County of Alameda

Fire Chief (#8152)

Bargaining Unit: Unrep - Fire Executive Mgmt (035)
$111.48-$133.01 Hourly / $8,918.77-$10,640.77 BiWeekly /
$19,324.00-$23,055.00 Monthly / $231,888.00-$276,660.00 Yearly

Under the administrative direction of the Board of Supervisors, to plan, organize and direct the activities of the Alameda County Fire Department; and to do related work as required.


This class is the Chief Executive Officer of the Alameda County Fire Department and is distinguished from that of the next lower classification of Fire Department Deputy Chief, in that the latter class has a smaller scope of administrative and policy making responsibilities and reports to the Fire Chief. This same latter class may, in addition, act in the absence of the Fire Chief.


NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

1. Plans, organizes, coordinates, directs, and evaluates all program and operations of the Alameda County Fire Department.

2. Determines operational lines of authority and responsibility, and functional assignments; and develops and implements departmental rules, policies, and procedures in alignment with the department’s mission and values.

3. Consults with the Deputy Chief, Administrative Services Director, Fire Marshal and other executive/management personnel in charge of the various functional service areas on a regular basis concerning departmental matters, including programs, services, budget and organization.

4. Attends sessions of the Board of Supervisors/Board of Directors to present and justify departmental proposals requiring Board action; confers with the County Administrator’s Office concerning budgetary and organizational programs and services.

5. Takes command at major fires or emergencies.

6. Takes all measures deemed expedient for the extinguishment of fires, protection of property and the saving of lives, including ordering buildings or parts of buildings demolished to prevent the spread of fire or to extinguish the fire. Sees that all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations pertaining to fire protection are enforced.

7. Makes advisory requests and recommendations to the Fire Commission for the Board of Supervisors, for the building of new fire houses, purchase of new apparatus, hose, implements, or other equipment and directs the preparation of specifications for this equipment.

8. Oversees the department’s budget and maintains budgetary control.

9. Directs the establishment of training programs for both new and experienced personnel.

10. Makes monthly and annual reports covering the operation and achievements of the department.

11. Meets with the public and deals with various officials and citizens in furthering the public relations work of the department; establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with other County departments, cities, counties, community organizations, and individuals.

12. Oversees the development of contingency plans to handle major disasters; performs related work as required.

13. Keeps informed of current trends and new developments in the field of fire services; reads professional literature; and participates in professional organizations.


Graduation from an accredited college with a Bachelor’s Degree in fire science, public administration or closely related field.

A Master’s Degree and an Executive Fire Officer certification are desirable.

And Either I

The equivalent of two years of experience as a Deputy Chief or the equivalent of three years of experience as a Division Chief in the Alameda County Fire Department.


The equivalent of two years of experience as a Deputy Chief or the equivalent of three years of experience as a Division Chief in an agency similar to the Alameda County Fire Department.


Must be in possession of at least a valid California Class C driver’s license.

Special Requirements:

Is subject to emergency recall while off duty.

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

• Techniques of Fire Department administration, organization and operation
• Current trends in firefighting and fire prevention
• Principles and practices of public administration, public relations, and personnel administration.
• Federal, state, and local laws and regulations in the fire services
• Fiscal and budgetary practices, including purchasing.

Ability to:

• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
• Provide effective leadership
• Strategically plan, organize, and implement
• Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with department/agencies and the community
• Perform analysis and problem solving
• Exercise sound judgment and make decisions
• Demonstrate management control
• Demonstrate flexibility
• Adapt to stress.

Old document: 0757h
MW:Lh 9/76
BG:ab Rev.7/86
Revised 3/25/99; 5/10/99
New document: Jobspecs/8152
GH:cs Revised 10/23/15
CSC Date: 11/10/15

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