Environmental Research Technician

Recruitment #24-20003636-001

Promotional - Introduction

This examination is open only to current District employees who meet the promotional requirements.  No other applications will be considered.

Applications will be accepted only during the designated filing period for this examination.  The opening and closing dates of the filing period are listed in this announcement.  Applications must be filed by the following method:

Submitted online through the District's Online Employment Center at www.districtjobs.org.  Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on the closing date in order to be considered.

The deadline for filing an application will not be extended due to any unavailability of the District's Online Employment Center.  The District will not be liable for the Online Employment Center being unavailable for any period of time, and it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application form is completed and submitted in a timely manner.  Therefore, it is recommended that applications be submitted early in the filing period.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application form is completed and submitted in a timely manner by the method described above

Descriptions and dates of experience and any required license or certification should be very clear so that it is understood exactly how the applicant meets the promotional requirements.

Anticipation of Eligibility: An applicant who can demonstrate the likelihood of having the required year(s) of service and civil service status with the District in one of the required job classifications by the anticipation date may be admitted to the examination process.  Candidates so admitted, who are successful in the examination process, may not be appointed until evidence is provided that these requirements were fulfilled by the anticipation date.  Employees may not hold civil service status in more than one classification.  Therefore, achievement of civil service status in the classification that is the subject of this announcement will result in the loss of eligibility for promotional examinations resulting from the possession of civil service status in any former classification.

Veterans' Preference: Veterans' Preference points will be added, in accordance with the District statute, to the scores of those candidates who attain a passing score in all phases of the examination.  Veterans' Preference claim forms can be obtained through the District's website, by clicking here, or requested at the test site.  An employee who receives a promotion from an eligible list on which he or she received Veterans' Preference points will not be eligible for Veterans' Preference points on any future promotional examinations.

Probationary Period: The probationary period for this classification is one year (250 days worked).

Hiring and Employment Objectives: The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago is committed to hiring and employment practices that base employee selection on a candidate's knowledge, skill and ability to perform effectively on the job; provide equal employment opportunity to all applicants; prohibit the entry of political reasons or factors and other improper considerations into any stage of the selection and hiring processes; and create a transparent, honest and fair hiring system.

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D

Reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities will be made in accordance with applicable laws.  Requests for testing accommodations are to be made within one week after the close of the filing period.  For information regarding accommodation for individuals with disabilities, phone (312) 751-5170 (voice) or (312) 751-5916 (TTY).




Promotional - Examination

Duties: Under supervision, and in accordance with specified methods, performs a variety of technical duties associated with the collection of field and laboratory data related to agronomic, wastewater, surface water quality, or aquatic biology research and monitoring projects, the analysis of samples, and the operation and maintenance of equipment used in the field and laboratory.

Absolute Requirement: Possession of a valid driver's license.

     Promotional Requirements: One year of service with the District as a Laboratory Technician I or Laboratory Assistant.  Civil service status in one of the foregoing classifications. 

Examination: The examination will consist of a Training & Experience (T&E) evaluation weighted 90%, an efficiency rating weighted 5% and a seniority rating weighted 5%.  The minimum passing score on the T&E will be 70% unless determined otherwise by the Director of Human Resources.  Candidates must achieve a passing score on each test to have their names placed on the eligible list.

The T&E will assess candidates' knowledge, skill and ability in areas such as educational preparation; field sample collection experience; laboratory experience and equipment use; data compilation and analysis experience including the use of MS Excel; and experience working with others and independently.

Examination Process: All applicants will be advised by email if they have been admitted to the examination process.  Applicants who do not receive a response to their application by Friday, June 28, 2024 should contact the Employee Selection Office at (312) 751-5100.

Each candidate whose application is approved, will be emailed a link which will contain the Training & Experience evaluation form for completion and return to the Employee Selection Office as specified in the training and experience evaluation instructions.

Promotional - Appointments

Appointments will be made from an eligible list with three categories: A (Exceptionally Well Qualified), B (Well Qualified) and C (Qualified).  Candidates in the highest category will be given first consideration for appointment.  This examination is also being given on an Original Entrance basis.  In instances where both Original Entrance and Promotional eligible lists result from an examination process, it is the District's practice to appoint only from the Promotional eligible list until all names from that list have been considered.  The eligible list has a duration of three years.  Appointment is subject to successfully passing a physical examination, a drug test, an evaluation of the candidate's ability to meet the specific physical demands of the job, and a criminal history background investigation.