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- Monthly / $75,012.00-$120,447.00 Yearly




This is professional engineering work for the office of the State Fire Marshal at the Supervisory level. The employee in this class serves as the Chief Fire Protection Engineer and is required to supervise Fire Protection Engineers as they apply fire code technical standards to construction plans to secure compliance with the State Fire Prevention Code. All building construction except one and two family dwellings come under the jurisdiction of this agency. The employee in this position supervises the review of plans and specifications for the construction of buildings and chemical, gas and flammable liquid installations. He/she is required to evaluate construction material, mechanical devices and fire protection equipment for compliance with fire code requirements. The employee bears the responsibility for the inspection of complicated industrial processes and for making recommendations to eliminate fire hazards, The employee also provides assistance with fire protection matters in applicable building codes. This class provides technical services to Fire Investigators, assists in the investigation of fires and explosions of an extensive nature, and advising on special hazard protection.

This employee receives general direction from the State Fire Marshal. Most of the work performed by the employee in this position is rendered independently, with review only for results and conformance with policy. The employee works on occasion with local building and fire officials and with personnel of other State agencies.

The employee directly supervises lower level Fire Protection Engineers and assigned clerical staff.


Supervises a staff of Fire Protection Engineers;

Reviews plans and specifications for compliance with applicable codes related to building construction and hazardous occupancies containing or processing flammable liquids and/or gas;

Inspects industrial plants for evaluation of hazardous processes;

Meets with County fire and building officials and reviews plans for proposed construction;

Confers with, and gives guidance to, architects and engineers on methods of achieving compliance with fire protection criteria in building and fire codes;

Investigates explosions and fires of complex nature;

Prepares recommendations to insure fire code compliance in connection with inspections and with review of plans;

Presents information to professional technical societies, educational groups, and related professions regarding fire protection procedures;

Performs other necessary duties as required.


Specific educational and experience requirements are set by the agency based on the essential job functions assigned to the position.


Class descriptions broadly define groups of positions used by various State departments and agencies. Position descriptions maintained by the using department or agency specifically address the essential job functions of each position.

Date Established

Jul 1 1975 12:00AM

Approved By

Director, Division of Classification and Salary

CLASS: 003338; EST: 7/1/1975; REV: ;

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