Technical High School Assistant Principal


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Are you an education professional looking to tackle a leadership role in the largest Techinical High School system in the state? If so then  State of Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS) might just have the opportunity you've been looking for!

At CTECS we are currently recruiting a Technical High School Assistant Principal to join our leadership team at Bullard-Havens Technical High School in Bridgeport, CT.

  • To work for a Forbes top company: ‘Forbes’ State of Connecticut Ranked One of the Best Employers of 2023 - State of CT Receives National Recognition for Offering Job Growth, Competitive Benefits, and Flexible Schedule
  • Industry leading health benefits, including medical and dental coverage
  • Comprehensive pension plan and supplemental retirement offerings
  • Retirement healthcare offerings
  • Professional growth and development opportunities
  • We encourage a healthy work-life balance to all employees
You will be a responsible for a full range of administrative duties as assigned by the School Principal. Along with other duties as needed, this includes but is not limited to:
  • Assist in the development of comprehensive long and short term goals and objectives which support educational initiatives and Board and System mission
  • Make recommendations to assist with system policy, program priorities, funding, legislation and regulation
  • Develop or assist in the development of school or system educational programs
    • Located at Bullard-Havens Tech
    • Full-time, year round
    • Frist shift, Monday - Friday
    For over 100 years, CTECS has been the leading force in Career Technical Education (CTE) in the State of Connecticut. CTECS operates 17 diploma-granting technical high schools, one technical education center and two airframe mechanics and aircraft maintenance programs. The school system provides a direct employment pipeline for high school students and adult learners. It is the mission of CTECS to provide a world-class, unique and rigorous learning environment for high school students and adult learners that:
    • Ensures both student academic success and career technical education mastery, as well as promotes enthusiasm for lifelong learning
    • Prepares students for post-secondary education, including apprenticeships and immediate productive employment
    • Engages employers and industries in a vibrant collaboration to respond to current, emerging and changing global workforce needs and expectations 
     You will experience the opportunity to make a difference in the public sector for the State of Connecticut! We encourage you to apply today!

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    In the Department of Education, Connecticut Technical Education and Career System, this class is accountable for assisting with directing the operation of a Technical High School or for administrative duties in the System’s central office.


    This is an administrative professional level class responsible for supervising education professional, paraprofessional, maintenance, security or other support staff in a Technical Education and Career System High School or the System’s central office.

    1. Assists the Principal with development and implementation of school improvement plans, student assessment initiatives, evaluation of certified and non-certified staff, classroom observations, oversight of student schedules, student discipline, other school-related functions.

    2. Oversees and leads education administrative functions over major program areas in the System’s central office.

    3. This class is not intended for administration of an operational bureau such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Fiscal, Equal Employment, Communications and other related administrative functions.


    Supervises instructional staff and operational staff of a school or staff in the System’s central office as deemed by the Superintendent.


    Technical High School:  Assists with staff activities and oversight of all related school functions; assists in the development of a comprehensive long and short term goals and objectives which support educational initiatives and Board and System mission; makes recommendations to assist with system policy, program priorities, funding, legislation and regulation; develops or assists in the development of school or system educational programs; administers pertinent laws within assigned school or system central office; leads the school-wide scheduling team in order to develop efficient and student centered schedules and assists in the implementation of the computerized student information system; oversees the student assessment process including collecting and analyzing student data to ensure student achievement over time; assists with controls of fiscal operations within school by determining priority of expenditures of financial and related resources; supervises and evaluates instructional and operational staff; assists the school system with the selection of appropriate textbooks, teacher guides and other instructional materials and equipment; provides support to teachers in their classrooms through coaching, modeling and mentoring; responds to inquiries from the public concerning education initiatives and programs; responsible for programs assigned and activities; may act as an Executive Coach to oversee professional development within the class, including growing district leadership capacity and developing district-wide succession planning by providing non-evaluative support for beginning and developing incumbents within the job class; may represent school and agency in related activities as required; performs related duties and special assignments as required by the Principal, Assistant Superintendent and/or Superintendent of Schools.

    Connecticut Technical Education and Career Central Office:  Oversees and leads education administrative programs as assigned by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent; supervises and evaluates central office staff as appropriate; oversees and provides support to the schools in the administration of programs in the Technical and Career High Schools; participates in the recruitment process; may represent the agency in related activities as required; performs related duties and special assignments as required by the Principal, Assistant Superintendent and/or Superintendent of Schools.


    Considerable knowledge of the philosophy and methods of education, with emphasis on educational administration and management; considerable knowledge of the objectives and purposes of educational programs; considerable knowledge of supervision/evaluation methods; considerable knowledge of public school administration; knowledge of the principles and techniques of budgetary preparation and fiscal management; considerable interpersonal skills; considerable written and oral skills; considerable ability to understand and apply relevant state and federal laws, statutes and regulations.


    A Master’s Degree and at least five (5) years of teaching experience and two (2) years of education leadership/supervisory experience. 


    • Experience in a Title 1 school, including evidence of formulating ideas for appropriate programming  
    • Experience with staff evaluation methods, including leading activities to provide colleague to colleague feedback; familiarity with school reform initiatives, including evidence of leading staff in the initiatives; using differentiated instruction, tiered interventions, and/or SRBI approaches to monitor student progress  
    • Experience using technology to support instruction, special education programming and programming for English Language Learners  
    • Experience building relationships with students, parents, staff, district office, business/industry and the community at large
    • Experience utilizing student data to improve student performance, school performance and instruction
    • Experience working with an adolescent population using research-based strategies to support this population
    • Experience creating a school schedule that is incorporated into a high school master schedule with ability to prioritize student and school needs
    • Experience implementing and providing leadership in Marzano instructional strategies
    • Experience using the Danielson Rubric and coaching teachers to improve or impact instruction using this rubric
    • Experience in a leadership role as a Department Head or Administrative function


    Must hold an Intermediate Administration and Supervisor Certificate (Endorsement 092) issued by the State Board of Education.



    The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.