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Police Officer

Recruitment #221117-007451-003


This is police work.

Nature Of Work

An employee in this class is responsible for performing tasks of average difficulty involving the protection of life and property. After completion of an initial training period, the employee is responsible for enforcing federal, state and local laws, and performing related police activities. Involved are patrolling an assigned area on foot or in a radio equipped vehicle and performing administrative, public information and/or complaint duties. Under general supervision of a sergeant or other police supervisor, the employee is required to exercise initiative and independent judgment as well as tact, courtesy and self-control in performance of duties. The employee is also expected to make decisions calmly and quickly in emergency or hazardous situations. Some positions may include training other police officers when assigned as a field instructor, or receiving in-service training in preparation for promotion or special assignment. Most positions require the employee to work on shifts including nights, weekends and holidays with rotating days off. Work is reviewed through reports submitted, observation and results obtained.

Examples of Duties

When assigned to uniform districts: initiates preliminary investigation of incidents requiring police action; preserves the crime scene; renders first aid; interrogates subjects and witnesses; searches for and arrests offenders; records all relevant facts; appears in court; inspects every area of assigned beat as often as possible, giving particular attention to crime hazard areas; applies knowledge of departmental policies, rules and regulations and standard operating procedures to situations which occur; promptly takes appropriate action against all persons who are seen violating the law; assists persons who are lost, senile or mentally deficient and makes proper dispositions; takes lost, stolen or abandoned property into custody and makes disposition of same; enforces traffic laws and conducts accident investigations; patrols assigned area to eliminate the opportunity for crime to occur; responds to and attempts to settle domestic disturbances or refers individuals involved to appropriate social agency; advises citizens on protection of self and property; maintains an awareness of active felons in assigned area, their whereabouts and methods of operation.

When assigned as a field instructor in the districts: trains recruits in duties of police officers as assigned; evaluates and makes recommendations to squad sergeant regarding recruits' progress and suitability for work; accompanies recruits to court and gives advice relative to court presentation; reviews reports and recommends improvements if needed; insures that recruit is aware of any changes in laws, rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures; recommends end of training period when recruit is considered ready.

When assigned to the selective enforcement unit: participates in crowd and traffic control at major events; assists vice control section in investigation and enforcement activities; utilizes informants in latent investigations; participates in stakeouts and surveillance of burglary and robbery targets in high crime areas; conducts prostitution, gambling and other criminal investigations as required; performs business license application investigations; assists in processing special event permit applications; processes and investigates requests by alcoholic establishments to employ extra duty officers; works in conjunction with federal, state and other local agencies to coordinate joint police activities; protects political candidates and other dignitaries.

When assigned to marine patrol: enforces navigable water laws within the city limits; makes safety checks for required equipment on all vessels; maintains police boat and all equipment used; aids disabled vessels and passengers; patrols all boat races and sailing regattas.

When assigned to the information desk: assists the public by given general information; verifies ownership of impounded vehicles and gives authorization for release; checks impounded vehicles in the computer for stolen notices; maintains records, makes copies and distributes as necessary.

Performs work related to the purposes of the Department as required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Ability to: learn modern police procedures, methods and terminology; civil and criminal laws, police rules and regulations, and standard operating procedures; learn local geography; learn to perform complete and thorough investigations; analyze problems and objectively deal with people; observe and record incidents clearly and completely and prepare and present clear and concise reports both orally and in writing; act calmly and quickly in emergency and hazardous situations; learn marine laws and life saving techniques, where required; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other officers, supervisors, officials, and the public; instruct and lead other officers and recruits as required; learn skills associated with the use and care of firearms and the operation of motor vehicles.

Minimum Qualifications

- Possession of an associate’s degree or completion of 2 years of college coursework from an accredited college or university (60-semester or 90-quarter hours); - OR -

- High-school diploma and three (3) years of prior law enforcement or corrections experience at a department of medium-to-large size - OR -

- High-school diploma and three (3) years of full-time, active military experience; - OR -

- High-school diploma and five (5) years of experience as a member of the Tampa Police Department Reserve Force; - OR -

- An equivalent combination of college education, related work experience, or TPD Reserve Force experience.

Certification: Must possess a State of Florida Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer - OR - be currently enrolled in and attending a Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training Program approved by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission and have successfully completed the firearms, vehicle operations and defensive tactics phases of training.

(Proof of successful completion of the Basic Recruit Training and a passing score on the Florida State Law Enforcement Certification exam are required to be eligible for employment.) 

State of Florida Certificate of Compliance as a Law Enforcement Officer - OR- If enrolled in and attending a Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training Program approved by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission, the following items are required instead:

- Letter of Good Standing from academy director or authorized designee on official letterhead. The letter must include the anticipated graduation date and confirmation of successful completion of the Florida Basic Abilities Test (FBAT) and an academy administered FDLE Physical Abilities Test (PAT) with passing scores.  

For out-of-state Police Officers and Military Police candidates: Equivalency for Certification is required. Contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement at 850/410-8600 or visit the website at: http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/CJSTC/Officer-Requirements/Equivalency-of-Training.aspx  for information on the Equivalency of Training process.

Licenses or Certifications

Possession of a valid Florida driver's license required.

* SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS: - Must be a U.S. Citizen, at least 21 years of age. - Must satisfactorily pass a medical examination including a drug screen.


Evaluation of education and experience. Drug testing is included in all pre-employment processing.


During periods when the Mayor issues an emergency declaration for the City of Tampa, all employees may be required to work in preparation, response or recovery activities related to the stated emergency.


HELPFUL HINTS FOR COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION: Please register before you begin the application process. This will enable you to view and re-use information from previously submitted applications to complete and submit any future applications. Please make certain your application is complete and the information you provide clearly demonstrates that you possess the minimum job qualifications as stated in the job announcement. Resumes can be submitted in support of an application, but not in lieu of an application. Resumes and copies of certifications or other required documents may be attached to your online application.