Deputy District Attorney III (#RL2013)
$54.32-$66.02 Hourly / $9,415.47-$11,443.47 Monthly / $112,985.60-$137,321.60 Yearly


Under direction, provides professional legal services in the preparation and prosecution of a variety of criminal and some civil matters; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


This is the experienced level class in the Deputy District Attorney series. Employees in this class exercise considerable independent judgment and initiative in prosecuting their assigned cases and may be assigned some of the most complex classes as special projects.


·  Prepares and prosecutes criminal and some civil matters in both court and jury trials and hearings; examines and cross examines witnesses; presents oral arguments; prepares and prosecutes appeals; conducts post-conviction proceedings. 

·  Refuses or approves and issues complaints in criminal matters; advises law enforcement agencies on legal and evidentiary matters prior to issuance of criminal complaints; interviews and advises complainants and witnesses; prepares search warrants and arrest warrants.  

·  Researches, analyzes and interprets existing laws and ordinances, court decisions, pending legislation and other legal authorities; assists in drafting legislation for special County and State projects.  

·  Prepares and reviews briefs, memoranda, opinions and civil and criminal pleadings.  

·  Conducts mediation hearings to resolve legal problems without further court action.  

·  Confers with defense attorneys, probation authorities, court officials and law enforcement agencies to discuss pleas, modification of charges, presentation and review of evidence and other legal matters.  

·  Serves as advisor to the Grand Jury. 

·  Advises the general public, State and local departments and law enforcement officers on civil and criminal issues and proceedings; advises and directs law enforcement agencies on questions of law in criminal investigation matters.  

·  May advise and train law enforcement personnel and client agencies in criminal and civil law.  

·  May supervise clerical, research and investigate staff and other attorneys.


Membership in the California State Bar.  

Experience: Two years experience in the practice of criminal law.  

Substitution: Two years of experience in the practice of Family law may be substituted for criminal law experience.  This substitution may only apply towards positions in the Family Support Division.


Principles of criminal and civil law and their application, trial and hearing procedures; rules of evidence; State and local laws and ordinances; legal research methods; preparation of briefs and opinions.


Analyze legal principles and precedents and to apply them to complex factual legal problems; present statements of fact, law and argument clearly and logically in written and oral form; draft opinions, pleadings and briefs; independently present cases in court before judicial officials; communicate and cooperate with fellow staff members, agency representatives, judicial officers and the general public; and exercise independent judgment, discretion and initiative, especially in the charging and plea bargaining of criminal violations aid in the application of limited law enforcement resources and in the decision to seek capital punishment.

CLASS: RL2013; EST: 9/12/1990; REV: ;