City of Tucson


$38.29-$75.43 Hourly / $79,643.20-$156,894.40 Yearly
Salary Grade: 618

General Description

Assists the City Attorney in planning, organizing and coordinating all programs, functions and activities of the City Attorney's office to fulfill the civil, criminal, legislative, and administrative legal service requirements of the City. Assists the City Attorney by providing leadership on an organization-wide and community basis to ensure that public services are provided in alignment with the City's strategic objectives. This includes evaluating personnel and program performance, and preparing and administering the Department budget. Serves as litigator for the City in all State and Federal Courts. Identifies, analyzes and discusses legal issues associated with projects. Provides legal advice and support to department directors, the City Manager, and the Mayor and Council.

Essential Functions

Oversees the activities of the civil and criminal divisions, and litigation sections of the civil division of the City Attorney's Office by providing guidance and supervision to the Deputy City Attorney administering the criminal division, and directly supervising all City attorneys in the civil division in the absence of an assigned deputy.

Confers with City officials and personnel to identify, analyze and discuss legal issues associated with projects by attending meetings, clarifying time frames, identifying potential legal issues, providing guidance on the project approach, drafting proposed legislation and ordinances and testifying before the legislature if necessary.

Establishes and maintains liaison with departments to integrate legal support into policies and operations by attending meetings, communicating with department supervisors as projects progress, responding to questions, ensuring department actions are within legal guidelines, identifying and resolving additional legal issues and unanticipated issues, and explaining court opinions.

Manages and supervises the integration of legal advice to the operational levels of City departments by attending meetings, communicating with department supervisors, ensuring department action are within legal guidelines and providing support.

Acquires, analyzes and integrates legal developments by reading, analyzing and writing legal information, utilizing research systems to obtain the access to reading materials, sharing and discussing opinions regarding the analysis and application of judicial precedents, conducting research and problem analysis for legal issues and evaluating their impacts on the Mayor and Council and City management in carrying out administrative, functional and policy implementation responsibilities.

Represents or supervises the representation of the City and its personnel in courts and with administrative review bodies by evaluating and assessing legal theories, determining alternatives which will most likely persuade the courts, and arguing or supervising the argument on behalf of the City.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education Level & Type: Juris Doctorate

Minimum Experience Qualifications: At least 5 years supervisory management experience in civil litigation

Special Job Requirements

Member of the Arizona State Bar Association

Pre-employment Medical Testing Requirements


Other Information

FLSA Status: Exempt

Occupational Group Code: 05

Occupation Group Description: Legal and Judicial

EEO Job Category Code: A

EEO Job Category Description: Officials and Administrators

Organizational Level: Deputy/Assistant Director

NCCI: 8820

Bargaining Unit: No Representation

Driving Requirements

The following information pertains to driving requirements for this classification with the City of Tucson. Under "Driving Level" None, Secondary or Primary, refers to the driving responsibility as it relates to the essential functions of the classification. License Type, is just that, the type of Arizona Driving License required for the classification. If the position requires a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), the endorsements will be listed under "Endorsements." Under Safety Sensitive a "Yes" means employees with this classification are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. License Type A,B,C,D,or M may require the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid license and have an acceptable driving record. Use of a personal vehicle for City business will be prohibited if the employee is not authorized to drive a City vehicle or if the employee does not have personal insurance coverage. Exceptions to classification driving requirement's may exist based on position.

Driving Level: Secondary

License Type: Valid and Unrestricted D - Driver

CDL Endorsements: None

Safety Sensitive: No

Job Description Disclaimer

This description is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of management to assign, direct and control the work of employees under supervision. The listing of duties and responsibilities shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of similar kind or level of difficulty. They are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position.

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