Sheriffs Inmate Labor Specialist II (#RP0722)
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$22.46-$27.30 Hourly / $3,893.43-$4,732.49 Monthly / $46,721.25-$56,789.97 Yearly


Under supervision, leads and assists with operations utilizing inmate work crews; and performs related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


This is the lead worker/advanced level class in the Sheriff's Inmate Labor Specialist series. Incumbents typically function as a lead worker or specialist for multiple work crews assigned to various functional service areas including, but not limited to, housekeeping, laundry, grounds keeping, Community Corps, and Cal Trans services. Incumbents also request, assign, direct and monitor inmate workers.

This class is distinguished from Sheriff's Inmate Labor Specialist I because incumbents are usually lead workers and/or specialists in their functional work area and may be required to have specific housekeeping, laundry or grounds keeping work experience (see Minimum Qualifications below), depending upon the area of assignment.


  • Acts as a lead worker for multiple work crews assigned to functional service areas within the Sheriff's Central Services Division; may assign and direct the work of subordinate staff; may assist work site crew leaders in determining needs, including type of work to be performed, number of workers needed and tools/materials needed; helps crew leaders establish work priorities; may help interview and/or select new staff.
  • Requests, directs, assigns and monitors inmate work crews; may lead inmate work crews on assignments both on and off the compound; ensures that assigned work is completed in a timely manner and according to established standards.
  • Trains staff regarding the technical aspects of work site assignments including equipment and machinery operation/repair, chemical use, tool maintenance, horticultural practices and compliance with environmental and other safety standards; provides technical training to inmates as needed for specific work assignments.
  • Maintains various jail, alternative work, work furlough and other records and reports; maintains daily attendance, supply and equipment usage records as assigned, including computer logs and databases; documents disciplinary actions and/or inmate performance issues as assigned.
  • May inspect assigned areas to ensure compliance with established standards; may work with inmate housing or other Department staff to improve and motivate inmate work performance.
  • May meet with various County and/or other staff regarding work crew assignments and scheduling; may provide information regarding program procedures; may use County vehicles, heavy equipment, and/or power tools to perform assignments.


Experience: One year as a Sheriff’s Inmate Labor Specialist I in San Joaquin County service.

Experience: Two years directing/monitoring a crew of laborers or inmates, one of which must have been in a correctional/custody facility at the level of Sheriff’s Inmate Labor Specialist I in San Joaquin County service. 

Experience: One year serving in a peace officer or limited peace officer status position. 

Special Requirement: As part of the total work experience required in any of the options above, one year performing housekeeping, laundry or horticultural/nursery duties in an institutional, park or commercial setting may be required for assignment or continued assignment in specialized work areas. 

License: Possession of a valid California Driver’s License. Depending upon the assignment, a “Class B” license with a passenger endorsement (bus driver’s license) may be required.


Motivational techniques in a work setting; basic legal requirements for inmate programs; cultural, normal and abnormal human behavior; techniques of conflict resolution; general procedures and practices of an inmate custodial facility; methods of gathering and organizing data; general office practices, including basic computer use.


Train and lead subordinate staff; assign, direct and monitor inmate laborers; plan work schedules; understand, interpret and apply written regulations and other job related material; establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of people; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; make decisions and implement appropriate action.


Mobility-Frequent standing for long periods, walking, driving, operation of heavy equipment, climbing ladders and/or stairs; occasional operation of keyboards, sitting for long periods, pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, crawling; Lifting-Frequently 5 pounds or less; occasionally 5-70+ pounds, restraining/lifting/turning heavy objects; Vision-Good overall vision required including frequent use of color perception, hand/eye coordination, depth perception, peripheral vision; occasional reading/close up work; Dexterity-Occasional holding, reaching, grasping, repetitive motion, writing; Hearing/Talking-Constant hearing of normal speech, hearing on the telephone/radio, hearing faint sounds, talking in person; occasional talking on the telephone; Emotional/Psychological-Frequent decision making, concentration, working alone; occasional emergency situations, exposure to trauma/grief/death, public contact, heights, hazardous materials, working weekends/nights, overtime/travel; Special Conditions-Frequent exposure to varied indoor/outdoor weather, temperatures and conditions including dust, dirt, smoke, fumes, poor ventilation, and noise. .

San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RP0722; EST: 6/9/1999;