County of Alameda

Elections Technician SAN (#1282N)

Bargaining Unit: SEIU 1021 - Clerical (010)
$32.57-$38.85 Hourly / $0.00-$0.00 BiWeekly /
$0.00-$0.00 Monthly / $0.00-$0.00 Yearly

Under general supervision, plans, organizes, coordinates, oversees and leads election processes and activities related to the administration of elections including: registration, voter outreach, absentee voting, candidates’ services, locating and securing polling places, preparing election supplies in the warehouse, and the recruitment, hiring, training and evaluation of poll workers and other related duties as required.


This is a highly specialized journey-level Services-As-Needed position found in various sections of the Registrar of Voters Department. Incumbents perform varied clerical/technical duties during various cycles of the voter registration process, including but not limited to consolidation of voting precincts, oversight, direction and participation in the preparation of materials related to the absentee voting process; distinguishing different classifications of absentee voters in elections; planning, coordination and oversight of the candidate filing process, determination of eligibility of candidates to run for office, provide voter registration training to the general public, verify registration eligibility, recruitment of poll workers, conduct outreach to the community and educate voters on the voting process. All duties are related to the administration of elections to ensure that all local, state and federal laws are observed.

Positions in this classification are distinguished from the next higher class of Supervising Clerk I, which has full-time supervisory responsibilities and has broader knowledge and application of state and federal election laws.

NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.


1. Assists, directs and coordinates services-as-needed employees.
2. Review and analyzes voter registration requests.
3. Trains staff in voter rolls, file maintenance and input process.
4. Coordinates and maintains all voter registration information from Secretary of State, DMV and USPS.
5. Compiles and analyzes voter registration data to determine source and record accordingly for State reimbursement.
6. Interprets and implements local, state and federal regulations and statute requirements including the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).
7. Follows state and federal requirement related to Secretary of State Statewide Database.
8. Canvasses and certifies elections.
9. Performs other duties as assigned commensurate with the Elections Technician classification.


1. Assists, direct and coordinates services-as-needed employees.
2. Complies with state and federal outreach requirements including conducting outreach to the Spanish and Chinese speaking communities.
3. Conducts voter registration training classes with various political campaigns, organizations, and general public in regards to HAVA.
4. Provides voting system demonstration to the public and various organizations.
5. Performs other duties as assigned commensurate with the Elections Technician classification.


1. Assists, directs and coordinates services-as-needed employees.
2. Coordinates the absentee voting process for all elections. Duties include independently directing and reviewing the work of permanent and temporary clerical staff working in the absentee voting section.
3. Plans, reviews and evaluates the activities for absentee voting staff and reviews all absentee voting materials for accuracy prior to distribution of ballots to absentee voters.
4. Conducts training of staff in absentee voting law, regulations and procedures, and operation of computers and office equipment.
5. Instructs candidates, campaign committees and special interest groups on proper procedures, laws and forms development pertaining to absentee voting drives.
6. Maintains control of absentee voting documents in accordance with federal and state records retention laws.
7. Directs and coordinates the packaging and storage of absentee voting material after elections to comply with federal and state laws.
8. Instructs clerical employees in proper procedure for the comparison of signatures on absentee ballots and reviews their work
9. Oversees the maintenance of permanent, military and overseas absentee voting records including applications, returned ballots and voted ballots.
10. Establishes procedures to purge and maintain the permanent absent voter files pursuant to state law.
11. Maintains records and ensures compliance with the federal overseas voting laws.
12. Ensures that irregularities in absentee voter applications are reconciled by establishing procedures, instructing staff and reviewing procedures for effectiveness.
13. May operate addressing equipment, envelope opening equipment and computer printers to prepare large mailings of up to 100,000 pieces of absentee mail.
14. Maintains inventory and coordinates ordering and preparation of all supplies needed for absentee voting.
15. Reviews new and proposed laws and regulations regarding absentee voting and advises management on need for modification of procedures and/or forms.
16. Assists local jurisdictions in the absentee voting process by instructing in procedures and informing them of new and proposed laws regulating absentee voting. With minimum supervision, incumbent may be required to travel to city clerk’s offices to instruct municipal employees in the absentee voting process.
17. Performs other duties as assigned commensurate with the Elections Technician classification.


1. Assists, directs and coordinates services-as-needed employees.
2. Plans, coordinates and supervises the candidate filing process, including processing of candidates’ documents for all federal, state and local offices; reviews and determines candidates’ legal qualifications; verifies residence and political affiliation; determines and accepts filing fees; reviews and accepts statements of qualification.
3. Coordinates information with the Secretary of State’s Office regarding statewide candidates. Prepares and files reports on nominations requested by the Secretary of State.
4. Develops and prepares calendars for Primary, General, regularly scheduled and special elections.
5. Contacts and coordinates with city clerks and district secretaries to answer nomination related questions and provide information and services as needed.
6. Assists in preparation of Board letters regarding calling and certification of elections.
7. Prepares and issues certificates of election.
8. Researches statutes and ordinances, coordinates with district administrators and other public officials. Compiles necessary data for preparation, publication and distribution of “Candidate Guideline” book for each major election.
9. Plans, organizes and oversees the preparation/publication/ordering of required election documents required by various statutes for candidate nomination process.
10. Acts as departmental liaison and prepares correspondence with special district secretaries, city clerks, candidates, other governmental agencies and general public regarding nominations.
11. Manages and directs operations of election(s) and election night activities including vote counting centers as assigned.
12. Prepares composite ballot for distribution to the media.
13. Reviews new and proposed laws and regulations regarding candidate nominations and advises management on need for modification of procedures and/or forms.
14. Coordinates services to candidates and orders for voter registration and election information.
15. Completes research and prepares data regarding elections for the Registrar, Assistant Registrar or the public as required.
16. Performs other duties as assigned commensurate with Elections Technician classification.


1. Assists, directs and coordinates services-as-needed employees.
2. Locates, recruits, selects and places poll workers. May direct service- as- needed employees in the recruiting of poll workers.
3. Trains and evaluates the performance of poll workers.
4. Maintains current records of poll worker’s performance and availability.
5. Prepares payroll for poll workers.
6. Maintains spreadsheet date and generates statistical reports.
7. Creates brochures, flyers and publication, etc.
8. Develops and maintains specialized recruiting programs to recruit High School, County and State employees to work at the polls.
9. Performs other duties as assigned commensurate with the Elections Technician classification.


1. Selects, surveys, contracts use and maintains accurate records of polling places and return centers as required by the State and Federal mandates.
2. Performs consolidation of precincts for election.
3. Assists in performing mapping duties, such as monitoring and adjusting precinct boundaries.
4. Perform, directs and/or delegates the responsibility of assembling, verification, and packaging of ballot related materials and other precinct specific supplies.
5. Assists in the loading/unloading of election materials and moving of office supplies, equipment and furniture as required for elections.
6. May direct service-as-needed employees in the assembly of election materials, large printings and mailings, the set up of polling places, and the review and storage of materials after each election.
7. Conducts training of clerical employees and temporary agency staff on warehouse, polling place and election equipment operations.
8. Conducts training of Poll Worker Class Instructors and City Clerk Staff on how to use electronic voting equipment.
9. Conducts training of Precinct Coordinators on troubleshooting electronic voting equipment.
10. Prepares payroll for polling places.
11. Acts as departmental liaison and communicates with public and private agencies and the general public with regard to election matters concerning polling places, equipment delivery, etc.
12. Coordinates, maintains and allocates communication equipment to all designated persons during the election process.
13. Prepares and coordinates the distribution of voter outreach materials.
14. While monitoring and maintaining the inventory and storage of equipment within the warehouse, coordinates delivery and pick up of electronic voting equipment and elections materials to and from the warehouse, vendors, polling places and early voting sites.
15. Operates and maintains various heavy equipment and vehicles used in either processing ballots or in the transport of voting equipment and supplies.
16. Studies and analyzes vendor’s equipment manuals to establish and perform, program and testing procedures on various electronic voting equipment using various computer hardware and software.
17. Troubleshoots and maintains electronic voting equipment such as TouchScreen, PC cards and carts, Scanner Memory packs and USB flash drives.
18. Performs other duties as assigned commensurate with the Elections Technician classification.


Either I
The equivalent of one year full-time experience in the class of Specialist Clerk I or an equivalent or higher level clerical classification in the Alameda County classified service. (Non-classified includes District Attorney’s Office, Hospital Authority, and the Consolidated Courts.)

The equivalent of two years’ full-time experience performing clerical voter services in a Registrar of Voter’s Office.

The equivalent of three years’ full-time clerical experience, which involved public contact.

License: Possession of a valid California Motor Vehicle Operator’s license.

Special Requirement:
Persons hired in the classification of Elections Technician - Polls/Warehouse/Equipment must possess the ability to lift at the Alameda County Class 4 level (50-100 pounds).

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above minimum qualifications in the announcement of the examination.


NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

• Effective training skills.
• Modern office practices and procedures including business correspondence.
• Standard office operations.
• Defensive driving techniques.
• Safety practices and procedures related to motor vehicle operation.

Ability to:

• Learn and apply the California Elections Code and federal election law as it relates to the specific disciplines of this classification.
• Understand, interpret and apply relevant provisions of state and federal law regarding polling place accessibility, absentee voting and candidate nomination.
• Explain relevant provisions of state and federal law to voters, candidates, incumbent office holders, campaign managers and the general public.
• Perform a wide variety of clerical and technical work independently, quickly and accurately.
• Understand and follow complex oral and written directions.
• Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with diverse special interest groups.
• Plan, organize, assign, and direct the work of others during election periods.
• Perform detail work accurately.
• Work on multiple projects under pressure and meet deadlines.
• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.


Alameda County offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that affords wide-ranging health care options to meet the different needs of a diverse workforce and their families. We also sponsor many different employee discount, fitness and health screening programs focused on overall well being.  These benefits include but are not limited to*:

For your Health & Well-Being

  • Medical – HMO & PPO Plans
  • Dental – HMO & PPO Plans
  • Vision or Vision Reimbursement
  • Share the Savings
  • Basic Life Insurance 
  • Supplemental Life Insurance (with optional dependent coverage for eligible employees) 
  • County Allowance Credit
  • Flexible Spending Accounts - Health FSA, Dependent Care and Adoption Assistance
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Voluntary Benefits - Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity and Legal Services
  • Employee Assistance Program

For your Financial Future

  • Retirement Plan - (Defined Benefit Pension Plan)
  • Deferred Compensation Plan (457 Plan or Roth Plan)

For your Work/Life Balance

  • 12 paid holidays
  • Floating Holidays
  • Vacation and sick leave accrual
  • Vacation purchase program
  • Catastrophic Sick Leave
  • Group Auto/Home Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Commuter Benefits Program
  • Guaranteed Ride Home
  • Employee Wellness Program (e.g. At Work Fitness, Incentive Based Programs, Gym Membership Discounts)
  • Employee Discount Program (e.g. theme parks, cell phone, etc.)
  • Child Care Resources
  • 1st United Services Credit Union 

*Eligibility is determined by Alameda County and offerings may vary by collective bargaining agreement.  This provides a brief summary of the benefits offered and can be subject to change.


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