County of Alameda

Manager, Photographic and Printing Services Unit (#8530)

Bargaining Unit: ACMEA - General Mgmt (R15)
$32.07-$39.01 Hourly / $2,565.60-$3,120.80 BiWeekly /
$5,558.80-$6,761.73 Monthly / $66,705.60-$81,140.80 Yearly

Under general direction, to plan, organize and direct the work of the Photographic and Printing Services Unit of the Sheriff’s Office. To provide photographic, photo lab, printing, high speed copying and color copying services to the agency and to do related work as required.


This is a single-position class located in the Sheriff’s Office Photographic and Printing Services Unit. The Manager is responsible for coordinating the activities of the unit which encompasses scheduling, delegating work assignments, and providing training for subordinate staff. The class is distinguished from that of Photographer in that the latter is a non-supervisory, journey-level photographer class, responsible for performing technical photography, photo lab processing and providing technical assistance to staff assigned to the unit. The class is distinguished from that of Assistant Manager, Reprographics Division in that the latter’s duties are limited to reprographics operation with no photography or photo lab responsibilities.

NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

1. Supervise, plan, schedule, coordinate and direct the work of the unit, including photography, photo laboratory, pre-press, printing and copying activities. Receive orders for printing and photographic services; approve project schedules and production priorities.

2. Assign and review the work of subordinate photographic and printing services staff. Monitor the progress of projects undertaken to ensure quality and timely completion. Maintain records of unit activities and work performed. Maintain files of routine or recurring printing services templates.

3. Interview and participate in the selection of new employees; oversee in-service training of subordinate staff; review and evaluate employee work performance.

4. Oversee the inventory of photographic and printing supplies. Evaluate and authorize the purchase of supplies and equipment needed for unit operations.

5. Prepare unit budget reports, forecasts and requests; assist the Crime Laboratory Director with development and administration of the annual budget for the unit. Ensure the timely preparation and delivery of invoices for services rendered by the unit.

6. Provide direct photographic services, including photography of crime scenes, documents and perishable evidence. Develop, enlarge, print and process black and white and color photographs. Perform color balancing and computer restoration of pictures. Download digital images from cameras to computer-based photographic systems and correct images to standard. Maintain photographic files.

7. Prepare photographic evidence for presentation in court. As required, testify on the authenticity of photographic materials presented.

8. Conduct training sessions on photographic technique for other Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Either I

The equivalent of two years of full time experience in the class of Photographer in the Alameda County classified service. (Non-classified includes District Attorney’s Office, Hospital Authority, and the Consolidated Courts.)


The equivalent of four of years of full time experience in the class of Photo Lab Technician in the Alameda County classified service.


The equivalent of four years of full time experience performing graphic, design, digital press operation, copying and binding activities in a reprographics department operationally and technically comparable to the ACSO Printing Services Unit, that included a minimum of six months of full time experience supervising technical, paraprofessional or higher-level staff

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

• Principles and techniques of effective personnel supervision and management
• Principles, techniques, methods and procedures used in the general management of photographic laboratory and print shop operations.
• Methods of materials, equipment and supply acquisition and management.
• Methods, tools and equipment used in a digital press reprographics production unit.
• Use and operation of photographic equipment including digital imaging and associated post-processing software
• Personal computers and network concepts relating to digital copy systems and photo lab equipment.
• Theory, principles and techniques of photography
• Photographic laboratory techniques and procedures

Ability to:

• Plan, coordinate, organize and direct the general operations of the Printing Services Unit.
• Receive, prioritize, delegate and monitor the progress and timely completion of print shop and photo lab orders.
• Communicate effectively with print shop and photo lab clients to ensure that orders are accurately processed.
• Instruct others in the use of digital press equipment, general graphic design and photographic techniques.
• Photograph in a wide variety of circumstances and conditions.
• Develop, print and enlarge photographs.
• Perform basic maintenance on photographic equipment.
• Keep abreast of modern photographic and reprographic processes.
• Exercise sound judgment and decision making, leadership and management control.
• Communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

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CSC Date: 10/22/2008

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