Pharmacy Intern (#TH9218)
$23.36-$28.39 Hourly / $4,048.45-$4,920.92 Monthly / $48,581.51-$59,051.13 Yearly


Under immediate supervision, assists staff in providing basic pharmaceutical services within the Health Care Services department; and does related or other work as required.


This is a part-time/temporary class for students who are currently enrolled in pharmacy school but have not yet graduated. An employee in this class is responsible for assisting registered Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in all aspects of preparing and dispensing pharmaceuticals, as allowable according to State pharmacy regulations. Pharmacy Interns may not fill prescriptions until State registration is obtained. All duties are performed under the direct supervision of a registered Pharmacist.


  • Reviews outpatient prescriptions and verifies that all necessary information is accurate and complete; confirms drug coverage based on formulary or third-party restrictions.
  • Helps interpret written prescriptions to ensure that the drugs and dosages are appropriate as prescribed; helps determine appropriate auxiliary labels to apply to each prescription container.
  • Enters prescription information accurately into the pharmacy computer for new prescriptions and for refills; enters allergy or other information into computer files according to department policy.
  • Assists in compounding medication by means of weighing, measuring, mixing, blending, filtering, distilling, emulsifying and titrating, according to standard pharmacy practices and department policy.
  • Assists in packaging and labeling medications according to established practices and department policies; restocks medications and supplies as needed.
  • Helps counsel patients and families as to medication use, dangers, side effects and composition; provides drug-related information to physicians, nurses and other health professionals as needed.
  • Completes and maintains written records of prescriptions and controlled substances according to State and Federal law.
  • Helps prepare intravenous admixtures according to established practices of aseptic techniques and pertinent department policies; assists in accurately dispensing inpatient unit dose medications according to department policy; delivers medications to patient care areas as needed.
  • Participates in departmental quality-assurance and safety activities for drug usage, infection control, and handling hazardous materials according to state/federal regulations and departmental policy; assists in the collection and review of patient-specific data used by pharmacists for monitoring drug therapy.


Education: Current enrollment in an accredited college of pharmacy.

Certificate: Ability to obtain a valid certificate of registration as an Intern Pharmacist issued by the California State Board of Pharmacy within six months of the date of hire.


Human biology, microbiology; organic chemistry; basic principles of pharmacology; drug information retrieval; drug distribution systems; methods of sterile compounding; quality control techniques; legal limitations on procurement, storage, distribution and sale of drugs; federal and state laws applicable to the practice of pharmacy.


Establish and maintain effective working relationships with physicians, nurses, and others; understand and be sensitive to patient needs, communicate effectively; establish and maintain effective guest relations.


Mobility-Constant standing for long periods; Lifting-Frequent lifting of 5 pounds or less; Visual Requirements-Constant reading/close-up work; Dexterity-Frequent operation of keyboard; frequent holding; reaching; grasping, and writing; Hearing/Talking-Constant hearing normal speech and talking in person; frequent hearing and talking on the telephone; Emotional/Psychological Factors-Constant decision making and concentration; frequent public contact, frequent exposure to hazardous materials.

San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: TH9218;