Education Support Technician


Recruitment #220927-3231EA-001


Job Opening: Education Consultant - Department of Administrative Services

Do you enjoy working with community organizations and educational leaders to support underrepresented populations? 
Are you passionate about working with school districts that are racially, ethnically, and economically diverse? 
If so, read below & apply today! 

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) is accepting applications for 4 (four) Education Support Technicians to join our newly established Parent Resource Center, located at 450 Columbus Boulevard in Hartford, Connecticut, as part of the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) within the Office of Strategic Planning and Partnerships (OSPP). These are full-time, 35-hour positions, Monday-Friday, with occasional extended and weekend hours for recruitment events and application assistance during high demand periods in the placement process.  The CSDE is the administrative arm of the Connecticut State Board of Education and operates the RSCO as the central office responsible for managing the application and placement system for school choice programs in the Greater Hartford Region.  

The Role: The CSDE operates RSCO pursuant to the agreement in the landmark desegregation case, Sheff v. O’Neill, as a single point of information, application and placement for families interested in interdistrict magnet schools, the Open Choice Program, and Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS) technical high schools in the Greater Hartford Region.  Candidates for these positions will support families applying to interdistrict choice schools through the RSCO School Choice Application and manage data and information in the application and placement system to improve overall responsiveness and efficiency of the school placement process as part of RSCO’s Parent Resource Center.  Under the direction of the RSCO Director, candidates will inform families about the school choice options in the Greater Hartford Region and support them through the application and placement process via recruitment events, application assistance events, and contact through the Parent Resource Center by phone, email, in-application messaging, in-person, and virtually.  Candidates will work as a team to provide high quality customer service; manage application data to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the placement process; initiate and maintain communication with families, schools and districts to verify information and complete applications and placements; provide data support to choice schools and Open Choice districts; and provide translation services as needed to assist families and communicate information about school choice for families and RSCO publications. 

What We Offer: These opportunities are centrally located in Hartford, CT alongside the Connecticut River with walkable access to museums, a science center, and great restaurants.
As a State employee you will also enjoy: 
  • Outstanding medical and dental benefits supporting your health and wellness.
  • The ability to begin planning for your future with excellent retirement plans and defined contribution plans.
  • Paid time off including vacation, sick time, and twelve holidays.
  • Interested in learning more, check out our benefits page
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Selection Plan

To Apply:
  • In order to be considered for this job opening, you must meet the Minimum Qualifications as listed on the job opening.  You must specify your qualifications on your application.
  • The minimum experience and training requirements must be met by the close date on the job opening, unless otherwise specified.
  • For assistance in applying, please visit our 'Applicant Tips on How to Apply' page.
  • Ensure that your application is complete and detailed before submitting it. In order to comply with Public Act 21-69, the State of Connecticut is no longer asking for resumes during the initial application process. You will not be able to make revisions once your application is submitted into the JobAps system.
  • Please select all location(s) and shift(s) you are willing to work on your application. Failure to do so may result in not being considered for vacancies in that specific location.
  • All application materials must be received by the recruiting agency by the time specified on the job opening for the position for which you are applying. Late applications may not be submitted and will not be considered. Exceptions are rare and limited to documented events that incapacitate a candidate during the entire duration of the job posting time period.  It is the candidate’s obligation and responsibility to request an exception and provide a legally recognized justification to accommodate such exception. Requests should be made to
After You Apply: 
  • Although applicants will receive correspondence via email, as a backup they are also encouraged to sign on to their Personal Status Board daily to monitor their status, view all emailed notices and complete tasks required in the recruitment process.
  • This posting may require completion of additional referral questions (RQs). You can access these RQs via an email that will be sent to you after the posting's closing date or by visiting your JobAps Personal Status Board (Certification Questionnaires section). Your responses to these RQs must be submitted by the question's expiration date. Please regularly check your email and JobAps Personal Status Board for notifications. Please check your SPAM and/or Junk folders daily in the event an email provider places auto-notification emails in a user's spam. 
  • At any point during the recruitment process, applicants may be required to submit additional documentation which support their qualification(s) for this position. These documents may include: a cover letter, resume, performance reviews, attendance records, supervisory references, licensure, etc., at the discretion of the hiring agency. Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications as indicated to apply for this position. 
  • The immediate vacancy is listed above, however, applications to this recruitment may be used for future vacancies in this job class. Interviews will be limited to candidates whose experience and training most closely meet the requirements of the position.
Connect With Us:
  • Due to the large volume of applications received, we are unable to provide confirmation of receipt or status during the recruitment process. Updates will be available through your JobAps portal account. 
  • If have any questions pertaining to this recruitment, please contact


In the Department of Education this class is accountable for technical and statistical work connected with the operations of the department.


Performs a variety of increasingly difficult statistical and technical education related tasks within a bureau or division of the Department of Education; performs related duties as required.


Knowledge of principles and practices of public administration; knowledge of organization and operation of public schools; knowledge of general office procedures; some knowledge of statistical methods and procedures; interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; ability to analyze and evaluate applications and similar material.


Five (5) years of experience in technical work in an area of education.


College training may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equalling one-half (1/2) year of experience to a maximum of four (4) years for a Bachelor's degree.


  • Experience in a customer service position involving direct contact with the public, including in-person, via telephone, email, and virtual inquiries.
  • Experience with database management, including accessing records and updating information.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish or other non-English based language.
  • Experience in community outreach efforts, working with community organizations and educational leaders to support underrepresented populations.  
  • Experience working with school districts in racially, ethnically, and economically diverse environments.


Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.