Medical Technician (#RH4930)
$23.93-$29.09 Hourly / $4,147.83-$5,041.71 Monthly / $49,773.99-$60,500.60 Yearly


Under immediate supervision, prepares tissue and fluids for microscope examination; assists pathologist in performing autopsies; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


An employee in this class is responsible for preparing specimens of tissue, fluids and smears for review by the pathologist or cytotechnologist; and assisting the pathologist in the performance of autopsies in accordance with standard autopsy procedures. This class is distinguished from that of Laboratory Assistant in that employees of the latter are not responsible for operating the crematory, preparing tissue specimens or assisting with autopsies except when in a Medical Technician training program. This class is distinguished from that of Cytotechnologist in that employees of the latter screen slides and report findings independently.


  • Processes tissue specimens; operates automatic tissue processing machine; imbeds tissue specimens in paraffin, slices sections with microtome, places section on slide; prepares and applies special stains to tissue sections and smears.
  • Processes sputums and other fluids; prepares and stains slides for cytological study.
  • Prepares bodies and equipment for autopsies; assists pathologist in autopsy procedure including initial incision, removing organs and fluid, labeling and weighing specimens; prepares bodies for disposition including closure, wrapping and storing.
  • Cleans laboratory equipment and fixtures; performs preventative maintenance and minor repairs on laboratory equipment.
  • Prepares for conferences and special procedures; sets out specimens dissecting equipment, chairs, tables and projectors; cleans and restores specimens and equipment.
  • Cremates bodies at hospital crematory; burns medical and morgue waste.
  • Maintains inventory of laboratory and morgue supplies, equipment and chemicals; orders as necessary; stores specimens and paraffin blocks in laboratory and morgue.
  • Maintains appropriate records.


Education: Completion of an acceptable Histology Technician training program.  (This may be either an approved academic program or acceptable on-the-job training) 


Experience: Six months as a Laboratory Assistant in San Joaquin County service which included on-the-job training in the performance of Medical Technician duties.


Preparation and operating procedures of tissue processing machines; appearance and general characteristics of a wide variety of human tissues and secretions; procedures for preparing tissue and smear slides; names and methods of preparing various chemicals and other materials used in tissue preparation and staining; cleaning and disinfecting methods and materials sanitation principles and practices; general human anatomy and location of internal organs; general procedures and equipment used in sectioning human organs; operation of crematory furnace; methods and equipment used in opening and dissecting human bodies.


Prepare and operate various standard tissue machines; measure and mix chemicals using standard laboratory equipment; work with cadavers and autopsy specimens; work safely in a hospital laboratory; accurately follow directions; lift and carry heavy objects; maintain an orderly and secure storage system; maintain simple records; work cooperatively with other persons; read and follow mechanical maintenance programs; and operate crematory.


San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RH4930; EST: 8/1/1958; REV: 5/11/1976;