Deputy Clerk

Recruitment #22-9063-002

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the labor/management agreement that an opening will exist in the immediate future for two (2) positions in the CIVIL DIVISION.  This is considered a full time position. 


  1. Accepting counter payments on civil court cases, issuing receipts and providing payment information to the appropriate docket personnel. 
  2. Accepting new civil case filings at the counter, plus motions from attorneys on current or closed cases. 
  3. Using a computer for inquiries, printing complaints and data entry. 
  4. Interacting daily with co-workers, the Judge’s assignment clerks, the Bailiff’s Office and outside attorney offices.
  5. Filing cases and subpoena returns.
  6. Docket all entries, motions, dispositions, and journal numbers on all civil cases.
  7. Answering the public phone line in a polite manner and help all customers to the best of your ability. Transferring callers to other people or departments should be done only as a last resort.
  8. Use scanning equipment to accurately image filings and closed cases and attach digital records to the Courts web-based management system.
  9. Perform other functions that may vary upon need in the office.

General Requirements

  1. Must have basic typing skills and the ability to use a computer to conduct daily business.
  2. Proven ability to handle financial transactions in a capable, accurate and timely manner.
  3. Unimpeachable honesty.
  4. Ability to deal with the public, co-workers and various police agencies in a friendly manner that encourages their cooperation with the Court’s instruction.
  5. Above average attendance and dependability record.
  6. The person in this position has a willingness to learn new things and can adapt to changing job roles.