Vice President, Administrative Services

Recruitment #24-1009-001

Special Note

This position is designated as a Senior Administrative Position (see Help Topics on Welcome Page for additional details).


Plans, directs, evaluates, and is held accountable for effective conduct of the business affairs of a college.

Typical Duties

Plans, directs, and evaluates the business operations at a college which include:

Budget Formulation and Management

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Facilities Planning and Construction

Building & Grounds Operations and Maintenance

Information Technology

Procurement and Contracts Management

Human Resources

Enterprise Services Administration

Safety and Security Services

Serves as chief advisor to the College President on strategic matters related to the business operations of a college.

Establishes the objectives, scope of service, structure, staffing, work methods, and performance standards for organizational units comprising Business Services at a college and monitors units for effectiveness and operational efficiency, and internal control compliance.

Evaluates the merit of requests from departments and offices for money, staffing, equipment and facilities, and recommends and monitors the allocation and expenditure of resources based on management priorities and proper accounting principles.

Directs the study of business problems of broad scope and complexity with the goal of developing effective managerial policies, procedures, methods and organizational structures.

Directs the design implementation, revision, and maintenance of management information and control systems to provide complete, accurate, and timely data for use in formulating and justifying financial, staffing, and material requests in conjunction with District information technology staff.

Assesses the impact of proposed policies, procedures, legislation, and organizational changes affecting the ability of the college to effectively and efficiently provide business services and makes appropriate recommendations.

Collaborates with District specialists on the implementation and integration of District policies and procedures into college operations, and ascertainment of solutions to unusual and complex business problems.

Participates as a member of the management team by providing authoritative business advice for use in making decisions and establishing the priorities, goals, and objectives of the college.

Serves as a liaison between the College President and all segments of the college regarding the requirements and procedures governing the business services of the college.

Serves as a liaison with the college's ASO and foundation(s) on business and fiscal matters.

Represents the college at a variety of meetings, committees, and conferences addressing operating programs and overall management of the college and District.

Maintains liaison with industry, organizations, and individuals in the college community to facilitate business transactions of the college and to enhance the accessibility of community resources to students.

Participates in grievances, disciplinary meetings, and other employment related activities.

Solicits funds to support special interest programs and services of the college from industry, organizations, and individuals within the college community.

Prepares or directs the preparation of correspondence, reports, and presentations regarding business operations at the college.

Assumes the duties, obligations, and responsibilities of the College President, as assigned, during his/her absence.

Serves as a liaison to contracted Sheriff's personnel.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics

A Vice President, Administrative Services, applies a broad knowledge of business principles and practices, as well as skill, in dealing with organizations, methods, funds, people, equipment and other resources of management in administering a comprehensive program of business services at a college.

An Associate Vice President, Administrative Services, assists the Vice President, Administrative Services, in the overall administration of the business affairs of a college and assumes responsibility for the Vice President, Administrative Services, in the event of his/her absence or in the exercise of delegated responsibilities and authority.

Directors of accounting, budget, business services, and personnel administration are the District's top technical experts in their respective occupational fields and manage central administrative units which are responsible for providing policy, technical, and procedural direction, guidance and coordination over activities which impact the financial, human, or capital resources of the District as a whole.

A College President is the chief executive officer at a college.


General direction is received from a College President. General supervision is exercised over assigned management, professional, technical, and general support staff..

Class Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Principles and practices of financial management and budgeting

Principles, methods, and techniques of accounting with an emphasis on governmental accounting

Principles, practices, and procedures pertaining to the construction and renovation of public buildings

Principles and practices of governmental procurement and material management

Principles of business law and contracts

Federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies affecting business operations of a college

Principles and practices of property management and space utilization

Principles and techniques of management analysis and program evaluation

Legislative and administrative processes

Principles and practices of organization, management, and personnel administration

Characteristics and capabilities of management information systems, software, and hardware related to business operations

Principles of supervision, team building, and training

Principles and objectives of shared governance

Purpose, functions, policies, operating systems and programs of administrative units of the District

Ability to:

Provide strategic leadership in planning, directing, and evaluating the business affairs of a college

Plan, direct, and oversee the financial management of a college including all funding sources

Relate business knowledge to the needs and characteristics of a collegiate environment

Apply a high level of sound, independent judgment in the solution of complex business problems

Plan and direct diverse and complex operating programs and services

Execute policies, rules, directions, and procedures of the District

Prepare effective oral and written communications, reports and presentations

Communicate effectively with faculty, staff, students, civic and other groups, and the general public

Effectively utilize management information systems in the performance of duties

Anticipate conditions, plan ahead, establish priorities, and meet schedules

Evaluate work methods and performance

Persuade others as required to gain acceptance of recommendations and decisions

Stimulate teamwork and promote cohesiveness to achieve business goals

Conduct effective community fund raising campaigns

Integrate technology into business decisions and operations

Establish and maintain effective relationships with the business community and administrative and executive offices of the District

Exercise the authority of the position with tact, integrity, originality, and resourcefulness

Motivate, direct, and develop subordinate staff

Allocate and effectively utilize human, fiscal, and physical resources of the department

Travel to offsite meetings and events

Entrance Qualifications

Education and Experience:

A. A master's degree from a recognized college or university preferably with a major in business administration, public administration, finance, economics, or a related field AND five years of recent, full-time, paid, professional-level experience in a senior management position with responsibility for corporate/entity wide business operations of an organization employing a minimum of 250 employees. Qualifying experience must have included responsibility for at least two of the following line functions: finance, facilities management and construction, human resources, information technology, or purchasing and contracts. A minimum of two years of the required experience must have been in the line function of finance, facilities management and construction, or purchasing and contracts. Experience must have also included the supervision of staff, which included professional-level employees. Experience with a public educational institution is desirable. Prior or current status as a vice president of administrative services or similar may reduce the master's degree requirement to that of a bachelor's degree. 


B. Five years of recent, full-time, paid experience as a Director of Budget Management and Analysis, Director of Internal Audit, Director of Facilities Planning and Development, Director of Bond Capital Construction, Director of Business Services, Director of Accounting, or Director of College Facilities with the Los Angeles Community College District.


A valid Class “C” California driver's license must be obtained within 10 days of establishing residency in the State of California.

Travel to locations throughout the District is required.


  • Medical and dental insurance and vision care plans are provided for employees and their dependents.
  • A $50,000 life insurance policy is provided free of charge for each employee.
  • New employees receive 12 full-pay days and 88 half-pay days of illness leave.
  • 19 paid holidays per year.
  • 24 Vacation days annually. May accrue up to 400 hours.
  • Other paid time off includes: bereavement leave, personal necessity leave, court subpoena, and jury duty.
  • Employees become members of the Public Employees Retirement System. Employees are also covered by Social Security.
  • Employee Assistance Program

Selection Process

The examination process may consist of one or more parts which may include a training and experience evaluation, written test, performance test and/or oral interview.

Reasonable Accommodations

Our class specification generally describes the duties, responsibilities, and requirements characteristic of the position(s) within this job class. The duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a particular position within this class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Los Angeles Community College District provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with covered disabilities on a case-by-case basis throughout the application, examination, and hiring processes and throughout employment. If an individual is in doubt about their ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a position or possession of any other requirement noted in a class specification or job announcement, they should always apply for a position and request reasonable accommodation at the appropriate time.

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