Connecticut Careers Trainee (Engineering And Related)

Roadway Inventory

Recruitment #220926-1993FS-001


The State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is currently recruiting for a Connecticut Career Trainee position, with a target class of Transportation Planner 1 within the Bureau of Policy & Planning, Roadway Information Systems Office, Roadway Inventory Unit. The position is located at the Department of Transportation Headquarters in Newington. This position reports directly to a Transportation Planner 2 or another employee of higher grade. 

The Roadway Inventory Unit is responsible for keeping accurate current and historical data on almost 22,000 miles of public roads in Connecticut.  Through various efforts data is collected and validated on a project level basis for state and local roadways. The unit is responsible for updating and maintaining the Department’s Linear Referencing System (LRS) utilizing Bentley’s Assetwise Linear Referencing Services (AWLRS) and Transportation Intelligence Gateway (TIG).  The unit is also responsible for tracking, documenting, and maintaining all identified roadway asset data for use in meeting reporting requirements including, but not limited to: the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).  This data supports various critical Department functions including: asset management, project prioritization and coordination, financial tracking, funding eligibility, safety analysis, Federal and State reporting requirements, performance management, among others. 

This position requires working collaboratively with other offices within the Department of Transportation, as well as other public entities, collecting, modeling, enhancing, and expanding the Roadway Inventory features and assets that are contained within the network. This position will also assist in the overall operations of the Exor managed LRS road network, incorporating other linear networks, such as rail, trail, bike, and transit into a multi modal network.   

About Us: As one of Connecticut’s largest State agencies, DOT employs approximately 3,000 individuals statewide in five distinct bureaus. It is our mission to provide a safe, accessible and efficient multimodal transportation network that improves the quality of life and promotes economic vitality for the State and the region. We have a significant transportation infrastructure system that is essential to maintaining mobility and accessibility for Connecticut residents and businesses and supporting economic and community development while preserving the State’s resources. The Department of Transportation is committed to cultivating a diverse staff that is representative of the communities we serve. Applications from individuals having diverse backgrounds and life experiences are strongly encouraged.

The Role: 
In a state agency this class is accountable for mastering the skills necessary to satisfactorily complete the training program for a professional position.
  • Work with data collection software systems to collect and update roadway inventory information.
  • Complete task deadlines and prioritize work schedules.
  • Assist in ensuring high quality roadway data is collected, vetted, processed, stored, and made available to report, display, edit, and publish for consumption.
  • Analyze data, perform quality control procedures, and have it accurately made available to display on the LRS.
  • Assist in quality control assessment of roadway and asset datasets 
  • Assist with the coordination and outreach to identify and integrate disparate Department datasets. 
  • Create, develop, and extract reports and dashboards of various assets for comparison, analysis, and cross validation as well as develop reports to provide summary data.
  • Work closely with various internal and external partners and customers including FHWA, municipal officials, regional organizations, state officials etc.  
  • Support other Unit responsibilities including, but not limited to: LRS management, asset development, office processing of collected data, research and analytical functions, and various other planning activities.
  • Stay current with data technologies.
Examples of Duties: Duties of increasing difficulty will involve working under the direction of a Transportation Planner 2 or an employee of a higher grade, assisting the lead planner in the overall operations of the Exor managed LRS road network, incorporating field collected asset data, other linear networks, such as rail, trail, bike, and transit into a multi modal network.  Enabling the linkage and integration of databases throughout the Department, including: bridge, pavement, safety, roadway attribute and characteristic data, among others.  This position would report to a Transportation Planner 2 in meeting all federal requirements outlined in FHWA's All Roads Network of Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD), Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), and Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE) initiatives.  This position may involve the use of technical computer products and software, including MAVRIC (geo-spatial location and asset collection field tool), ArcGIS, Teams, Word, Excel, Access, Cloud based data storage. Other duties will include but not be limited to:  
  • Reading Engineering Plans;  
  • Performing field collection of Roadway assets, and characteristics.
  • Performing daily quality control checks, keeping logs, and writing reports pertaining to collection systems and data collection.  
  • Working with populating databases and working with spreadsheets performing statistical analysis.
  • Providing technical computer-based training in the use of a variety of software products.
  • Reviewing and preparing statistical and written reports.  
The State of Connecticut offers a competitive benefits package including comprehensive healthcare (including vision), and dental coverage, two retirement plan options, extensive paid time off. In addition, we encourage a healthy work-life balance, and voluntary benefits which include professional development programs, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance program, as well as Health Navigator. 

Selection Plan

To Apply:
  • In order to comply with Public Act 21-69, the State of Connecticut is no longer asking for resumes during the initial application process.
  • The minimum experience and training requirements must be met by the close date on the job opening, unless otherwise specified.
  • Please ensure that your application is complete before submitting it. Applicants will be unable to make revisions once their application is submitted into the JobAps system. Applicants who submit and subsequently withdraw their application will not be able to resubmit for the same posting.
  • All application materials must be received by the recruiting agency by the time specified on the job opening for the position for which you are applying. Late applications may not be submitted and will not be considered. Exceptions are rare and limited to documented events that incapacitate a candidate during the entire duration of the job posting time period.  It is the candidate’s obligation and responsibility to request an exception and provide a legally recognized justification to accommodate such exception.  Requests should be made to
  • For assistance in applying, please visit our 'Applicant Tips on How to Apply' page
Important Next Step Information for After You Apply:
  • Although applicants will receive correspondence via email, as a backup they are also encouraged to sign on to their Personal Status Board on a daily basis to monitor their status, view all emailed notices and complete tasks required in the recruitment process.
  • This posting may require completion of additional referral questions (RQs). You can access these RQs via an email that will be sent to you after the posting's closing date or by visiting your JobAps Personal Status Board (Certification Questionnaires section). Your responses to these RQs must be submitted by the question's expiration date. Please regularly check your email and JobAps Personal Status Board for notifications. Please check your SPAM and/or Junk folders on a daily basis in the event an email provider places auto-notification emails in a user's spam.
  • At any point during the recruitment process, applicants may be required to submit additional documentation which support their qualification(s) for this position.  These documents may include:  a cover letter, resume, transcripts, diplomas, performance reviews, attendance records, supervisory references, licensure, etc., at the discretion of the hiring agency.
  • The immediate vacancies are listed above, however, applications to this recruitment may be used for future vacancies in this job class.
  • Interviews will be limited to candidates whose experience and training most closely meet the requirements of the position.
  • Candidates who are offered and accept a position with the State of Connecticut are bound by the State Code of Ethics for Public Officials and State Employees which is available at
Connect With Us:
Due to the large volume of applications received, the State of Connecticut is unable to provide confirmation of receipt or status during the recruitment process. Updates will be available through your JobAps portal account. If you have any questions pertaining to this recruitment please contact Hayley Newhouse at or (860) 986-6918.


In a state agency this class is accountable for mastering the skills necessary to satisfactorily complete the training program for a professional position.


In a department or institution receives training in introductory governmental work for development of skills and knowledge in field of public administration in order to qualify for advancement into agency professional positions; performs a variety of increasingly difficult duties as skills are acquired during course of training period; performs related duties as required.


Oral and written communication skills; ability to acquire knowledge and skills required for the target classification; ability to understand, evaluate and solve problems by exercising judgement and logic; ability to read, interpret and understand written material; ability to perform basic arithmetical computations; ability to interpret charts, graphs and tables; learning and reasoning ability; ability to establish and maintain cooperative relations with superiors, associates and general public; ability to utilize computer software.


Possession of a Bachelor's or Master's degree.


  1. If the target job classification has a Substitution Allowed that requires the Bachelor's or Master's degree to be in a specific area(s), then these specific degree areas are required for appointment to the Connecticut Career Trainee classification.
  2. Candidates cannot be appointed until all degree requirements are complete.


  • Possession of a Bachelor's or Master's degree, preferred disciplines include: Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Economics, Mathematics, Management Information Systems, or Computer Science.  Other degrees will be considered providing that applicant has previous work experience or training in GIS and/or LRS development or Field data collection
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and other programs such as, but not limited to: Exor, TIG, ESRI’s product suite, QGIS, and Google Earth through course work, work experience, or internships
  • Experience with computer programming languages through course work, work experience, or internships
  • Experience with querying and scripting capabilities related to database management in applications such as Java, SQL, Python, and others through course work, work experience, or internships
  • Experience with statistics and a mathematical background as position involves considerable computer work and performing statistical and mathematical analysis and calculations through course work, work experience, or internships
  • Interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills through course work, work experience, or internships



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.