Equipment Operator I (#RC0651)
$25.98-$31.58 Hourly / $4,503.58-$5,474.14 Monthly / $54,043.06-$65,689.68 Yearly


Under immediate supervision performs skilled work in the operation of Public Works road construction and maintenance equipment; and does related or other work as required in accordance with Rule 3, Section 3 of the Civil Service Rules.


This is the entry-level class in the Equipment Operator series. Employees in this class work under closer supervision than employees of the Equipment Operator II class and operate less complex equipment.


  • Operates a variety of road construction and maintenance equipment such as 10-wheeled trucks, water tankers, dump trunks, frontend loaders of less than 3 cubic yard, tractors, rollers and sweepers to perform a variety of functions including but not limited to the following:
1. Load and move road construction materials or equipment.
2. Water and compact road-paving materials.
3. Sweep debris from gutters and roads in County residential or rural areas.
4. Excavate trenches and ditches.

  • Performs light to heavy physical labor when not operating equipment.
  • Makes routine repairs and adjustment to equipment; regularly checks or inspects brakes, lights, tires, fuel levels, and auxiliary equipment; does routine preventative equipment maintenance.
  • Prepares and maintains routine reports of day’s work activity.



Experience:  Three years as a Highway Maintenance Worker or equivalent class in San Joaquin County service.



Experience:  Three years of paid experience in the operation and routine maintenance of heavy road construction and maintenance equipment.


*License:  Possession of a valid California Class II driver’s permit at time of application.


*Note:  If offered employment, applicant must obtain a California Class II driver’s license prior to completion of the probationary period.


The operation, maintenance, adaptability and limitations of road construction and maintenance equipment; occupational hazards and safety procedures of the construction trades; traffic laws related to the operation of construction equipment.


Understand and carry out oral and written instructions; do heavy manual labor, occasionally under adverse weather conditions; work cooperatively with others; make emergency repairs and assist in making general repairs of road construction and related equipment; obtain a Class I driver's license if required by nature of assignment.


San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: RC0651; EST: 10/1/1958; REV: 2/10/1988;