Senior Administrative Supervisor (#RO1500)
$22.23-$27.03 Hourly / $3,853.20-$4,685.20 Monthly / $46,238.40-$56,222.40 Yearly


Under general direction, supervises and oversees the operation of a large, complex unit of employees performing clerical, office technical and/or secretarial tasks; performs highly advanced and complex quasi-administrative/analytical work within the unit; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3, of the Civil Service Rules.


This is the highly-advanced supervisory level in the Office Supervisor series. Positions must meet specific criteria for allocation to this class and are not multi-allocated with other levels in the series. Incumbents in this class function as a second-level or higher supervisor over a large-sized clerical unit, applying a very high level of initiative and independent judgment to their work, which generally includes substantial responsibility for complex quasi-administrative/analytical duties.

This class differs from the class of Office Supervisor because the primary role of an incumbent in that class would be as a first-level supervisor with limited administrative/technical responsibilities.


  • Functions as a second-level or higher supervisor, usually over a large and complex clerical unit; plans, assigns, reviews, directs and evaluates the work of subordinate clerical staff, including subordinate supervisors, technicians, and specialists; analyzes work flow and implements changes to maximize productivity; establishes standards for performance and ensures that work is distributed to maintain the quality of work within such standards.
  • Develops and implements complex training programs for new and existing employees; orients new employees to the unit and ensures that staff understand and comply with unit policies, procedures, and standards; interprets rules, regulations, policies and based on management expectations; evaluates employee performance; resolves staff complaints; directs and/or implements disciplinary action as assigned.
  • May participate in or perform the most complex work of the unit to provide highly-advanced quasi-administrative/analytical support to managers, supervisors, professionals and other staff; gathers, analyzes and maintains specialized and complex information related to a wide range of departmental operations; researches, compiles, maintains and processes statistical, financial and/or other numerical data to support highly specialized office functions; may coordinate clerical staff to assist with budget preparation; may provide advanced assistance in budget development and/or administration; coordinates and/or performs advanced duties related to departmental personnel, payroll, purchasing, inventory, systems maintenance and/or other functions; may perform highly-advanced clerical accounting duties; prepares summaries of unit activities; prepares reports and correspondence related to unit activities.
  • Prepares a variety of very difficult and complex reports, letters, resolutions and other documents; maintains and monitors complex work logs and tracking systems; reviews and analyzes complex legal, custody, health care and other administrative records to identify needed information; develops and maintains complex spreadsheets and databases, either by hand or computer; develops forms, form letters and related documents; may modify or create basic software applications.
  • As an incidental duty, may provide highly-advanced secretarial duties to executives and/or senior managers within the department; serves as a liaison between management and staff; receives and screens visitors and callers and exercises considerable judgment in their disposition; schedules meetings and appointments for superiors; makes travel arrangements; interprets and explains a wide variety of highly specialized or technical information; may take and transcribe minutes at meetings, conferences or hearings.

                                                                         Either I
    Experience:  Two years of work at a level equal to or higher than Office Supervisor in San Joaquin County service that included significant first-level supervisory responsibilities.

                                                                           Or II
    Experience:  Six years of general clerical, secretarial and/or office technical work, including at least two years performing first-level supervisory duties. 


    Substitutions:  a) One year of business training in an approved vocational training program may substitute for one year of the above-required experience; or b) Completion of 30 semester/45 quarter credit units at an accredited college or university may substitute for one year of the above-required experience; or c) Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in public or business administration, human resources management, labor relations, accounting or a related field may substitute for the above-required four years of non-supervisory experience. 
    Certificates:  If required by the nature of the assignment: 1) Possession of acceptable typing/keyboarding or other certification of ability to input data at the rate of 45 words per minute; and/or 2) Possession of an acceptable proficiency certificate in one or more computer software programs.

    Special Requirement:  Most positions require the ability to use computers and/or word processing equipment. If required by the nature of the assignment, demonstrated general or software-specific computer proficiency may be required prior to appointment. 


    Advanced principles and practices of employee supervision and training; advanced office practices and procedures; principles and practices of prioritizing, planning and organizing work; advanced clerical practices related to personnel management, payroll, labor relations, purchasing, inventory control, clerical accounting, and systems development/maintenance; advanced clerical methods of researching, gathering, organizing and reporting data; general analytical principles and processes; personal computer systems and general office computer software; advanced public relations and interviewing techniques; advanced filing and record keeping systems; complex correspondence and report formats; clerical accounting methods and practices.


    Provide second-level supervision over a large group of clerical/office technical/secretarial employees; perform highly-advanced quasi-administrative/analytical work to assist management with various specialized office activities; research, interpret, and apply complex laws/regulations, court orders, program policies/procedures, and third-party rules/requirements related to areas such as personnel management, payroll, labor relations, purchasing, inventory control, clerical accounting and systems development/maintenance; evaluate and establish priorities; gather, organize, input and maintain complex information, including financial or program-specific data; provide/obtain detailed information to/from others as appropriate, including  confidential and/or otherwise sensitive information; utilize advanced office procedures and equipment; follow complex oral and written procedures and directions; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, even in difficult situations; communicate effectively with others; write clearly and legibly; perform advanced arithmetical operations.


    Mobility-Frequent operation of a data entry device, repetitive motion, sitting for long periods, walking; occasional standing, pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, climbing; Lifting-Frequently 5 pounds or less; occasionally 5 to 30 pounds; Visual-Constant good overall vision and reading/close-up work; frequent color perception and use of eye/hand coordination; occasional use of depth perception and peripheral vision; Hearing/Talking-Frequent hearing of normal speech, hearing/talking on the telephone, talking in person; Emotional/Psychological-Frequent decision making, concentration, and public contact; Special Requirements-Some assignments may require working weekends, nights, and/or occasional overtime; Environmental-Occasional exposure to varied weather conditions.

    CLASS: RO1500; EST: 10/11/1995; REV: 10/16/2001;