State Elections Enforcement Commission Member

Recruitment #230607-2023EX-001


Are you an attorney looking to protect the electoral rights of our citizens? We have a phenomenal prospect for you!

The State of Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) is looking to fill a seat on the SEEC appointed by the Governor per CT General Statute CGS § 9-7a.

We investigate complaints and impose sanctions related to violations of state election laws. We conduct training sessions for individuals running for office, campaign treasurers and others concerning campaign finance requirements.

In accordance with CGS § 9-7a, in order to be considered for this appointment, you cannot be affiliated with any political party.

Ideal Candidates:

Attorneys admitted to practice law in Connecticut with experience in voter and/or election law


  • Outstanding part-time opportunity to serve your state!
  • Opportunity to safeguard the rights of Connecticut’s citizens to participate in fair elections
  • $200 each day you participate in regular commission meetings or hearings
  • Reasonable expenses including necessary stenographic & clerical help
  • Virtual meetings
As a Commission Member, You Will:

  • Serve at the pleasure of the Governor
  • Engage as an active member in Commission meetings and hearings as scheduled (approximately 35-40 hours annually)
  • Assess complaints related potential violation of election laws
  • Resolve whether to investigate complaints pertaining to state election law
  • Ensure investigations are completed within statutory timeframes
  • Render decisions pertaining to probable/non-probable cause
  • May testify in court
About Us:

The CT SEEC has the authority to investigate possible violations of the election laws, inspect campaign finance records and reports, refer evidence of violations to the Chief State's Attorney or to the Attorney General, issue advisory opinions and make recommendations to the General Assembly concerning revisions to the state's election laws. We are also charged with developing and implementing an electronic campaign reporting system (eCRIS) that is now the state campaign finance filing repository for all past and present campaign finance records for party committees, political committees and candidate committees organized for state elections.


Appointed by the Governor in accordance Section 9-7a of the Connecticut General Statutes the member shall not be affiliated with any political party notwithstanding the provisions of sections 5-266a and 5-266b, no member or employee of the commission shall (1) be a candidate in any primary or election, (2) hold any elected public office, (3) be a political party officer, as defined in subsection (a) of this section, (4) be a member of a national committee of a political party, state central or town committee, or a person employed by any such committee for compensation, or (5) hold any office of any committee, as defined in section 9-601. The members and employees of the commission shall otherwise be subject to the provisions of sections 5-266a and 5-266b.



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.