Senior Operating Room Technician (#RH3032)
$35.43-$43.06 Hourly / $6,140.99-$7,464.41 Monthly / $73,691.89-$89,572.95 Yearly


Under direction, performs specialized technical support duties for surgeries and related procedures at San Joaquin General Hospital; serves as a lead worker and/or coordinator over a specialized surgical program area, such as the purchase and maintenance of surgical equipment and supplies; may scrub for surgical procedures when needed; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Services Rules.


This is the advanced level class in the Operating Room Technician series. An employee in this class primarily performs specialized surgical support duties that require an advanced knowledge of operating room procedures, protocols, and requirements. Incumbents may be assigned as lead workers with responsibility for directing the work of other technicians and/or coordinating a specialized surgical program (e.g., surgical purchasing). Incumbents may also perform duties as a scrub technician and perform a variety of other operating room duties to assist the surgical team.

This class is distinguished from the lower-level class of Operating Room Technician II as the latter is the journey-level class in the series where incumbents primarily perform the full range of duties as an operating room scrub technician but do not have lead worker or program coordination duties.


  • Performs advanced technical duties in support of surgeries or surgical programs; leads the work of other technicians and/or coordinates the activities of special surgical programs; works closely with physicians, nurses, managers, vendors, and others as needed to support difficult and complex technical operating room activities. 
  • As a lead worker, plans, assigns and prioritizes the work of subordinate Operating Room Technicians; identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and achieve cost savings; recommends changes to policies and procedures pertaining to the role of Operating Room Technicians. 
  • As a program specialist, works independently to coordinate the more complex and specialized technical support activities in the operating room. 
  • May be assigned to coordinate and administer the purchase, lease, or other acquisition of surgical equipment and supplies and maintaining the surgical inventory and supply system by: 
    • ordering stock and non-stock products and equipment to meet quotas and fulfill special requests;
    • continuously reviewing stock on hand as well as available new products in order to reduce cost, improve quality, reduce redundancy, and increase efficiency; 
    • recommending the most efficient and effective method of procuring items such as utilizing certain vendors, borrowing equipment from other hospitals, or renting rather than purchasing equipment;
    • meeting with sales representatives to negotiate item availability as well as best price and service options; 
    • working with vendors to replace lost or defective parts, and resolving disputes and discrepancies; updating departments and staff on the status of their requested item(s); 
    • arranging expedited and special shipping methods for urgent or emergent cases; arranging for instrument and equipment repairs and coordinating the use of loaned equipment as needed;
    • researching and gathering information regarding new products; arranging product evaluations with surgeons, nurses, and other staff. 
  • May carry out surgical scrub duties according to recommended procedures when needed; assists in lifting, transporting and positioning patients; may assist in the cleaning of the operating room; 
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Experience: Two years as an Operating Room Technician II in San Joaquin County. 

Experience: Three years as a surgical or operating room technician in an acute care hospital within the past five years; and completion of an approved surgical technician training or program. Substitution: One additional year of qualifying experience within the past five years may substitute for the required surgical technician training or program. 

Special Requirement: Depending on assignment, may be required to be available in Stand-By status as part of a rotation, and ready to start surgical cases within 30 minutes of notification.


Operating room procedures, including principles of aseptic techniques, sterilization and infection; standard and specialized equipment and supplies needed for a wide variety of surgical procedures; basic anatomy and physiology; basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation; methods of researching the cost and availability of surgical equipment and supplies using the Internet as well as other sources.


Research and present information regarding the cost and availability of a variety of surgical equipment and supplies; communicate with physicians, nurses, and other patient-care personnel to obtain the equipment and supplies needed for specific surgical procedures; maintain an inventory of surgical equipment and supplies; prepare used supplies for cleaning or disposal; negotiate the price and availability of supplies with vendors; work under physical and mental stress for several hours; exercise a reasonable amount of manual dexterity in the handling of surgical instruments and supplies; lift and transport patients, supplies and equipment; understand and carry out instructions of medical and nursing staff, often under tense and emergency situations; work as a member of a specialized team; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted during the course of work.


Mobility - Constant standing for long periods of time; frequent walking; occasional pushing/pulling; occasional bending/squatting; occasional stair climbing and crawling. Dexterity – Frequent holding, grasping, pinching, squeezing, and handling of small objects. Lifting - Frequent lifting of 5lbs; occasional lifting of 5 to 70 lbs.; occasional lifting/turning of heavy objects and/or people. Vision - Constant reading, color perception, eye/hand coordination, depth perception, close up work and use of field of vision/peripheral vision. Hearing - Constant hearing and talking in person. Emotional/Psychological - Constant concentration; occasional exposure to grief/ trauma and emergency situations; frequent decision making; occasional risk of exposure to hazardous materials. Environmental Conditions - Frequent noise.

San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RH3032; EST: 5/2/2016;