County of Alameda

Web Designer I (#1854)

Bargaining Unit: Unrep - General Mgmt (U15)
$40.55-$53.95 Hourly / $3,244.00-$4,316.00 BiWeekly /
$7,028.67-$9,351.33 Monthly / $84,344.00-$112,216.00 Yearly


This flexibly staffed classification series specification describes the journey-level classification in the Web Designer series. Under supervision, to maintain web page content, to create graphic design, and to develop and maintain County Intranet and Internet web pages and sites in accordance with department requirements and within County standards, and to perform related work as required.


The classification of Web Designer I is a multi-disciplinary journey-level classification in the Web Designer series located in the Information Technology Department (ITD). Incumbents utilize specialized web technology and tools to manage and maintain content on the County Intranet and Internet web pages/sites and are involved with the performance of information processing and output functions with respect to the full range of systems utilized by and between ITD and all of its customer departments/agencies for the benefit of those departments/agencies. 

The Web Designer I is distinguished from the Associate Web Designer in that the latter is in the capacity of a trainee to learn. The Web Designer I is further distinguished from the Web Designer II in that the latter possesses advanced knowledge and experience using web technology to manage web content structure, design web pages/sites, and analyze and troubleshoot issues for a department/agency’s web page/sites with minimal guidance.

Web Designer I’s are eligible to promote to the higher-level classification of Web Designer II upon a positive performance evaluation and successful demonstration of proficiency to perform the essential duties of the higher-level classification.


NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

  1. Processes work requests for changes and maintenance to the content of departmental/agency websites. 
  2. Confers with department/agency users to identify web content requirements and establish appropriate parameters; translates informational and aesthetic content into a functional website within County standards.
  3. Organizes and arranges the manner in which web data is displayed to increase user functionality.
  4. Edits and maintains web pages and sites, including testing content using web-development tools and testing website accessibility and functionality from a variety of environments.
  5. Gathers and integrates aesthetic design layout and formats and posts content on the appropriate web portals and sub-sites.
  6. Maintains knowledge of current website development practices, applications, and technology.
  7. Evaluates and recommends basic enhancements that facilitate efficient production and effective content design improvements to County Internet/Intranet web pages/sites. 
  8. Researches, analyzes, troubleshoots, and resolves complex website content issues.
  9.  Creates templates of approved web page layout. 
  10.  Develops web pages/sites using the County’s web content management tool. 
  11. Monitors the team’s support mailbox to ensure timely processing and completion of requests.
  12. Assures web-based information is archived for future reference and access.
  13.  Contributes directly to every aspect of video production, from scripting to storyboarding to filming and editing.
  14. Acts as Producer/Director/Videographer on assigned projects or assists the assigned Producer/Director/Videographer as appropriate.




The equivalent of one (1) year of full-time experience in the classification of Associate Web Designer I in the Alameda County classified service. 


The equivalent of two (2) years of full-time experience developing or managing websites/page content and performing basic computer graphic web design. 


Completion of 30 semester or 45 quarter units of Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Graphics, or Web Design courses from an accredited college or university may be substituted for one (1) year of the required experience. 

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.


NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

  • Web content management, web programming languages, and computer graphic applications.
  • Web design layout and formatting.
  • Website operating systems and servers.
  • Industry-standard video production tools.
  • Principles of problem solving and research. 
  • Video production and editing technologies.

Ability to:

  • Learn and use new and emerging web technology applications and tools related to web page and website maintenance and design.
  • Work both independently and cooperatively as part of a team.
  • Identify problems, research, and examine alternatives, make recommendations, and implement improvements and/or corrective changes to maintain Internet and Intranet websites.
  • Adhere to County standards and procedures for website and web page maintenance.
  • Perform design layout for websites and learn more advanced features that can be incorporated into a website.
  • Use the County’s Web Content Management tool.
  • Create templates of approved website layout.
  • Learn and work on technologies, applications, and tools used by the department.
  • Exercise judgment and initiative.
  • Work under pressure and deadlines, effectively prioritizing assignments.
  • Perform quality assurance testing on new web content design, updates, edits, and improvements.
  • Train department/agency users in the use of web applications and tools and appropriate operating procedures.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of business.
  • Translate ideas and concepts into video elements and implement them if  a video is required for a project.
  • Schedule, coordinate, and execute multiple simultaneous projects from pre-production through post-production.
  • Use a professional video camera and other related accessories.

Newspec:  1854
LC:cs  1/20/16
CSC Date:  2/17/16
SK: saa Revised 12/18/2023
CSC Date:01/10/24

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