County of Alameda

Fire Engineer (#8143)

Bargaining Unit: IAFF 55A - Fire (019)
$61.66-$74.98 Hourly / $4,624.62-$5,623.38 BiWeekly /
$10,020.00-$12,184.00 Monthly / $120,240.00-$146,208.00 Yearly

Under supervision, to drive, operate and maintain fire engines and trucks; perform a variety of pumping operations; assist in the suppression of fires; and perform related work as required.


This class is distinguished from the next higher level class of Fire Captain in that the latter directs the activities of an engine or truck company. It is further distinguished from the lower class of Firefighter in that the latter's primary function is that of fighting fires and providing emergency medical service.

NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

1. Responds to fire and other emergency alarms by driving assigned vehicle to fire scenes and other locations.

2. Performs preventive and minor maintenance on assigned vehicles.

3. Spots the equipment; sets up for pumping or drafting; sets and adjusts controls on the pumper to deliver required water pressures and flow.

4. Lays hose lines and supply lines; may operate aerial ladders as assigned.

5. Assists in the inspection of public buildings and multiple residential units to determine and enforce compliance with safety laws and ordinances.

6. Compiles and submits information and reports on equipment runs, accidents, gas and oil usage, and apparatus inspections.

7. Assists in the maintenance of fire station and surrounding grounds.

8. Operates pumper equipment and otherwise assists in the suppression of fires.

9. Performs related duties as required.


The equivalent of three years’ experience as a firefighter in the Alameda County Fire Department, successful completion of the Alameda County Fire Department Engineer Task Book, successful completion of the Alameda County Fire Department’s Engineer Promotional Preparation Workshop within two years from the last day for filing, and successful completion of CSFM Driver Operator 1A & 1B.


Possession and maintenance of a valid California Motor Vehicle license with a Firefighter’s endorsement.

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the "Examples of Duties" section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

• Operation and maintenance of fire pumping equipment and related apparatus.
• Technical fire fighting techniques and the principles of hydraulics as applied to fire suppression.
• Working knowledge of modern fire fighting methods.
• Fire prevention and safety principles and methods.
• General knowledge of departmental rules, regulations, policies and codes and ordinances; modern first aid techniques.

Ability to:

• Administer first aid as required.
• Perform maintenance and minor mechanical repairs to fire equipment and other apparatus.
• Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
• Function as a firefighter when necessary.
• Memorize the names of streets and locations of water mains and fire hydrants.

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