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Expanded Site Host, Expanded Site Supervisor

Isolation/Quarantine (IQ) Asst. Site Supv. & IQ Site Supv.

Recruitment #20-BAX-VV




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Bilingual (English/Spanish) Candidates are Encouraged to Apply



The Jobs: The County of Santa Cruz is actively working on a variety of COVID-19 related efforts. Currently, we are assembling temporary shelters (Expanded and IQ) in Santa Cruz and Watsonville. Our Expanded Shelters are for individuals experiencing homelessness who are not sick, and our IQ Shelters are for individuals experiencing homelessness who may be sick or vulnerable. Additionally, we have a Transition Age Youth (TAY) shelter for individuals between the age of 18-26.

We offer four (4) extra-help/temporary types of positions (Expanded Site Host, Expanded Site Supervisor, IQ Assistant Site Supervisor, and IQ Site Supervisor) and various shifts throughout the week. We will provide training, personal protective measures and require that social distancing is maintained. We are seeking individuals who will promote a safe and healthy environment based on respect and dignity for all residents and staff.

The tasks will involve supporting the shelters which may include the following:

Employment Standards

Expanded Site Host (Clerk I): $21.17/hour*
*Base pay is $19.17 plus $2.00 per hour differential

Highlighted Tasks:
• Screen and check-in participants to ensure that only registered participants access shelter, dorm spaces, and common
• Maintain respectful relationships with each participant including learning names, engaging daily, active listening, answering
  questions, and providing information.
• Facilitate use of all shelter amenities.
• Distribute supplies and bedding and assist with serving food.
• Coordinate with staff to maintain consistent operations.
• Other duties as assigned.
No specific training or experience is required, we will train you.


Expanded Site Supervisor (Clerk II): $22.76/hour*
*Base pay is $20.76 plus $2.00 per hour differential

Highlighted Tasks:
• Supervision of staff and guests at shelter.
• Conduct screening and intakes of participants into shelter services.
• Ensure that all participants have access to shelter amenities: meals, bathrooms, bed, storage, etc.
• Enforce shelter rules and expectations in a consistent and trauma informed manner.
• Enforce shelter schedule for meals, activities, lights out and quiet hours.
• Facilitate participants’ exits from shelter when necessary.
• Ensure proper staffing across shelter during shift.
• Maintain and monitor supply inventory and assist with cleaning, food service and other operations.
• Liaison to building staff and keeps daily records.
• Other duties as assigned.
One year of experience comparable to the duties above. Training will be provided.


IQ Assistant Site Supervisor (Clerk II): $22.76/hour*
*Base pay is $20.76 plus $2.00 per hour differential

Highlighted Tasks:
• Communicate any resident needs to site supervisor.
• Assist Site Supervisor with intakes to the shelter.
• Assist Site Supervisor to manage paperwork and maintain information on residents of the shelter.
• Assist in the delivery of food and items to residents’ rooms.
• Other duties as assigned.
One year of experience comparable to the duties above. Training will be provided.


IQ Site Supervisor (Clerk III): $24.38/hour*
*Base pay is $22.38 plus $2.00 per hour differential

Highlighted Tasks:
• Oversight of general operations and site staff.
• Coordinate services to ensure that residents’ needs are met.
• Maintain and update records related to intake and exit of residents, critical incidents, health information, provision of
  services, and shelter inventory.
• Maintain outside communication and coordinate with the County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) leadership,
  shelter management team, and medical/health workers.
• Other duties as assigned.
Two years of experience comparable to the duties above. Training will be provided.


Selection Plan

The Hiring Process: Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

If you are contacted to move forward in our recruitment process, please be prepared for a phone interview and potentially an in-person second interview, on-site. Physical distancing will be maintained. If you are offered a position with the County, please be prepared to go through on-boarding on-site and bring documentation to verify authorization to work in the US in compliance with the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act.

As part of our hiring process for these critical positions, a conviction history must be completed. Additionally, you will be required to be fingerprinted. If you’ve encountered issues with law enforcement in the past, you are not necessarily affected and/or disqualified from employment with the County of Santa Cruz. We will review fingerprint results on a case-by-case basis, considering the individual type of conviction and recency of the conviction.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply Online Now!  Click on the link below; or print out an application and supplemental questionnaire and mail/bring them to: Santa Cruz County Personnel Department, 701 Ocean Street, Room 510, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060.  For information, call (831) 454-2600.  Hearing Impaired TDD/TTY: 711.

Women, minorities and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  If you have a disability that requires accommodation, please call (831) 454-2600.

Special Requirements/Conditions: License Requirement: Possession of a valid California Class C Driver License from the start of employment is required for some positions. Working Conditions: Some positions may occasionally have exposure to variable temperatures and weather conditions, high levels of noise, strong, unpleasant odors, possible sunburn, bodily injury or contact with toxic substances or chemical irritants.

NOTE: The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract.

 An Equal Opportunity Employer

County of Santa Cruz


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