County of Alameda

Recruitment Specialist, HCSA (#6910)

Bargaining Unit: Unrep - General Mgmt (U15)
$41.02-$58.89 Hourly / $3,281.60-$4,711.20 BiWeekly /
$7,110.13-$10,207.60 Monthly / $85,321.60-$122,491.20 Yearly


Under general direction, to plan, coordinate and conduct recruitment activities and develop recruitment and retention strategies, which may include Agency branding, networking and developing partnerships with local organizations and schools, according to the needs of the Health Care Services Agency and to perform other related duties as required.


This is a specialized class in the Health Care Services Agency. Incumbents plan, organize and conduct recruitment programs to meet the staffing needs of the Health Care Services Agency. This classification differs from the classes in the Human Resources Analyst and Departmental Personnel Officer series in that the latter classes have a broader scope of personnel activities while the Recruitment Specialist focuses on collaborative and proactive recruitment and retention activities for classifications and positions specific to the Health Care Services Agency. This classification develops and implements recruitment and retention plans for professional, medical, and technical classifications within the Health Care Services Agency and develops, builds and maintains community and educational institution relationships.


NOTE:   The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification.  However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level.  Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.


1.   Sets goals, plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and evaluates the activities of health care recruitment/retention programs.

2.   Identifies, assesses and engages a diverse pool of potential qualified candidates through proactive networking, internal/external partnerships, and through online recruitment.

3.   Develops and promotes Agency branding (what we are, what we do and why individuals should work for us) and implement social media recruitment strategies.

4.   Functions as an administrative resource for the Agency’s Management Team on recruitment issues.

5.   Develops, builds and maintains partnership with hiring managers/departments to understand hiring needs, personalize recruitment and hiring initiatives and provide updates to hiring department on progress.

6.   Identifies short-term strategies to fill position with HCSA.

7.   Streamlines exam process, works with hiring managers to identify job expectations, expedites ideal candidate statements, provides selection and assessment of ideal candidates for HRS, and disseminates open exams to community and institutional partners.

8.   Coordinates annual planning for and participation in health care recruitment events; attends job fair and open house events.

9.   Develops, builds and maintains community and educational institution relationships through ongoing communications and makes presentations before junior colleges, universities, schools of nursing and other specialty schools, community groups, etc., regarding job opportunities with the Alameda County Health Care services Agency.

10. Develops policies and procedures relevant to the recruitment of program staff, nurses and other professional health care personnel; develops retention strategies.

11. Conducts focused recruitment for non-nursing classifications (technical and medical positions).

12. Communicates with nursing and other operating departments to identify recruitment

13. Develops, maintains, analyzes, and disseminates management statistics, reports and information related to the recruitment of nurses and other professional health care personnel.

14. Receives and reviews job requisitions for vacant positions; reviews and screens applications; conducts interviews and schedules interviews with hiring managers; verifies professional licenses; checks references and recommends salaries.

15. May select, train and supervise staff engaged in implementing the hiring process.

16. Makes presentations before community colleges, universities, residency programs, schools of nursing and other specialty schools, community groups, etc., regarding job opportunities with the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency.

17. Provides career counseling for nursing and other Health Care employees and functions as a resource person to the staff; provides procedural information regarding examinations and related matters.

18. Promotes compliance with Federal, State and local regulatory standards and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations.

19. Maintains expenditures and adheres to budgetary constraints in projecting costs for advertising, promotional and marketing activities.

20. Researches and documents effectiveness of various recruitment approaches and strategies and implements necessary changes.




The equivalent of two years of full-time experience as a Human Resource Technician or an equivalent or higher classification performing hiring and/or recruitment related activities in a human resources setting in the Alameda County classified service.  



Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from an accredited college or university.  



The equivalent of two (2) years of full-time professional level human resources recruitment/and job placement experience, requiring the use of knowledge and skills described in this specification.  

(Additional years of full-time experience may be substituted for the degree on a year-for-year basis)  


NOTE:   The Civil Service Commission may modify the above minimum qualifications in the announcement of an examination.


NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.


Knowledge of:

  • Degrees, licensure, certification, education and experience requirements of a variety of medical and technical professions.
  • Hospital, mental and/or public health operations. 
  • Techniques and principles of employee recruitment and selection processes in specialized fields (i.e. health care, nursing). 
  • Applicable Charter provisions and Civil Service Rules as they relate to recruitment and hiring. 
  • General nomenclature and terminology of nursing, hospital, and other health care fields. 
  • Current employment laws, techniques, principles and practices of personnel recruitment. 
  • Community organizations, local schools, colleges and universities. 
  • Current media applications in the recruitment process. 
  • Basic budgetary and financial record-keeping techniques.
  • Management control.

 Ability to:

  • Communicate orally and in writing.
  • Analyze and problem solve.
  • Make decisions.
  • Plan and organize.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal sensitivity.
  • Be flexible.
  • Apply basic data gathering, analytical and statistical procedure.
  • Public speaking and presentations.
  • Work effectively with multi-discipline, multicultural individuals.


Updated: 12/96
Old document: 1174h.doc
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CSC Date: 1/15/92
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