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Materials Testing Technician II (#2182)

Bargaining Unit: SEIU 1021 - Misc Sub/Para Prof (012)
$39.72-$47.40 Hourly / $3,177.60-$3,792.00 BiWeekly /
$6,884.80-$8,216.00 Monthly / $82,617.60-$98,592.00 Yearly

This series specification describes three levels of Materials Testing Technician. Incumbents receive close supervision at the lower level and work under general direction at the upper levels performing field and laboratory testing of construction materials; reading and interpreting plans and specifications relating to quality control and guarantees from developers and contractors; sampling water and inspecting the destruction of wells; acting in support of inspectors in the other options of Public Works and Facilities Inspection; and performing other related duties as required.


Materials Testing Technician II is the journey level class in this series. Incumbents are expected to be able to perform the more complex laboratory tests (such as those listed under the Materials Testing Technician II Examples of Duties and to be able to read and interpret plans and specifications as to how they relate to quality control and guarantees for performance from developers and contractors. Incumbents are also expected to have obtained certification from the American Concrete Institute as required by the State of California and possess a Nuclear Gauge Certificate mandated by the licensing authority in conjunction with the State of California. After the appropriate experience and acquisition of the requisite knowledge and abilities listed below incumbents are expected to promote to the level of Materials Testing Technician III.

NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

1. Takes field samples of construction materials; conducts required test such as:

a. Sample Preparation
b. Sieve Analysis – coarse and fine
c. Crushed Particles
d. Specific Gravity
e. Los Angeles Rattler
f. Loose Weight of Aggregate and Unit Aggregate
g. Relative Compaction (lab density)
h. Sand Equivalent
i. Specific Gravity – Saturating Surface Dry
j. Over Dried Moisture
k. Cleanliness Value
l. Utilizing Nuclear Gauges
m. Portland Cement Concrete Unit Strength
n. Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders
o. Kelly Ball
p. Sampling Fresh Concrete
q. Fabrication of Concrete Cylinders
r. Slump Test
s. Air Content of Mixed Concrete by Volumetric Method
t. Temperature of Freshly Mixed Concrete
u. Air Content by the Pressure Method
v. Film Stripping of Bituminous Mixture
w. Approximate Bituminous Ratio

2. Compares the finished product against predetermined specifications for possible usage.

3. Performs a variety of field and laboratory testing on construction materials such as paint, steel and concrete pipe.

4. Maintain laboratory files, records and supplies.

5. Assists in maintaining laboratory equipment for good working order and yearly calibrations.

6. Gather engineering information and data for projects and programs.

7. In addition to the duties listed above, incumbents also perform the more complex tests that include:
a. Plasticity Index
b. Field Density by Sand Volume
c. Durability Index
d. Resistance Value (“R” Value)
e. Swell Test
f. Moisture Vapor Susceptibility
g. Oil Content of Bituminous Mixture
h. Stabilometer Value for Asphalt
i. Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soils
j. Method of Prequalification Concrete Aggregate
k. Method of Testing Weighing and Measuring Devices
l. Evaluation of soil conditions and conducts soil surveys.
m. Prepares complete and comprehensive written reports involving analysis of materials.
n. Analyzes, prepares, and reports on materials tested and makes recommends on test results.

8. May act in support of inspectors in the other options of Public Works and facilities inspection in conducting inspections of existing flood control facilities, pavements and drainage of county maintained roads for conformance to the specifications and quality of work and functional adequacy; samples water and inspects wells during destruction.

9. May act in support of Public Works Inspectors in conducting inspections of underground facilities such as covered channels, reinforced concrete blocks and open levees; collects truck tags checking and verifying mix designs against job specifications and plans.

10. Acts as resident controller for concrete and hot asphalt plants (plant inspection).

11. May act in support of Public Works Inspectors performing liaison work with other public agencies, utilities, various cities and maintenance people relaying information and recommendations regarding inspections of projects and facilities to assigned inspectors or other related personnel.

12. May assume the duties of the Lab Supervisor in the absence of the incumbent.

13. Prepares billing on invoices for outside contract work by Materials Testing Laboratory; assists in gathering information for preparing bids for outside contracts; research records and reports gathering information for responses to inquiries.

Either I

The equivalent of one year full time experience in the class of Materials Testing Technician I in the Alameda County service.


Possession of an Associate Arts Degree in Civil Engineering Technology or a closely related field, AND

The equivalent of two years full time experience in materials testing work.


The equivalent of three years full time experience in the field of materials testing.

License and Certification:

· Possession of a valid California Motor Vehicle Operator’s license.

· Possession of a valid Grade I – Field Technician certificate from the American Concrete Institute.

· Possession of a valid Nuclear Gauge Certificate is desirable . (However, candidates are usually required to complete an approved training course after employment, in order to obtain the Nuclear Gauge Certificate as mandated by the licensing authority in conjunction with the State of California).

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

· Standards methods and equipment used in making physical tests of construction materials
· Laboratory safety procedures.
· State of California codes, rules and regulations relating to materials testing.
· Basic design and construction methods.
· Raw materials and their proper usage in construction.
· Engineering mathematics.
· Hazardous materials and safety procedures for handling different types of construction materials such as various types of concrete, fill materials, asphalt and concrete products.
· Construction field practices and equipment.
· Technical report writing.
· Plant inspection procedures.
· Surveying.

Ability to:

· Perform a variety of tests both in the field and laboratory.
· Examine and analyze materials test results.
· Follow written and oral instructions.
· Maintain effective working relationships.
· Analyze and interpret plans, specifications, codes and technical manuals.
· Prepare comprehensive written reports involving the analysis of materials tested.
· Identify problems with construction materials.
· Work independently in the lab and field.
· Keep accurate records of testing data.
· Communicate orally.

TAT:pb/Revised 1/25/89
TAT:pb/Revised 7/31/90
BS:jc/Revised 3/27/91
DF:lm/Revised 2/29/96
DF:jc/Revised 3/17/97
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Old Document: Cadssec: 0333h
New Document: Jobspecs/ 2181-2182-2183
CSC Date: 1/19/00


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