Board of Supervisors' Chief of Staff (#EB4295)
$44.46-$44.46 Hourly / $7,707.06-$7,707.06 Monthly / $92,484.78-$92,484.78 Yearly


The Board of Supervisor’s Office is a non-partisan office representing the San Joaquin community.  Under administrative direction, assists a member or members of the Board of Supervisors by performing administrative support and acting as a constituent liaison on confidential and sensitive issues on behalf of a member of the Board of supervisors; and does other work as required.


The Board of Supervisors’ Chief of Staff is an at-will position that is exempt from the San Joaquin County Civil Service system.  An incumbent in this class is responsible for assisting a member or members of the Board of Supervisors in a confidential capacity and in performing constituent liaison work.    An incumbent of this class receives direction from and serves at the pleasure of the Board Member they are appointed to serve.  If for any reason, the Board Member’s position is vacated, the Legislative Assistant’s employment may be extended through action of the Board of Supervisors in order to facilitate any transition required prior to the appointment of a new Board Member and representing Chief of staff.


The following are guidelines only, and individual duties may be structured to suit the appointing Supervisor’s particular staffing needs.  Duties may include:

  • Represents the Supervisor and acts as liaison between the Supervisor and community constituents, Federal, State, County, local agencies and organizations to discuss and resolve problems and to obtain information.  
  • Serves as a liaison with County departments, other governmental agencies, community organization and citizens providing information and services.
  • Establishes relationships, working directly with County Department Heads and Directors regarding district issues.
  • Investigates expressed concerns from the public.  Interviews complainants and may independently investigate complaints by traveling to sites, by written communication or by telephone. 
  • Reads and researches documents and collects data pertinent to a wide variety of community interests and governmental problems.
  • Attends meetings, conferences and discussions as the personal representative of the Supervisor; and briefs the Supervisor for meetings by assembling pertinent research and background materials.
  • Oversee a variety of special assignments, including the development and review of proposed community programs, writing of reports and policy statements to assist in obtaining available federal, state and local funding, or desired program initiatives.
  • Refers inquiries to proper agencies or County departments for information or actions; makes oral or written reports to Supervisor.
  • Answers routine correspondence; handles and/or schedules office appointments; may organize and prepare speeches; may visit area office of the Supervisor.
  • Provides advice and counsel to the Supervisor based upon research, knowledge of district issues and understanding of the constituents within the district.


Any combination of training, education and/or experience which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities acceptable to the appointing board member.

License:  Possession of and maintain a valid California driver’s license may be required.


County government functions and organization; local government financing; current constituent concerns and ordinance codes, and other County policies, rules and regulations; present and proposed legislation affecting the County; principles of effective oral and written communication; public relations techniques; methods of gathering and organizing data; methods of researching and verifying information and using source materials; basic computer and modern office automation technology and computer software programs relevant to department operations.


Collect and analyze information and data; exercise sensitivity in handling delicate problems and information; use discretion in reporting attitudes of others and in communicating the statements of others; prepare reports and give oral summaries; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; operate computers and related software; establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of individuals from varied backgrounds, including government officials, other employees and the public.


Mobility – operation of a data entry device; repetitive motion; sitting, standing, walking for extended periods of time; occasional pushing, pulling, bending, squatting:   Lifting - frequently 5 pounds or less; occasional 5 to 30 pounds;  Visual - constant good overall vision and reading/close-up work; frequent color perception and use eye/hand coordination; occasional use of depth perception and peripheral vision;  Dexterity-  reaching; grasping; repetitive motion; writing; Hearing/Talking- frequent hearing of normal speech, hearing/talking on the telephone, talking in person;  Emotional/Psychological – frequent decision making, meeting deadlines, concentration, and public contact; public speaking; Special Requirements –may require working weekends and nights; working alone;  Environmental – occasional exposure to varied weather conditions.

San Joaquin County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and, upon request, will consider reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

CLASS: EB4295; EST: 2/27/2007; REV: 3/9/2021;