City of Tucson


$17.50-$32.60 Hourly / $36,400.00-$67,808.00 Yearly
Salary Grade: 917

General Description

Performs technical on-site inspections of traffic roadways, right of ways, and public drainage easements to assure code compliance. Inspects contractors for compliance with particulars of service contracts for landscaping, chemical weed control, sweeping, as well as job order contracts for street repair, street resurfacing, concrete repair, and vector service requests. Assists Streets Maintenance Supervisors and Transportation Superintendents on research for constituent inquires as to property jurisdiction and responsibilities, roadway and drainage conditions, and existing sidewalk and concrete drainage structure conditions.

Essential Functions

Inspect streets and right-of-way in response to a service request or complaint by photographing overhanging trees, damaged sidewalks, and traffic-related site visibility problems.

Inspect damage to structures within right of way.

Address hazard abatement for imminent hazards by determining immediate hazard; placing barricades and safety tape around damaged area to protect public safety; and coordinating work crews to repair hazard if appropriate.

Research subdivision maps or plats to determine ownership or  jurisdiction and create work orders to do repairs.

Issue notice of violation and citations if applicable, to property owners of City code ordinance violation.

Monitor compliance with violation notices and citations to appear in court, and support enforcement of violation assessments.

Provide technical support to area supervisors and superintendents by recommending course of action to correct situation based on research and observations; marking project limits in field for area work crews and contracted workers; and scheduling field meetings to determine  maintenance projects scope of work.

Read and interpret maps and plats by accessing department GIS mapping system using laptop and desktop computer; determining map layer to locate information or use multiple layers to find information; determining location of right of way and property line using construction drawing and subdivision plans; determining City maintenance responsibility from subdivision plat map dedication; and responding via e-mail with findings.

Monitor maintenance management program service requests by generating work orders for repairs needed to address complaints, maintenance or emergency; monitoring maintenance management program to monitor work order progress; and closing work orders upon completion of projects.

Evaluate annexations and private improvement agreements (PIA) of streets, drainage-ways, shoulders, and alleys by measuring street lengths and widths using vehicle-based electronic distance meter; evaluating condition of roadway to determine needed type of maintenance activity; estimating future maintenance costs for budget purposes; and preparing reports for future maintenance cost.

Inspect job sites by monitoring active localized, route maintenance or routine service contracts for conformance with standard specification for construction and contract provisions; monitoring contracted work orders for maintenance & repair projects for conformance with standard specification for construction and contract provisions; measuring and calculating unit quantities to verify contractor invoices; monitoring contractor activities and schedules based on work order and contractor schedule; and monitoring safety of activities, barricading, and traffic control performed by contractor.

Coordinate final project acceptance of contractor work by conducting final on-site inspections to ascertain if work meets requirements; generating final contract quantities and estimated final costs;  reviewing original bid and final cost for accuracy and additional cost justification; and verifying final job order documentation with contractor and City contract representative.

Ensure that contracted work conforms to local, state, and federal governmental regulations, and other applicable rules and requirements, such as proper traffic control and barricading by monitoring job site for compliance with OSHA regulations; verifying permits were obtained by contractors prior to start of work; and enforcing confined space entry regulations.

Provide customer service to community by responding to citizen information requests by telephone or e-mail; meeting with property owners, neighborhood, or home-owners association to evaluate and address concerns; conducting maps & plats and records research to determine maintenance responsibilities for referral to proper agency/city department; and following-up with constituents to ensure adequate resolution of concerns.

Inspect areas for dangers such as bees and mosquitoes to determine responsibility for bee removal or mosquito abatement; and notify city contractor for bee removal.

Treat localized drainage ways for mosquito abatement by application of pesticide (state-licensed) and apply minimal amounts of herbicide for weed control, in conformance with State Statute.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education Level & Type: 6 months post High School

Minimum Experience Qualifications: At least 2 years of experience constructing or maintaining roadways, inspecting streets, right of ways, and/or construction sites, and/or enforcing codes.

Pre-employment Medical Testing Requirements


Other Information

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Occupational Group Code: 28

Occupation Group Description: Street Maintenance

EEO Job Category Code: C

EEO Job Category Description: Technicians

Organizational Level: First Level Employee

NCCI: 5506

Bargaining Unit: CWA

Driving Requirements

The following information pertains to driving requirements for this classification with the City of Tucson. Under "Driving Level" None, Secondary or Primary, refers to the driving responsibility as it relates to the essential functions of the classification. License Type, is just that, the type of Arizona Driving License required for the classification. If the position requires a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), the endorsements will be listed under "Endorsements." Under Safety Sensitive a "Yes" means employees with this classification are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. License Type A,B,C,D,or M may require the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid license and have an acceptable driving record. Use of a personal vehicle for City business will be prohibited if the employee is not authorized to drive a City vehicle or if the employee does not have personal insurance coverage. Exceptions to classification driving requirement's may exist based on position.

Driving Level: Secondary

License Type: Valid and Unrestricted D - Driver

CDL Endorsements: None

Safety Sensitive: No

Job Description Disclaimer

This description is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of management to assign, direct and control the work of employees under supervision. The listing of duties and responsibilities shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of similar kind or level of difficulty. They are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position.

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