Property Technician (#RO4451)
$22.68-$27.57 Hourly / $3,931.19-$4,778.39 Monthly / $47,174.39-$57,340.77 Yearly


Under general supervision, performs technical office work and various sub-professional duties by assisting professional Appraisers and Auditor-Appraisers with the assessment and appraisal of real and/or business/personal property; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


This is the first class in the Property Technician series. Following established procedures, incumbents in this class support the work of Appraisers and/or Auditor-Appraisers by performing field and office duties of a technical nature. Duties initially focus on the more routine tasks and assignments, but as experience is gained, incumbents work more independently and perform the full range of technical support tasks. Although incumbents provide support to assessment and appraisal processes, they are not responsible for independently conducting and completing property audits or appraisals.


When Assigned to the Real Property Section:
  • Inspects residential, commercial, mobile home and farm properties to identify and update property characteristics; measures property, buildings, and other structures; calculates areas of land and improvements.
  • Prepares accurate physical descriptions of land and improvements; prepares sketches and drawings; notes construction characteristics, features, number and types of rooms and other relevant information; takes pictures and verifies that work is consistent with permits. 
  • Reviews permits for new construction or demolition projects; monitors project progress and status.
  • Reads and interprets maps, deeds, title property descriptions, tax statements, appraisal history files, and other related documents; processes property divisions, splits and transfers; researches ownership changes; creates new property files. 
  • Performs mathematical calculations and uses valuation tables to assign costs of construction and property improvements. 
  • Records and summarizes information for use by Appraisers; compiles survey results; maintains records; prepares reports. 
When Assigned to the Business/Personal Property Section:
  • Receives and examines financial statements and other records of farms, ranches, commercial, and industrial businesses for completeness and correct coding of information; makes corrections as needed prior to submission to Auditor-Appraisers.
  • Using appropriate rate tables, calculates and verifies changes to business property tax assessment records following established procedures; prepares routine tax change orders for Auditor-Appraiser approval.
  • Sets up and prepares spreadsheet templates to assist Auditor-Appraisers in conducting audits; prepares leasing accounts.
  • Reviews completed audit and appraisal documents; completes audit assignment sheets and enters data to maintain the audit database; maintains the paper audit pouch library and the electronic audit library.
  • Prepares preliminary business property audit and appraisal findings involving the most routine types of business accounts; reviews, evaluates and processes annual property statement filings; reconciles property statements with business financial records; determines taxable full cash values on audit templates for tax assessment purposes; submits to Auditor-Appraiser for review and approval.
  • As requested, travels to business sites to take pictures or get other documentation of business property items.
  • Records and summarizes information for use by Auditor-Appraisers; compiles survey results; maintains records; prepares reports.
For All Assignments:
  • Generates correspondence; prepares input documents; assists in reviewing and preparing a variety of forms and documents.
  • Enters and retrieves data from electronic data processing systems; establishes and updates building records and other information; generates correspondence; prepares input documents; assists in reviewing and preparing a variety of forms and documents.
  • Assembles records and support data for appeal hearings; prepares and distributes appeal-related correspondence, including stipulations and withdrawals; attends hearings, performs research, and provides assistance as required.
  • Provides routine information to property owners and the public.


Education:  Completion of six (6) semester (or equivalent quarter) units from an accredited college or university in real estate, engineering, drafting, mathematics, accounting or bookkeeping.

Experience:  Six months of experience performing technical or professional property assessment, appraisal, land survey, drafting or accounting work.

Experience:  Two years performing clerical or technical support duties related to property assessment, appraisal or transfer activities in a county assessor’s office.

License:  Possession of a valid California driver’s license.


Basic mathematics, including geometry; basic principles of drafting; general terminology and practices related to real property appraisal and construction; basic principles and practices of accounting and bookkeeping; methods of researching and gathering information from property records, as well as tax and financial records; personal computer systems and standard office software; principles and practices of language usage, grammar and report preparation.


Read and understand real property descriptions and business property statements; learn and apply basic laws and regulations pertaining to the appraisal of real and business/personal property; measure accurately and prepare diagrams from measurements; determine structural features important to property appraisal; read and interpret basic construction blueprints, plans, and sketches; gather, read and understand tax forms and accounting documents; learn to identify property categories that are important for appraisal purposes; explain property tax and appraisal information to the public; perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately; gather, summarize and transfer information accurately; perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately; establish and maintain effective working relationships; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


Mobility -- Frequent operation of keyboards, sitting for extended periods, standing for long periods, walking; Lifting – Frequently 20 pounds or less; Vision – Good vision; frequent reading and close-up work; normal hand and eye coordination; Dexterity – normal dexterity with frequent writing and repetitive motion; Hearing/Talking – Frequent hearing and talking on the telephone and in person; Emotional/psychological – Frequent public contact and decision making; frequent concentration required; Special Conditions – May require occasional overtime, weekend or evening work.

San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RO4451; EST: 6/8/1988; REV: 4/9/2014;