County of Alameda

Marine Engineer (#8757)

Bargaining Unit: SEIU 1021 - Misc Sub/Para Prof (012)
$49.35-$59.95 Hourly / $3,948.00-$4,796.00 BiWeekly /
$8,554.00-$10,391.33 Monthly / $102,648.00-$124,696.00 Yearly

Under direction, to perform journey-level work in dockside and underway repairs, to maintain, install, and modify: main propulsion, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, fuel, and other systems used on marine vessels operated by the Sheriff’s Office; to operate and monitor the functioning of such systems while underway; to maintain operating and maintenance records; and to perform related duties as required.


This is a single position class located in the Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol Unit. The position is responsible for ensuring the continuing operability of vessels used by the Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement purposes and performs journey-level maintenance and repair work on a variety of marine engineering, structural and related systems.

The class is distinguished from positions in all other classes assigned to the Marine Patrol Unit in that the duties of the latter are primarily involved with the navigation of vessels or the law enforcement activities in which such vessels are utilized. While this position shares responsibility for the navigation and general operation of vessels with other classes, it is solely responsible for the maintenance and repair of their structure, propulsion, engineering, and related systems and for the operation of those systems while underway.

The class is distinguished from others that perform maintenance and repair work in that the duties of this class involve systems that are unique to marine vessels. It is further distinguished from those other classes in that the Marine Engineer is responsible for the operation of marine vessels’ propulsion and engineering systems while underway.

NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

1. Conduct regular overall dockside and underway inspection of vessels operated by the Marine Patrol Unit. Inspect propulsion, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, fuel, control, auxiliary, and related systems to identify the need for maintenance or repair.

2. Perform dockside and underway (emergency and permanent) repairs on vessels. As appropriate to the vessel type and the nature of repair needed, weld or fabricate components, rewire circuits, replace sensors; repair or replace system components.

3. Perform preventative maintenance on vessels in accordance with manufacturers’ schedules or as required to meet mission demands. Regularly inspect and maintain safety equipment including fire pumps, bilge pumps, and fire suppression equipment.

4. Perform repairs and install upgrades to propulsion, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, fuel, auxiliary and related systems such as: radar, plotter, armament, lighting, and safety equipment as mission demands dictate. Fabricate mounts to facilitate mounting new equipment.

5. Prepare vessels and engineering systems for getting underway. As appropriate to the vessel type, check settings and fluid levels of main engines and generators. Check auxiliary equipment for operational readiness. Check fuel and engine oil levels. Inspect the vessel generally for seaworthiness; check propellers, hull and sponson integrity.

6. Serve as vessel engineer underway. Monitor engine room and engine operations while underway. As appropriate to the vessel, check main and generator engine water temperature and raw water discharge; monitor main and generator engine oil pressure and record; monitor main tank fuel level and transfer fuel as necessary. Check for water and oil leaks from engines or propeller shaft seals. Check for proper electrical output from generators. Monitor hull for integrity.

7. Sail and crew on vessels.

8. Maintain records of repairs, maintenance, preventative maintenance, upgrades, and modifications made. Maintain records of future repairs required, including dry dock repairs.

9. Maintain an inventory of parts and equipage needed for repair and maintenance purposes. Keep abreast of material sources and vendors from whom supplies can be obtained.

10. Inventory, and provide secure storage for hazardous materials on hand, used and discarded. Maintain complete and current MSDS files.

11. Maintain tools and equipment in the main propulsion unit shop and on board vessels. Inventory and stock an adequate supply of tools and equipment to effect repairs.

12. Instruct departmental personnel in basic equipment maintenance and in the proper use and operation of equipment from a maintenance standpoint.

13. Maintain and repair shop equipment and clean shop area.

14. Attend training sessions and conferences.


Three years of full time, journey level experience repairing and maintaining gasoline and diesel engines. This experience must include a minimum of two years full time journey-level experience in a ship’s engineering department, with duties that included underway and dockside maintenance, repair and operation of the vessel’s structure, main propulsion, auxiliary and related equipment including ship’s mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, electrical, steering and navigational systems. Candidates may be required to provide a copy of official documentation showing the completion date of the apprenticeship they satisfied prior to becoming journey-level.


Incumbents in this class must possess a valid California Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.

Special Requirements:

1. Prospective appointees to this class must successfully complete a background investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office.

2. Duties performed by incumbents in this class require presence aboard vessels underway, frequently in adverse weather conditions. Incumbents must not be prone to motion sickness.

3. As the Marine Engineer sails and crews on vessels they may be required to work day, evening, night and rotating shifts, including weekends and Holidays.

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

• Marine propulsion, electrical, fuel, water, hydraulic and related systems; their purposes, functions, capabilities and limitations.
• Methods, procedures, tools and equipment used in the repair, maintenance and modification of marine propulsion, electrical, fuel, water, hydraulic and related systems.
• Symbols, conventions, language and notation used in structural blueprints, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, repair and maintenance manuals for marine engineering equipment.
• Materials and equipage standards, specifications and requirements as they pertain to marine engineering equipment.
• Marine emergency and damage control procedures.

Ability to:

• Assess and diagnose problems associated with marine propulsion, electrical, fuel, water, hydraulic, and related systems; identify the causes of impaired system operation or malfunction, determine the action required to restore full operation and to return systems to full operation.
• Conduct effective general and preventative maintenance, install, modify and repair marine engineering systems and equipment of all descriptions.
• Read and understand structural blueprints, electrical schematics wiring diagrams, repair and maintenance manuals for marine engineering equipment and apply that information to maintenance, repair, modification activities in progress.
• Maintain complete and accurate records of engineering system preventative maintenance, repairs and modifications performed.
• Weld, machine, braze, and fabricate parts from a variety of materials including metal and fiberglass.
• Work in inclement weather conditions, extremes of hot and cold, operate engineering systems and repair them while underway in severe weather and other adverse circumstances.
• Respond to marine emergencies and to carry out effective damage control procedures.

DS:po 3/20/08
Newspecs: 8757.doc
CSC Date: 5/7/2008


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