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Transfer, Reemployment, Provisional, Reinstatement, and Other Special Appointments


This section applies to current regular employees, employees who have resigned from regular employment, regular retirees and employees who haven been affected by lay-off.

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If you are a current County of Santa Cruz employee you may submit an application and memo for transfer or demotion to be placed on a transfer list for comparable classification(s). Please refer to the following rules, polices and procedures when considering the appropriate action.


You should be in this section if you were a permanent County employee within the last two years and you left county employment "in good standing" and want to complete an application for reinstatement to a job class you previously held or in a lower level in a series from a job class that you previously held.


This section applies to permanent County employees who were either laid off or displaced to a lower class in lieu of layoff.


Civil Service Rules Section VII - TRANSFERS

Personnel Administration Manual 051A1 - TRANSFER APPOINTMENT

Personnel Administration Manual 037 - COMPARABLE CLASS GUIDELINES

TITLE II Personnel Procedures - Section 160 - SALARY, COMPENSATION AND LEAVE PROVISIONS - Voluntary Demotion


Reinstatement lists are for former permanent employees. Any employee who has had permanent civil service status may be reinstated to his/her former class, a related class within the same occupational group requiring comparable qualifications at the same salary range, a lower level class within the same class series, or any other class at an equivalent or lower salary range in which the employee had previously attained permanent status if he/she resigned in good standing and if, within two years from the date of resignation, there is a vacancy, and his/her reinstatement is recommended by the department head with the vacancy and approved by the Personnel Director. Employees granted reinstatement will serve a probationary period of six months from the date of the reinstatement regardless of the length of probation served during the prior service.


Re-employment lists are for permanent displaced employees who were permanent when displaced or laid off, whose names may be considered for reappointment to a vacant position in the class from which were laid off or displaced.


Re-entry lists are for employees who were laid off or displaced when probationary, whose names may be considered for appointment to a vacant position in the class from which were laid off or displaced.


This section is for alternate promotions, the auditor's pool and any other appointment that would require a qualifications appraisal.

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