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Are you an experienced public advocate who is skilled in consumer-focused policy advocacy? We invite you to explore this challenging yet rewarding opportunity in state service.

The State of Connecticut is seeking a new head of an independent state agency, the Office of the Healthcare Advocate. This is a highly public, high-profile position, subject to a statutorily-defined selection process including screening by the Healthcare Advocate Advisory Committee, followed by a final nomination by the Governor and confirmation by both houses of the General Assembly. However, once confirmed to a renewable four-year term, the Healthcare Advocate operates independently of any other branch of government, in close collaboration with the Advisory Committee.

The Healthcare Advocate is a hands-on chief executive officer, principal public spokesperson, and policy and legislative advocate for a state agency that provides free direct legal services, advice and support to Connecticut families and businesses facing health insurance claim denials or other challenges with their public or private health coverage. (Please note, while this position will supervise attorneys and paralegals among other disciplines, a J.D. is not required.)

Executive-level supervisory experience is preferred, as is experience in public service, direct consumer assistance, and regulatory or legislative advocacy. Also preferred is experience in healthcare, especially in any form of public or private health coverage, as well as experience with consumer-focused policy advocacy. Also preferred is hands-on public relations experience engaging with the press, as well as experience representing an organization to high-profile stakeholders such as industry and community leaders and local, state and federal government officials, up to and including occasional personal interaction with members of Congress.

The Healthcare Advocate oversees a team of 18 dedicated consumer advocates and support staff, with a focus on resolving disputes with health insurers and protecting consumers’ access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. In addition, the Healthcare Advocate serves as a subject matter expert on issues related to healthcare access and coverage, providing education and feedback to legislators, regulators and other policymakers in support of consumer-supportive changes to laws, regulations, policies and other systemic structures that make up the healthcare environment in Connecticut and nationally. As part of this role, the Healthcare Advocate also serves on a number of committees, working groups, task forces and other collaborative bodies established to influence improvements in healthcare access and coverage in Connecticut.

This is a rare opportunity to assume a politically independent leadership position with a high-functioning, well-respected, historically established independent state agency. The position carries a clear possibility over time to become recognized as a key independent leader and resource in the Connecticut community on matters of state and federal healthcare consumer policy and advocacy.


  • The Healthcare Advocate shall be an elector of the State of Connecticut.
    • NOTE: An Elector is defined as a person who has the right to vote during an election.
  • The Healthcare Advocate shall have expertise and experience in the fields of health care, health insurance and advocacy for the rights of consumers.
    • NOTE:  “Consumer” means an individual who receives or is attempting to receive services from a managed care organization and is a resident of this state.
  • The Healthcare Advocate shall not have served as a director or officer of a managed care organization within the last two (2) years.
    • NOTE:  Recent former directors and officers of managed care organizations are prohibited by law from holding the office of Healthcare Advocate.  “Managed care organization” means an insurer, health care center, hospital service corporation, medical service corporation or other organization delivering, issuing for delivery, renewing or amending any individual or group health managed care plan in this state.
Sec. 38a-1047. Conflicts of interest. (a) No Healthcare Advocate or person employed by the Office of the Healthcare Advocate may:

(1) Have a direct involvement in the licensing, certification or accreditation of a managed care organization;

(2) Have a direct ownership or investment interest in a managed care organization;

(3) Be employed by or participate in the management of a managed care organization; or

(4) Receive or have the right to receive, directly or indirectly, remuneration under a compensation arrangement with a managed care organization.

(b) No Healthcare Advocate or person employed by the Office of the Healthcare Advocate may knowingly accept employment with a managed care organization for a period of one year following termination of that person's services with the Office of the Healthcare Advocate.


  • Monday - Friday
  • Full time (40 hours per week)
  • First Shift
  • Location: 153 Market Street in Downtown Hartford, CT
  • Hybrid work environment (combination of on-site and remote work)
  • Click here to view the Connecticut Handbook for Appointed Officials.
  • Click here to view Connecticut General Statute, Chapter 706b, Office of the Healthcare Advocate.
  • Click here to view Appointed Officials Resources.

The mission of the Office of the Healthcare Advocate (OHA) is to assist consumers with healthcare issues through the establishment of effective outreach programs and the development of communications related to consumer rights and responsibilities as members of healthcare plans.

OHA focuses on assisting consumers in making informed decisions when selecting a health plan; assisting consumers to resolve problems with their health insurance plans and tracking trends of issues/problems, which may require administrative or legislative intervention, or advocacy with industry, the public, or other stakeholders.


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  • Competitive starting salary
  • A Platinum Healthcare Plan, the nation’s best for state employees and dependents, according to a report by Georgetown’s Center on Health Insurance Reform an article by Ellen Andrews, Ph.D., along with comprehensive benefit offerings
  • Extensive pension plan and supplemental retirement offerings
  • Paid time off including 13 paid holidays per calendar year
  • A culture that encourages work-life balance
  • Professional growth and development opportunities
  • Work for a Forbes top company - ‘Forbes’: State of Connecticut Ranked One of the Best Employers of 2023 - State of CT Receives National Recognition for Offering Job Growth, Competitive Benefits, and Flexible Schedule
  • State of Connecticut is an eligible Public Service Loan Forgiveness employer, meaning you may be eligible to have qualifying student loans forgiven after 10 years of service. Click here for more information.
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Selection Plan

  • For current state employees, salary calculations are not necessarily comparable from one of the three branches of state government (i.e., Executive, Legislative, Judicial) to the other.
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In the Office of the Healthcare Advocate, the Healthcare Advocate assists health insurance consumers with managed care plan selection, provides health care insurance information, assists health insurance consumers with filings of complaints and appeals, and other health care activities.


  • Experience assisting health insurance consumers with health plan selection, as well as the filing of complaints and appeals
  • Experience providing information and education to the public, agencies, legislators, and others regarding problems and concerns of health insurance consumers
  • Experience analyzing and monitoring the development and implementation of federal, state, and local laws, regulations and policies affecting health insurance consumers
  • Experience facilitating public comment and making recommendations for changes to laws, regulations and policies addressing the problems and concerns of health insurance consumers
  • Experience hiring and supervising staff
  • Experience managing an agency or other organization’s budget
  • Experience representing an organization in the press or broadcast media



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.