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Recruitment #22-000254-0001


It is important that all experience be fully documented.  Failure to LIST ALL EXPERIENCE AND ANSWER ALL SUPPLEMENTAL  QUESTIONS SPECIFICALLY AND ACCURATELY may cause the candidate to be rejected.




Maryland State Police
Forensic Sciences Division
221 Milford Mill Road
Pikesville, MD 21208


This position performs scientific forensic examinations in the Firearm and Toolmark identification discipline. Microscopic, chemical and functional examinations of firearms, fired ammunition components, tools, and toolmarked items in order to determine whether or not they originated from the same source, documents conclusions in written reports, and testifies in court as an expert witness to findings and opinions. The position also includes serial number restorations and NIBIN database entries. The position maintains professionalism and competency through continuing education and proficiency testing.

1.  Conduct functional and microscopic examinations of firearms, tools, ammunition components and toolmarks to make common source determinations as well as conduct serial number restorations, utilize the NIBIN database system and prepare detailed notes and clearly written reports on examination results

2.  Provide instruction to lab technicians, inter and intra-agency personnel and college interns

3.  Keep current on scientific literature, attend professional meetings/training, take and pass proficiency tests

4.  Testify as an expert witness


Education:   A Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, genetics, medical technology, pharmaceutical science, or related physical, natural or forensic science from an accredited college or university.

Experience: Three years of experience in comparative analysis or scientific evaluation of evidence including experience in providing testimony as an expert witness in moot or criminal court.


1. Candidates may substitute additional experience performing comparative analysis or scientific evaluation of evidence to include experience in providing expert testimony, on a year-for-year basis for the required education and up to two years of the required experience.

2. Candidates may substitute additional experience at another accredited crime laboratory performing equivalent work on a year-for-year basis for the required experience.

3. Candidates may substitute the possession of a Master’s degree in the above physical, natural or forensic sciences from an accredited college or university for one year of the required experience.

4. Candidates may substitute the possession of a Doctorate degree in the above physical, natural or forensic sciences from an accredited college or university may be substituted for two years of the required experience.


Successful completion and documentation of training in Firearms/Toolmarks identification with at least three years of experience (cumulative) in the following:
Examinations and test fires of firearms; Serial number restoration; and Comparison examinations in Firearms/Toolmarks


1.  Certified trainer under Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), Train the Trainer Program

2.  Membership in the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE)

3.  Experience conducting comparison examinations in both Firearms AND Toolmarks


1. Employees in this classification may be assigned duties which require theoperation of a motor vehicle. Employees assigned such duties will be required to possess a motor vehicle operator’s license valid in the State of Maryland.

2. Candidates appointed to this classification must possess the certification or license required by the governing body of the forensic discipline associated with the job duties for the specific position. Specific information concerning the requirements and procedures of the applicable governing body can be obtained from the Human Resources office of the Maryland Department of State Police, 1201 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD 21208.


1. Employees in this classification are subject to call-in 24 hours a day and, therefore, are required to provide the agency with a telephone number where they can be reached.

2. Employees in this classification are subject to random substance abuse testing in accordance with Code of Maryland Regulation 17.04.09, Testing for Illegal Use of Drugs.

3. In accordance with Public Safety Article, Section 2-204 (b) (6) of the Annotated Code of Maryland, candidates for positions in this classification will be subject to an initial drug screening, a physical examination, submission of a DNA sample, and a complete criminal background investigation, to include a polygraph examination before permanent appointment can be made. A criminal conviction may be grounds for rejection of the candidate.


Only candidates who meet the minimum and selective qualifications will be considered for this classification.  It is, therefore, essential that you provide complete and accurate information on your application.  Successful candidates will be placed on an Eligible List categorized as BEST QUALIFIED, BETTER QUALIFIED or QUALIFIED and remain eligible for at least one year from the date of examination.  The list will be used by the hiring manager to select employees.


The examination will consist of rating your education, training and experience related to the requirements of the position.  You may be required to complete a qualifications supplement or the rating may be based on your application.  Report all experience and education that is related to this position.   Applicants will be subject to an interview, background investigation, polygraph examination and substance abuse testing.



NOTE: Currently, applicants are limited to uploading one file. As a result, it is strongly urged that those applying upload ALL required and additional documents (undergraduate and graduate transcripts, resumes, etc.) as one file. If you are unable to apply online, you may submit an application via mail. The Maryland State Application Form can be found online.

Completed applications, required documentation and any required addendums may be mailed to:

Maryland State Police

Human Resources Division

1201 Reisterstown Road

Pikesville, MD 21208

ATTN: Robert Tanner

It is the policy of the Maryland State Police to comply with all applicable federal and state laws prohibiting employment discrimination and to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to age, ancestry, color, gender, identity and expression, genetic information, marital status, mental or physical disability, national origin, race, religious affiliation, belief or opinion, sex, sexual orientation or any other protected status.

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