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Student Intern #2304-1015-01

Date Opened
Wednesday, April 12, 2023 12:01 AM
Close Date
  • $15 $17.50 per hour OR some internships are unpaid, and receive experience and/or credit
Employment Type
  • Intern


Internships provide valuable work experience directly related to the student's academic field of study. Participants will be given high-level work experience that may prepare them for permanent positions in the workforce.

Internships may be paid, or for credit with participating institutions. Some internships may qualify for Community Service Hours or other graduation or scholarship requirements.

Student Interns are hired to provide special project related work within a variety of departments and gain hands-on experience in a field of municipal operations.

When you apply for an Internship position you should indicate the department(s) for which you are interested in working.


  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Must be enrolled as a student at an accredited high school, college or university
  • Proof of enrollment must be attached to online application


Student must:
  • Complete the online application process
  • Submit a resume and/or letter of interest
  • Submit current transcripts


Paid Student Intern Rates as of July 1, 2023

Academic Year Completed Hourly Rate
High School Freshman
High School Sophomore
High School Junior
High School Senior
College Freshman $16.00
College Sophomore
College Junior
College Senior
Graduate School Yr 1
Graduate School Yr 2
Graduate School Yr 3

Student hourly rates are based on the last academic year completed. Note that the burden of proof of grade advancement falls on the student. No adjustments in pay will be made until evidence of progression is provided by the student. They must provide the Department of Human Resources this information as soon as it is available.

In other words, a student who completes 12th grade in June would be paid at the high school senior rate until September, and until they provide verification that they have advanced a grade.

The maximum number of hours a Student Intern can work may not exceed 19 hours per week. Approved work-study programs, semester and/or vacation breaks interns may work up to 35 hours depending on departmental funding approved by Management & Budget. 

Internships are not eligible to receive medical benefits, vacation pay, sick pay, holiday, union membership, or union contractual benefits. Any period of internship employment will not be construed in any way to mean probationary employment. Persons may not be employed in two concurrent positions with the City and/or the Board of Education at the same time.

Depending on assignment, additional pre-employment conditions may be required, which may include fingerprinting and background checks. Instructions and information on this pre-employment process are included in Conditional Offer of Employment.

Selection Plan

Students should indicate area of interest when prompted within the online application. Placement in preferred Department is not guaranteed.

Applications will be reviewed by the Department of Human Resources and the hiring department. Placement depends on department needs, student qualifications, goals, and availability.

Law Students or those interested in placement at Police, or Food Policy should apply within those specific postings.

Preference will be given to those residing in New Haven.


To apply for this opportunity:
  • Complete your User Registration. You are encouraged to save your Applicant Profile for future use.
  • You MUST click on the job posting you are interested in, and click Apply or Apply Online from within that posting.
  • MAKE SURE the job you are applying for is named at the top of the page as you review your application!
  • Review or modify your application for that position
  • Click "Ready to Send App" or the "Send" tab; read page and click the attestation
  • Click "Send to City of New Haven"
  • You will also receive an email and text, if a number was provided, confirming your submission

  • If you do not receive this confirmation in the next 24 hours, your application has not been submitted - please contact us at

Please Note, your Profile is NOT an application for an open position. After you create your Applicant Profile, you must still click on a Job Title and complete the application as instructed for each position.