit your application to the State of Connecticut.  Candidates who submit an untimely, incomplete of inaccurate application will not be considered for this employment opportunity.
  • In order to comply with Public Act 21-69, the State of Connecticut is no longer asking for resumes during the initial application process.
  • Covid-19 Update: Social Distance Flyer
  • Applicants on Active Military Duty:  Special accommodations may be made for applicants on active military duty at the time of the application filing period.  Documentation showing out of state deployment will be required.  Please contact for further assistance. 
  • Due to the large volume of applications, please do not call or email to confirm receipt or status of your application.  If your application submits successfully, you will receive a pop up confirmation in addition to an email confirmation which is saved in your applicant portal.


In a Department of Correction facility this class is accountable for the confinement, safety, control and monitoring of sentenced and/or un-sentenced inmates and security of the facility.


Performs either a concentration or combination of the following functions, depending upon whether duty is on fixed or rotating post assignment:

SECURITY: Performs periodic head count; conducts periodic search of all areas available to inmates; checks all incoming visitors and/or packages and/or mail for contraband; performs pat or strip searches of inmates as needed; secures access points to assigned area; checks area for fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures; monitors all movement through assigned area; transports inmates to and from courts, hospitals, half way houses, other institutions and directed destinations.

INMATE CONTROL: Maintains log of inmate movement into and out of unit and verifies and/or authorizes movement through written (pass) or phone communication with sending and/or receiving staff for such activities as work assignments, counseling sessions, visitors, clinic and dental appointments, court appointments, meals, etc.; directs inmate access to rooms, recreation areas, dining areas, shower and telephone facilities, special group meetings and insures transition is orderly and timely; monitors inmates in above activities and insures discipline and security are maintained; evaluates and reports on inmate performance; participates in directed treatment activities as required; may be required to physically restrain inmates.

ADMINISTRATION: Sets up and/or maintains records relating to admissions, court appearances, property, financial assets, medication, disciplinary actions, living assignments, work assignments, key control, use of force and/or restraint, punitive segregation, etc. in accordance with regulations; insures admissions, transfers and discharges are accompanied by appropriate paperwork; prepares reports and documentation relative to assigned activities; orders and dispenses supplies for assigned area.

COMMUNICATION: Dispenses and collects commissary slips and orders; screens visitors to ascertain if authorized and grants or denies admission on judgment of perceived security risk; responds to emergency requirements in event of fire, escape or call for assistance; handles incidents and crisis situations involving inmates through use of effective oral communication skills; interfaces with related law enforcement personnel; may schedule inmate appointments with counselors, clinics, clergy and school; performs related duties as required.


Considerable interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; considerable ability to understand departmental and institutional policies and regulations and apply them fairly and consistently; considerable ability to analyze situations quickly and accurately and adopt an effective course of action; considerable ability to work under pressure; ability to utilize computer software.


Graduation from high school or certification of having passed the General Educational Development (GED) certification examination.


Candidates who demonstrate some or all of the following will be given preference:
  • A stable work history
  • Excellent attendance records
  • Related education or work experience
  • Military experience 
  • Experience working with difficult clientele
  • Experience working rotating shifts


  1. Incumbents in this class must have reached their 21st birthday.
  2. Incumbents in this class are required to successfully complete a formal training course in correctional work to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the class.
  3. Incumbents in this class may be required to possess and retain either a valid Motor Vehicle Operator’s license, a Commercial Driver’s license or both.
  4. Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.


In addition to the checking of references and of facts stated in the application, a thorough background investigation of each candidate may be made before persons are certified for appointment.


  1. Incumbents in this class must have general good health, be free from any disease or injury which would impair health or usefulness and possess and retain sufficient physical strength, stamina, agility, endurance and visual and auditory acuity required to perform all the duties of the class.
  2. A physical fitness assessment will be required of all applicants.
  3. A comprehensive medical examination, including a controlled substance screening, will be required of all applicants upon a conditional offer of employment.


Incumbents in this class may be exposed to significant stress of confinement within a dangerous and volatile prison population and to considerable danger of injury from assaultive and/or abusive inmates and disagreeable conditions.



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.