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A Forms Manager performs technical work at a supervisory level in the field of forms management.  Employees in this classification, with only general supervision, direct the Statewide forms management in the Records Management Division of the Department of General Services.  Employees in this classification independently performs all of the technical phases of work involving forms management planning and operations, forms design, and budget and report preparation.  Employees in this classification are responsible for reviewing and approving forms management plans of all State agencies.  Employees in this classification are responsible for training or providing guidance to agency forms management officers and for implementing and assuring compliance with approved forms management plans.  Employees in this classification also assist agency form management officers in the development of revised forms management plans.  Employees in this classification supervise Records Management Specialists and may supervise other office personnel.

Employees in this classification receive general supervision from the State Records Administrator.  Work effectiveness is evaluated through conferences and written reports to determine the quality, completeness and timeliness of the work assigned to the Forms Management Unit and by determining if the goal and objectives of the unit are met.

Positions in this classification are evaluated by using the classification job evaluation methodology.  The use of this method involves comparing the assigned duties and responsibilities of a position to the job criteria found in the Nature of Work and Examples of Work sections of the class specification.


Develops Statewide forms management plans, policies, and procedures;

Develops forms management standardization guidelines and manuals for use by State agencies;

Maintains a roster of agency forms management officials and provides them assistance in developing internal agency forms management systems;

Reviews and approves agencies’ forms management plans;

Audits agency forms management operations for compliance with established Statewide forms management policies and procedures;

Establishes and implements a system to detect and eliminate duplication of forms among State agencies;

Collects annual reports on agency forms management accomplishments and integrates data from the reports into a consolidated annual report;

Works with printing personnel in devising ways to achieve economics through varying methods of forms printing;

Develops and conducts seminars, conferences, and training workshops for agency forms management officers to insure uniform applications of forms management standards and guidelines;

Provides advice, guidance, and assistance in all areas of records management for agency officials as requested;

Keeps up to date on new concepts, methods, and systems in forms management and forms control;

Supervises Records Management Specialists, as required, in the area of forms management;

Performs other related duties.


Knowledge of the principles and procedures related to records management generally and forms management specifically;

Knowledge of different methods of forms design and printing;

Knowledge of principles and techniques in conducting surveys and studies in forms control and standardization;

Ability to design and develop forms management programs and systems;

Ability to analyze technical problems;

Ability to make decisions;

Ability to prepare clear, complete, and concise reports;

Ability to understand records management requirements of State agencies;

Ability to instruct Records Management Specialists and agency records personnel and forms managers in the principles and techniques of forms management;

Ability to develop training programs in forms management;

Ability to communicate effectively to supervise Records Management Specialists and office personnel;

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, co-workers, subordinates and agency officials and records personnel.


Experience: Ten years of experience in records management with at least two years in the development or operation of forms management systems.

Note: Candidates may substitute the possession of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and five years of experience with at least two years in the development or operation of forms management systems for the required experience.




Class specifications are broad descriptions covering groups of positions used by various State departments and agencies. Position descriptions maintained by the using department or agency specifically address the essential job functions of each position.

This is a Skilled Service classification in the State Personnel Management System.  All positions in this classification are Skilled Service positions.  Some positions in Skilled Service classifications may be designated Special Appointment in accordance with the State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 6-405, Annotated Code of Maryland.

This classification is not assigned to a bargaining unit as indicated by the designation of S (supervisor), M (manager), T (agency head), U (Board or Commission member), W (student), X (excluded by executive order),  or Z (confidential).  As provided by State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 3-102, special appointment, temporary, contractual, supervisory, managerial and confidential employees are excluded from collective bargaining.  Additionally, certain executive branch agencies are exempt from collective bargaining and therefore, all positions in those agencies are excluded from collective bargaining. 

Date Established

Jul 1 1979 12:00AM

Date Revised

December 28, 2021 

Approved By

Director, Division of Classification and Salary

CLASS: 003645; EST: 7/1/1979; REV: 12/28/2021;

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