Social Services Senior Administrator (#MDDZ53)
$62,483.00 Yearly Min / $78,104.00 Yearly Mid / $93,725.00 Yearly Max

Summary Statement

A class incumbent is involved in social service administrative work responsible for managing, directing, coordinating, assigning, reviewing and evaluating the day to day operation and implementation of regional or statewide programs in compliance with agency, State and Federal policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

Nature and Scope

The incumbents function under the direction of a Director, Deputy Director or an administrative supervisor. The incumbents are responsible for ensuring that Federal, State and agency requirements are complied with, staff is kept informed of changes and development of new and existing policies objectives to insure meeting client needs and feasible implementation based on staffing.  Incumbents review, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of services provided, workload and staffing assignments and make recommendations to superior on improvements. The incumbents participate on various committees and task forces which study existing programs, assess community health and/or social problems in order to determine impact on current operations. Work in this class includes interaction with other government and community agencies, and/or providers, solving employee, client and/or provider problems and grievances and assisting subordinate supervisors with staffing and training needs.

Essential Functions

Essential functions are fundamental, core functions common to all positions in the class series and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all job duties for any one position in the class. Since class specifications are descriptive and not restrictive, incumbents can complete job duties of similar kind not specifically listed here.

  • Plans for new and existing programs, directs and coordinates activities/phases of programs and implements necessary changes.
  • Develops new policies and procedures, updates or changes existing policies/procedures, translates changes to staff, trains staff, and creates review and data collection forms.
  • Supervises and monitors programs/services, staff productivity.
  • Modify and/or implement operational methods and assume leadership in corrective action and/or error reduction planning.
  • Submits statistical reports, information and summaries on program and staff development and data systems information.
  • Reviews statistical and narrative reports, records and case histories prepared by staff to evaluate effectiveness of services provided. 
  • Revises operating procedures which include workload assignment and staffing.
  • Recommends revision of policy and procedures to improve services.
  • Reviews and evaluates the work of staff, makes recommendations on hiring and disciplinary actions.
  • Instructs, advises and directs the implementation of policies and procedures. Evaluate and monitor their effectiveness and efficiency through review of administrative reports, program reviews and client contact.
  • Coordinates with other administrators, State and community agencies to meet and improve agency objectives.
  • Interacts with union representatives, handles grievances and assists supervisors on disciplinary actions, formal contracts, terminations and promotions.
  • Prepares and/or oversees the preparation of various reports such as statistical, attendance, analysis of operations, program assessments, supervisory reviews and special reports upon requests.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The intent of the listed knowledge, skills and abilities is to give a general indication of the core requirements for all positions in the class series; therefore, the KSA’s listed are not exhaustive or necessarily inclusive of the requirements of every position in the class.

  • Knowledge of services/program procedures, Federal and State regulations, and principles and practice of administration.
  • Knowledge of Merit System, union contracts, personnel forms and procedure.
  • Knowledge of management techniques, principle, and procedures of social work and/or short/long term medical care practices.
  • Skill in communication, interpersonal relationship, motivation, organization and management.
  • Skill in interviewing, evaluating, interpreting complex policy and program information and problem analysis.
  • Ability to delegate, assign, review, plan and coordinate work of others.
  • Ability to work effectively with organizations, agencies and individuals.
  • Ability to apply principles of administration to the development of operating budgets, program evaluation,  criteria and organizational management.
  • Ability to access situations, evaluate information and recommend course of action.

Job Requirements

JOB REQUIREMENTS for Social Services Senior Administrator
Applicants must have education, training and/or experience demonstrating competence in each of the following areas: 

  1. Three years experience in health or human services work such as applying theories, principles, laws and practices of health or human services programs and services that assist with and improve life for individuals, families, or communities such as financial support, employment, unemployment, housing, health care, disease prevention, substance abuse, child protective services, physical/mental health treatment and prevention or rehabilitation.
  2. Six months experience in health or human services program administration such as overseeing and directing the development, implementation and evaluation of health or human services programs and services; planning and establishing short and long range program goals and objectives. Providing advice to other agency organizational units through consultation.
  3. Six months experience in developing policies and procedures.
  4. Six months experience in staff supervision which includes planning, assigning, reviewing, and evaluating the work of others. 
  5. Knowledge of budget management and control which includes managing a budget for the purpose of keeping expenditures within the limitations of available appropriations and available revenue and maintaining, monitoring, projecting and controlling a budget within set policies and procedures.