Supervising Nurse (Correctional Facility) (40 Hour)

Recruitment #231128-2289FP-001


You can both serve your calling and enjoy your life as a Supervising Nurse with the State of Connecticut. This is an excellent opportunity for you to add your experience to one of our best teams; apply today!

This position is full time on first shift, 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

              In addition, the State puts an emphasis on:
              • Providing limitless opportunities;
              • Hiring for diversity and fresh perspectives;
              • Performing meaningful work and;
              • Encouraging a healthy work/life balance!
              Correctional nursing is the delivery of evidence-based nursing to protect, promote, and optimize health and abilities; prevent illness and injury; facilitate healing; alleviate suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response with care and respect; and advocate for individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations under the jurisdiction of the justice system. 

              In this essential role as a Supervising Nurse for the CT DOC Health Services Unit you will: 
              • Plan, organize and direct the overall nursing services operations for the state correctional facility;
              • Plan, assign and direct the work of nursing staff;
              • Develop and implement nursing policies and procedures to ensure effective compliance with all physical and mental health nursing standards and operating procedures; 
              • Act as a liaison for the Director of Nursing Services at the facility level for all mental and physical health nursing services at each facility;
              • Participate in governance, managerial, medical staff and other clinical leaders in decision making structures and processes of the CT DOC Health Services Unit.
              Since 1968, the Connecticut Department of Correction has proudly served and protected the citizens of the State of Connecticut, by daily ensuring the safety, security and order of our 14-correctional facilities in a manner which is widely viewed as a national model. The Department endeavors to provide the programming, education and treatment which willing inmates may utilize to improve themselves and the success of their eventual reintegration into society. Our staff of dedicated correctional professionals takes great PRIDE (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dignity, Excellence) in the daily performance of their duty to our state.

              OUR MISSION
              The State of Connecticut Department of Correction (DOC) shall strive to be a global leader in progressive correctional practices and partnered re-entry initiatives to support responsive evidence-based practices aligned to law-abiding and accountable behaviors. Safe and security shall be a priority component of this responsibility as it pertains to staff, victims, citizens and offenders.

              The Corrigan Correctional Institution and the Radgowski Correctional Institution were consolidated in May 2001 as the Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center. This facility confines both pretrial and sentenced offenders. It serves superior courts in Danielson, New London, Norwich and Windham.

              Programs offered to offenders in the Corrigan Correctional Institution included an extensive anger management curriculum for inmates with a history of violent tendencies. A close monitoring unit is maintained in order to segregate those offenders who have been classified as members of gangs. In this unit, cultural and gang awareness programs are offered to encourage offender insight into the negative aspects of gang participation. A full complement of educational and addiction services programming is also offered.

              The offenders in the Radgowski Correctional Institution participated in community service activities, such as providing the Department of Transportation with assistance with clean-up activities in Occum and Great Plains, Connecticut. They also provided assistance at Troop E of the Connecticut State Police. The Speak Out Program, in which inmates discuss decision making and the impact of prison upon their lives, visited Southern Connecticut State University and several local middle and high schools.

              The Corrigan building is named after Raymond L. Corrigan, who at his death in February of 1983 had culminated a 14 year career with the Department of Correction by attaining the position of Chief of Engineering Services.


              Selection Plan

              TO APPLY
              • In order to be considered for this job opening, you must meet the Minimum Qualifications as listed on this job opening. You must specify your qualifications on your application.
              • The minimum experience and training requirements must be met by the close date on the job opening, unless otherwise specified.
              • Ensure that your application is complete and detailed before submitting it. In order to comply with Public Act 21-69, the State of Connecticut is no longer asking for resumes during the initial application process. You will not be able to make revisions once your application is submitted into the JobAps system.
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              • Although applicants will receive correspondence via email, as a backup they are also encouraged to sign on to their Personal Status Board on a daily basis to monitor their status, view all emailed notices and complete tasks required in the recruitment process.
              • Note: At any point during the recruitment process, applicants may be required to submit additional documentation which support their qualification(s) for this position. These documents may include: a cover letter, resume, performance reviews, attendance records, supervisory references, college transcripts, licensure, etc., at the discretion of the hiring agency.
              • The immediate vacancy is listed above, however, applications to this recruitment may be used for future vacancies in this job class.
              Should you have questions pertaining to this recruitment, please contact Benjamin Beaudry at


              In a correctional facility this class is accountable for supervising nursing staff engaged in professional nursing activities.

              EXAMPLES OF DUTIES

              • Schedules, assigns, oversees and reviews the work of staff; 
              • Ensures that goals, objectives and work performed are consistent with standards and that quality care is provided to inmates; 
              • Provides clinical guidance to nursing staff; 
              • Selects, develops, motivates and evaluates staff; 
              • Conducts performance evaluations; 
              • Monitors the quality of documentation, records and other information concerning services and care; 
              • Ensures that resources are available to provide quality services; 
              • Participates in the development of policies and procedures to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services; 
              • Participates in the development of long-range plans for health care programs; 
              • Acts as a liaison with other units, agencies and outside organizations; 
              • Prepares reports and correspondence; 
              • Responds to psychiatric or medical emergencies; 
              • May provide inmate care; 
              • May physically restrain inmates, quell disturbances and otherwise assist custodial forces in emergencies; 
              • Performs related duties as required.


              • Considerable knowledge of
                • and ability to apply nursing principles, clinical therapeutic models, and standards of nursing; 
                • specialized inmate care; 
                • current medications, their actions, interactions, uses and side effects; 
                • and sensitivity to cultural and socio-economic differences; 
              • Knowledge of management and administrative principles and human resource development strategies; 
              • Considerable
                • interpersonal skills; 
                • oral and written communication skills; 
              • Considerable ability to
                • establish and maintain collaborative relationships with other professionals; 
                • encourage and facilitate cooperation, pride, trust and group identity to foster commitment and teamwork; 
                • provide leadership and guidance in developing and maintaining nursing standards and enhancing health care systems for the delivery of essential services; 
                • respond to crises and emergencies; 
                • use professional judgment to identify areas for improvement and participate in development of quality initiatives; 
              • Supervisory ability.


              Four (4) years of experience as a Registered Professional Nurse.


              Two (2) years of General Experience must have been at the level of a Head Nurse, Head Nurse (Correctional Facility), Forensic Head Nurse or Clinical Nurse Coordinator.


              • A Bachelor’s degree in nursing may be substituted for one (1) year of the General Experience.
              • A Master's degree in nursing may be substituted for one (1) additional year of the General Experience.


              • Experience in a supervisory role;
              • Experience in an emergency room setting;
              • Experience in medical surgical care;
              • Experience in a correctional setting.


              • Incumbents in this class must possess and retain a current license or temporary permit as a Registered Professional Nurse in Connecticut.
              • Candidates may be required to have experience working with adolescents or in women's health or mental health care.
              • Incumbents in this class may be required to be fluent in a foreign language or proficient in the use of the American Sign Language in certain designated positions.
              • Incumbents in this class may be required to possess and retain a valid Motor Vehicle Operator’s license.
              • Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.


              In addition to the checking of references and of facts stated in the application, a thorough background investigation of each candidate may be made before persons are certified for permanent appointment.


              Candidates must be in good general health; candidates must have and retain sufficient stamina, agility, and visual and auditory acuity necessary to perform all duties of the class. Applicants are required to pass a physical examination.


              Incumbents in this class may be required to lift and restrain inmates; may have some exposure to communicable/infectious diseases and to risk of injury from assaultive/abusive inmates; may be exposed to disagreeable conditions.



              The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.


              As defined by Sec. 5-196 of the Connecticut General Statutes, a job class is a position or group of positions that share general characteristics and are categorized under a single title for administrative purposes.  As such, a job class is not meant to be all-inclusive of every task and/or responsibility.