Sheriffs Materiel Specialist II (#RC2052)
$22.46-$27.30 Hourly / $3,893.43-$4,732.49 Monthly / $46,721.25-$56,789.97 Yearly


Under supervision, leads and assists with operations in the Sheriff's Distribution Center, commissary, inmate property rooms, mail room and/or other materiel management areas; and performs related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


This is the lead worker/advanced level class in the Sheriff's Materiel Specialist series. Incumbents function as lead workers in materiel management units where the structure of the unit, number of staff and/or heterogeneous nature of the materiel involved warrants the use of lead positions. They also perform a variety of advanced materiel management support activities that may utilize complex materiel control and record keeping systems. Incumbents may also request, assign, direct and monitor inmate workers. This class is distinguished from Sheriff's Materiel Specialist I by the nature of the assignments. A Sheriff's Materiel Specialist I is primarily a line worker who may be assigned lead duties if the work unit is small and/or if it handles materiel of a homogeneous nature. However, a Sheriff's Materiel Specialist II functions as a lead worker in a relatively large and/or diverse functional unit.


  • Acts as a lead worker in a relatively large and/or diverse materiel management functional unit; may assign and directs the work of subordinate staff; may help interview and/or select new staff; may request, direct, assign and monitor inmate workers as needed.
  • Receives, stores and issues supplies and equipment; fills orders and requisitions; verifies that goods are not missing or damaged, quantity/quality/storage specifications are met, and materiel is used before expiration dates or deadlines; helps develop storage methods and allocate storage space.
  • Helps maintain complex computerized inventory records and assure that stock levels are appropriate; posts records of items received and issued; prepares reports and correspondence; prepares purchase orders, requisitions and other forms as assigned; obtains purchasing information from catalogs and manuals.
  • Helps investigate complaints; may independently research complaint issues such as quantity/quality of goods received or lost items; may assist with special projects; may prepare reports; may attend meetings or participate on committees; may use County vehicles, heavy equipment, and/or power tools to perform assignments.


Experience: One year as a Sheriff’s Materiel Specialist I in San Joaquin County service. 

Experience: Two years receiving, storing and issuing a variety of stores items and keeping stock records, one of which must have been in a large warehouse facility. 

License: Possession of a valid California Driver’s License.


Methods and procedures used in receiving, storing, packing and issuing supplies; usual forms, methods and practices of a stores unit in a governmental or commercial organization; basic mathematics and computer use; procedures used in maintaining inventory records, including computerized inventory systems; safe methods of lifting heavy objects and performing manual tasks.


Lead and direct the work of other employees; assign, direct and monitor inmate laborers; read and understand technical job-related material; utilize complex inventory systems, including computerized databases; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.


Mobility-Frequent operation of keyboards, sitting for long periods, standing for long periods, walking, pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, driving, operating heavy equipment, climbing ladders and/or stairs; occasional crawling; Lifting-Frequently up to 70 pounds; occasional 70+ pounds and restraining/lifting/turning of heavy objects; Vision-Good overall vision required including frequent use of color perception, hand/eye coordination, depth perception, peripheral vision; frequent reading/close up work; Dexterity-Frequent holding, reaching, grasping, repetitive motion, writing; Hearing/Talking-Constant hearing of normal speech, hearing on the telephone/radio, and hearing faint sounds; frequent talking in person and talking on the telephone; Emotional/Psychological-Frequent concentration, public contact, decision making, working alone; occasional emergency situations, exposure to trauma/grief/death, heights, hazardous materials, working weekends/nights, overtime/travel; Special Conditions-Frequent exposure to varied indoor/outdoor weather, temperatures and conditions including dust, dirt, smoke, fumes, poor ventilation, and noise.

San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RC2052; EST: 6/9/1999;