Parking & Traffic Enforcement Aide

Recruitment #22-3240-001


This is general duty field work in parking and traffic enforcement, intersection control and providing a wide variety of public service to the general citizenry. Work is performed on foot or in a city vehicle. Directs the flow of traffic at intersections as necessary; reports potential crime or hazardous conditions to the proper authorities. Checks parking meters, restricted areas and bus zones for parking violations, issues parking tickets and orders tow away of vehicles in violation where towing is necessary. Assists police officers by noting and relaying information regarding any unusual activity.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from high school (or G.E.D.).

License Requirements

Must possess a valid driver’s license at time of appointment and maintain thereafter as a term and condition of continued employment.

General Requirements

After appointment, incumbent must successfully complete the prescribed training program at the Police Academy that pertains to the functions of Parking, Traffic Control, Enforcement and any other subject matter deemed necessary to the performance of the job, as a condition of continued employment.

Promotional Qualifications

Must be a full-time permanent or part-time permanent employee in pay grade 107 (Wage) or below, pay grade 15 (Clerical) or below, or equivalent, and been employed for 6 consecutive months by the City of Dayton in a classified Civil Service position. Identical scores will be broken by (1) seniority and (2) random selection method.

Open Competitive Applicants

Final appointment is contingent upon the applicant passing a job-related medical examination and providing documentary evidence of Employment Authorization and Identity. Identical scores will be broken by a random selection method.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Incumbent is expected to stay abreast of current technological methods and have knowledge, skills & abilities including, but not limited to the following areas:

1. Working knowledge of traffic codes, City Ordinances, City Government and criminal law.
2. Working knowledge of the geographical area of the City and location of public buildings.
3. Ability to be on foot patrol eight hours per day.
4. Ability to react quickly and calmly under emergency conditions.
5. Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
6. Ability to learn new procedures readily.
7. Ability to write legibly.
8. Ability to meet the general public courteously and tactfully to give clear explanations of parking and traffic regulations and their enforcement.
9. Ability to exercise good judgment and think clearly and calmly in dealing with the general public.
10. Ability to relate well to persons of all races, ages and socio-economic levels.
11. Ability to cope with situations firmly, patiently, courteously, tactfully and with respect for the rights of
12. Ability to follow instructions willingly and promptly.
13. Ability to communicate via radio.


Examination dates and times are subject to change. Calculators will be provided for the Civil Service examination.  Applicants appearing on the Promotional eligible list shall be considered for appointment prior to those on the Open Competitive list. Applicants are responsible for providing all necessary employment dates, experience, training, or any other requirements as stated in the Exam Announcement, in order for their application to be considered for certification and admittance to the examination process.

Background Check 
A background investigation is required prior to employment. All candidates must pass any level of background investigation applicable to the position, including current city employees seeking transfer, promotion, demotion, etc. into a classified position. 

Drug and Nicotine Testing
Final appointment is contingent upon the applicant passing a drug screen. Applicants offered employment with the City will be required to pass a nicotine screening. Newly hired employees must remain tobacco and nicotine free as a condition of continued employment. The Tobacco and Nicotine Free Hiring Policy does not apply to current City employees. 

Important COVID-19 Information 
Beginning November 1, 2021, newly hired City of Dayton employees must attest to being fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus or be required to become fully vaccinated within 90 days of being hired.

Examination Date

Date & Time to be Announced
Civil Service Board Office 
371 West Second Street, Lower Level 
Dayton, Ohio 45402 

*Certified candidates will be sent a link to self-schedule their examination time at a later date.