Deputy Director of Parole and Community Services

Recruitment #221123-1401MP-001


The State of Connecticut, Department of Correction (DOC) has an opening for a Deputy Director of Parole and Community Service to lead the division.

This is a first-shift, full-time (40 hours) position, Monday through Friday. The location may be based at District Office in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwich or Waterbury, depending on needs of the division.

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of performance including a record of personal and professional integrity and supervisory experience managing a district office and/or specialized unit in the Parole & Community Services Division.  A strong track record of working effectively in a complex departmental environment is desirable. The ideal candidate must be politically astute, proactive, enthusiastic, and dedicated to meeting the goals of the agency’s strategic initiatives. 


The CT DOC shall strive to be a global leader in progressive correctional practices and partnered re-entry initiatives to support responsive evidence-based practices aligned to law abiding and accountable behaviors. Safety and security shall be a priority component of this responsibility as it pertains to staff, victims, citizens and offenders.

The Division of Parole and Community Services shall provide offenders with re-entry opportunities, consistent with public safety, informed by evidenced-based assessment, supervision, and treatment strategies.

Selection Plan

This is a competitive role, open to current Department of Correction employees.

To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications on listed within the job classification.

To Apply

  • Complete a Master Application and directly apply to this recruitment.
  • In order to comply with Public Act 21-69, the State of Connecticut is no longer asking for resumes during the initial application process. Please ensure that your application is complete. You will be unable to make revisions once you officially submit your application to the State of Connecticut.

What to Expect After Applying 

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Contact Information

Due to the large volume of applications received, we are unable to provide confirmation of receipt or status during the recruitment process. Updates will be available through your JobAps portal account.

Should you have any questions about the position, please contact Samantha Rivera, Human Resources Specialist– Talent Solutions at Samantha.Rivera@CT.Gov


In the Department of Correction, Parole and Community Services Division or Board of Pardons and Paroles this class is accountable for assisting in the direction of staff and operations.


  • Coordinates, plans and manages district or division activities; 
  • Formulates or assists in formulation of program goals and objectives; 
  • Develops or assists in development of related policy; 
  • Interprets and administers pertinent laws; 
  • Evaluates staff;
  • Prepares or assists in preparation of district or division budgets; 
  • Maintains contacts with individuals within and outside of district or division who might impact on program activities;
  • Oversees development, administration and supervision of discretionary and special parole programs and relapse re-entry programs; 
  • Ensures a systematic approach in meeting public, staff and offender safety;
  • Promotes cooperative inter-agency dynamics; 
  • Resolves or assists in resolution of complex cases; 
  • Develops or assists in development of new community programs; 
  • Develops and implements training programs and standards; 
  • Prepares reports and documentation supporting release authority;
  • Leads the recruitment and hiring of staff, including outreach, interview and selection;
  • May testify in court; 
  • May recommend legislation and participate in legislative process;
  • May assume responsibility for direction of staff and operations in absence of Director; 
  • Performs related duties as required. 


  • Direct and oversees a comprehensive statutorily governed offender release hearing process in twenty correctional facilities;
  • Ensures continuity of parole violations and implementation of structured decision making, Statewide Collaboration Offender Risk Evaluation System (SCORES) and incremental sanctions for parole violations for offenders.


  • Considerable knowledge of
    • and ability to apply management principles and practices; 
    • and ability to research, interpret and apply relevant state and federal laws, statutes and regulations; 
    • community reintegration principles; 
    • offender management plan development and offender community re-entry programs; 
    • knowledge of functions and activities involved in contemporary treatment, rehabilitation and training programs; 
    • modern correctional methods and practices;
    • parole revocations and rescissions and due process;
    • the interstate compact; 
    • static and dynamic risk assessments, application of graduated sanctions and evidence based decision making;
    • criminal pardons;
  • Considerable 
    • interpersonal skills; 
    • oral and written communication skills; 
  • Considerable ability to
    • administer comprehensive parole programs; 
    • oversee supervision of offenders in community-based settings;
    • resolve complex parole issues; 
  • Ability to 
    • develop community-based programs which facilitate successful offender reintegration.


Ten (10) years of experience in parole, probation, case management or group counseling.


Two (2) years of the General Experience must have been in a managerial capacity.

NOTE: For state employees this experience is interpreted at the level of a Parole and Community Services Supervisor.


  • College training may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equaling one-half (1/2) year of experience to a maximum of four (4) yeas for a Bachelor’s degree.
  • A Master’s degree in corrections, parole, counseling, criminal justice, human services, psychology, social work or a closely related field may be substituted for one (1) additional year of the General Experience.


The ideal candidate will have the following:
  • Supervisory experience, managing a district office and/or specialized unit in the Parole & Community Services Division;  
  • Working in a complex departmental environment that is impacted by political measures; 
  • Meeting goals of the agency's strategic initiatives while working with other constituents; 
  • A Bachelors or Masters degree in Criminal Justice, or other closely related field. 



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.


As defined by Sec. 5-196 of the Connecticut General Statutes, a job class is a position or group of positions that share general characteristics and are categorized under a single title for administrative purposes.  As such, a job class is not meant to be all-inclusive of every task and/or responsibility.