Police Recruit

Recruitment #24-3208-002

Examination Date


Specific dates, times and location TBA


Specific dates, times and location TBA

Civil Service will administer a pre-entrance Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) as required by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. This mandatory assessment requires all prospective candidates to successfully pass the PFA before the academy start date. Each candidate will be scheduled for the PFA after they have successfully passed the background investigation and polygraph.

An instructional video which outlines and provides demonstrations for each event on the PFA can be found on the OPOTC website: 

The PFA is a Pass/Fail performance assessment. All candidates will be expected to meet the physical capability standards for each event, at time of testing, to remain in the selection process. A score below the standard on any single event will be considered a failing score and the candidate will be removed from the selection process.

Candidates will be required to pass three components of the Cooper Fitness Standard at or above the 30th percentile within prescribed times for your age and gender.

Sit-Up (1 Minute) - The total number of correct sit-ups completed in one (1) minute will be counted.








Male - Number of Sit-Ups to be Completed:






Female - Number of Sit-Ups to be Completed:







Full Body Push-Up (1 Minute) - The total number of correct push-ups completed in one (1) minute will be counted.








Male - Number of Push-Ups to be Completed:






Female - Number of Push-Ups to be Completed:







1.5 Mile Run (timed) - This event consists of running or walking as fast as possible the distance of 1.5 miles in the time allotted for your age and gender group.








Male - Maximum time to complete 1.5 Mile Run:






Female - Maximum time to complete 1.5 Mile Run:






Nature of Work

Candidates are assigned to the Dayton Police Academy to complete a classroom curriculum and physical skills development in firearms proficiency, defensive tactics, physical fitness, driving, and other related skills required by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, in preparation for appointment to Police Officer.

Minimum Education

Must be a high school graduate or possess a G.E.D.


Must meet all of the following age requirements:

  1. Must be 20 years old in order to take the entry-level assessment.

  2. Must be 21 years old on or before the day of completion of the Dayton Police Academy.

  3. Applicants must not have reached their 69th birthday by date of appointment to Police Officer.

License Requirements

Must possess a valid driver’s license at time of appointment and maintain thereafter as a term and condition of continued employment.

Special Requirements

A candidate who achieves a passing grade on the Police Recruit entry-level assessment is entitled to a maximum of 5 preference points as set forth below:

  1. For Promotional AND Open Competitive candidates: the candidate, prior to the date of the entry-level assessment, has been honorably discharged from service with any branch of the United States military. To obtain credit, a non-returnable copy of the DD214 or certificate of service (indicating honorable discharge) MUST be submitted at the time of the entry-level assessment; OR

  2. For City of Dayton Open Competitive candidates ONLY: the candidate is employed by the City of Dayton but does not meet the qualification outlined above for promotional status. Must have satisfactorily completed 6 months of full-time employment as documented by City performance evaluations.


Must be eligible to be employed in the United States.

Background Investigation

Must be of good moral character and be able to pass an extensive background investigation including a polygraph test. Persons convicted of a felony are not eligible for positions in the sworn forces of the Police Department (even if such conviction has been sealed or expunged).

Must not have any misdemeanor convictions for Domestic Violence unless the conviction has been expunged or set aside, with the exception of those who have as a condition of pardon, expungement or restoration of civil rights, been expressly barred from possessing or receiving firearms. 

Any Police Recruit applicant who, 3 years or less prior to the date of the entry-level assessment, has ever illegally possessed, knowingly used, sold, or distributed any “controlled substance” or abused, sold, or distributed a “dangerous drug” as defined by State of Ohio law may be disqualified.

Must be able to meet any and all Ohio Administrative Code or Ohio Revised Code provisions that govern the ability to attend Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy courses and the ability to possess or receive firearms. 

Tattoos: Any visible tattoo that is deemed offensive, profane, or objectionable shall be covered while performing any police related duty or function. Neck or tattoos on the back of the head must not be visible from the front and must have the ability to be covered. All tattoos meeting the above criteria will be examined for approval on a case by case basis. Facial tattoos are prohibited on all sworn officers.

Body piercing: No body piercing can be worn where they will be visible to the public. No gauge earrings are permitted.

Promotional Qualifications

Must be a current full-time permanent or part-time permanent employee in pay grades: 124 (Wage) or below, 29 (Clerical) or below, P16 (Professional Technical) or below, S11 (Supervisor) or below, 317 (EMT), 302 and 302A (Paramedic), and been employed for 6 consecutive months by the City of Dayton in a classified Civil Service position. Identical scores will be broken by (1) seniority and (2) random selection method.

Open Competitive Applicants

Final appointment is contingent upon the applicant providing documentary evidence of Employment Authorization and Identity. Identical scores will be broken by a random selection method.


Applicants MUST bring a pictured ID to each assessment component, as well as all phases of the selection process for identification purposes. Failure to present a pictured ID will result in the applicant NOT being admitted into the assessments.

Assessment dates and times are subject to change. Applicants appearing on the Promotional eligible list will be considered prior to those on the Open Competitive list. 

In accordance with Civil Service Rule 6, Section 6.7 A. (4), examinees will not be permitted to review assessment questions.

In accordance with Civil Service Rule 8, Section 7B, this consecutive eligible list will become effective after the current eligible lists are exhausted of names or expire.

Selection Plan

The Police Recruit screening and selection process will include a series of components that each candidate must successfully complete and/or pass in order to be considered for the position of Police Recruit. The components will include:

1.  Complete and submit the application for Police Recruit

2.  Entry Level Assessment (ELA)
          The ELA for Police Recruit consists of components designed to collect information about your interests, abilities,
          skills, experiences, preferences, and tendencies in a police environment. Results from the ELA will be emailed to
          candidates. Candidates who successfully pass the ELA will be contacted to begin the background investigation
          when Civil Service reaches their name on the ranked eligible list.
3.  Background investigation including polygraph test
          The items listed below are due at the initial background interview. Begin to gather the following items now:
· High School Transcripts/GED certificate
· College Transcripts
· Selective Service Registration Card (only required for males to age 26)*
· Military DD214 (if you served in the military)
· Proof of Auto Insurance
· Valid Driver’s License
· Obtain 3 Reference Letters (1 Personal, 2 Professional)

1.       Candidate must know reference provider for more than two years.

2.       Reference letter must contain the author’s name, address, and phone number, and within 

         the body of the letter, how long author of the letter has known the applicant.

4.  Physical Fitness Assessment
          Candidates will be required to pass three components of the Cooper Fitness Standard at or above the 
          30th percentile inclusive of Sit-ups, Full Body Push-ups, and the 1.5 Mile Run within prescribed times. 
          The PFA is a Pass/Fail performance assessment.

5.  Psychological Examination
          Candidates will be subject to a standardized battery of psychological tests to determine their ability to 
          succeed in the training, as well as long-term retention and satisfactory performance in this position.    

6.  Medical Exam including Drug and Nicotine screen
          Final appointment is contingent upon the applicant passing a job-related medical examination which 
          includes cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness testing, and a drug screen. Vision without correction must 
          be a minimum of 20/100 in EACH eye. Corrected vision must be a minimum of 20/40 or better, in EACH eye.
          Must not be color-blind. Candidates will be required to pass a nicotine screening. Newly hired employees must
          remain tobacco and nicotine free as a condition of continued employment. The Tobacco and Nicotine Free Hiring
          Policy does not apply to current City employees.

Please note: All candidates may also undergo an Oral Interview as part of the selection process.

All phases of the selection process are administered through the Civil Service Office. It is important for you to perform to the best of your ability on each component of the selection process. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the Civil Service Office of any change to your mailing address, phone number, or email address.

Civil Service will contact you regarding the Academy start date. Several weeks may pass between steps so please be patient. Wait for us to contact you.


For more information regarding preparation for the Entry Level Assessment and the Physical Fitness Assessment please refer to the following links:

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