Bridge Tender (#RC1503)
$20.76-$25.24 Hourly / $3,598.40-$4,374.93 Monthly / $43,180.80-$52,499.20 Yearly


Under general supervision, operates power and manually operated drawbridges; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Services Rules.


This is a single class and is not in a series. Bridge Tenders operate drawbridges throughout the County to insure safe passage of water and land traffic with a minimum of delay. Incumbents may be required to work weekends and holidays and to work shifts.


  • Maintains station in bridges and checks channel for boat traffic.
  • Watches for vehicles and pedestrians on bridge prior to opening.
  • Operates bridge mechanism and semaphores.
  • Makes minor repairs and adjustments; greases and services bridge and related equipment.
  • Keeps bridge and bridge ramps clean.
  • Keeps record of boats passing under bridges.
  • Work on bridge maintenance crew as assigned.

    The rules and regulations controlling the operation of drawbridges crossing navigable waters of the County; the construction and operation of drawbridges; operating mechanism of drawbridges.



    Operate service and adjust the operating mechanism of a drawbridge; speak, read and understand English as found in the Rules of the Road, emergency equipment instructions, and machinery instructions; keep simple records and make reports; establish and maintain effective working relationship with others.

    CLASS: RC1503; EST: 8/21/1985; REV: ;