State of Maryland

DGS Stationary Engineer Supervisor (#003470)

- Hourly / - BiWeekly /
- Monthly / $73,787.00-$123,760.00 Yearly




A DGS Stationary Engineer Supervisor is the supervisory level of stationary engineering and building maintenance work in the Department of General Services. Employees in this classification supervise Stationary Engineers, Maintenance Chiefs, skilled and semi-skilled building maintenance workers.
Employees in this classification receive general supervision from a higher-level Maintenance Supervisor or administrator.
Positions are evaluated using the Supplemental Standards for Physical Plant Supervisors and In-Charge Maintenance Chiefs Point Factors which includes factors which consider education and experience, number of employees, gross square feet, total acreage, resident population, water filtration, budget and staff.


Assigns, schedules, and supervises the work of stationary engineers in the operation of gas or oil-fueled boilers;

Operates central air conditioning plants and equipment;

Conducts safety inspections of the boiler vessel and equipment;

Supervises the cleaning, repair, and maintenance of furnaces and boilers;

Keeps fuel consumption records and prepares operating efficiency reports;


Knowledge of the operation of high-pressure boilers and equipment;

 Knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions involved in the use of boilers;

 Knowledge of the maintenance and cleaning of boilers and their components;

Skill in operating boilers;

 Skill in evaluating the safety and efficiency of boiler operations;

 Skill in adjusting operating controls to obtain desired results;

 Skill in maintaining fuel consumption records;

 Skill in operating and maintaining central air conditioning equipment and components.


Education:  Completion of eighth grade.

Experience:  Five years’ experience in licensed stationary engineering including four years of responsibility assigning, reviewing, and approving the work of others and disciplining, evaluating the performance of and recommending the hiring, firing and promoting of others.

Note: Candidates may substitute U.S. Armed Forces military service experience at a rank of Corporal/Petty Officer or higher as a non-commissioned officer in utilities classifications or mechanical maintenance specialty codes in any combination of maintenance trades on a year-for-year basis for the required experience.


1. Candidates for positions in the licensed option must possess and maintain a current Maryland First Grade Stationary Engineer License from the Board of Examining Engineers.

2. Employees in this classification may be assigned duties which require the operation of a motor vehicle. Employees assigned such duties will be required to possess a motor vehicle operator's license valid in the State of Maryland.

CLASS: 003470; EST: 1/1/2020;

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