Storekeeper I (#RC2011)
$22.24-$27.04 Hourly / $3,855.67-$4,686.59 Monthly / $46,268.11-$56,239.17 Yearly


Under general supervision, operates a departmental stores unit or assists a Storekeeper II in the operation of a larger or more complex departmental unit; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


Most employees in this class are in charge of a stores unit in a small department or one in which the inventory is homogeneous and non-technical.  Employees may be assigned as assistants to Storekeeper II’s in the larger departments where the inventory is technical and diversified or where the inventory control records are complex.


  • Checks incoming deliveries to determine if any are damaged, if the quantities are correct and if the quality meets specifications.
  • Stores supplies, observing specific temperature, humidity and light requirements; develops storage methods; allocates storage space.
  • Issues supplies; fills orders and requisitions; monitors supplies to ensure use before expiration date; delivers supplies.
  • Maintains inventory records indicating quantity on hand, maximum and minimum stock levels and usage dates; posts records of items received and issued; prepares reports and correspondence.
  • Prepares purchase orders for supplies; ensures that sufficient stock is available for normal operations; obtains information from catalogs and manuals.
  • Investigates complaints regarding quantity or quality of goods received.
  • May supervise others; may act as assistant to a Storekeeper II.


License: Possession of a valid California driver’s license.

Experience: Three years in receiving, storing and issuing a variety of stores items and in keeping stock records.


Storekeeping methods and procedures; basic mathematics, procedures used in maintaining inventory records; safe methods of lifting heavy objects and performing manual tasks; basic principles of supervision. 


Read and understand job-related material; work with others; lift and move heavy objects; assign, review and evaluate the work with others.


San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RC2011; EST: 9/28/1988; REV: 7/1/2003;