Director of Operations Office of the State Treasurer (#MABZ76)
$83,575.00 Yearly Min / $104,469.00 Yearly Mid / $125,363.00 Yearly Max

Summary Statement

The class incumbent is responsible for overseeing and directing the ongoing fiscal, information technology, human resources, budget, and legislative research in support of the Office of the State Treasurer (OST), providing senior oversight, analysis and evaluation of evolving issues, legislation, policies and programs.

Nature and Scope

The class incumbent functions under the direction of the State Treasurer. Issues are varied and include fiscal, budgetary, information technology, programmatic, regulatory, management, personnel and all operational areas as related to State government. Issues must be analyzed, alternatives developed, and implications identified to provide accurate and timely evaluation to the State Treasurer, the Committees under the purview of OST, Legislators, and the Public. Many activities are extremely sensitive and confidential in nature and have significant impact on the policy and operation of State government. An incumbent in this position serves a varied role in providing senior operational oversight of all Divisions within OST, staff support and analysis, strategic planning guidance, and may take on other policy initiatives for the State Treasurer as requested. At the direction of the State Treasurer, the incumbent may be delegated responsibility for working with various constituencies, committees, as well as task-forces, and special working groups authorized by the Governor and Legislature.  The incumbent may be empowered for final decision-making authority in certain areas, and an employee in this class may be authorized to represent the State Treasurer on these committees.

Essential Functions

Essential functions are fundamental, core functions common to all positions in the class series and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all job duties for any one position in the class. Since class specifications are descriptive and not restrictive, incumbents can complete job duties of similar kind not specifically listed here.

  • Provides detailed, thorough research and analysis of varied policy and operational issues assigned.
  • Serves as the senior budget and fiscal officer for the OST, including acting as the business manager over multiple operating Divisions.
  • Compiles OST’s annual budgetary submission and advises the State Treasurer on budgetary trends, needs, and limitations.
  • Maintains a current awareness of all issues being developed by the office staff to provide a unified, cohesive, consistent approach and direction by the unit.
  • Represents the State Treasurer, when delegated, on official committees and task forces.
  • Researches, analyzes, develops and edits key policy positions of the State Treasurer, providing documents precisely reflective of OST’s strategic intent.
  • Serves as the chief of operations for OST, developing, recommending, implementing, and managing all key human resources, facilities management, and information management/security processes for OST.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The intent of the listed knowledge, skills and abilities is to give a general indication of the core requirements for all positions in the class series; therefore, the KSA’s listed are not exhaustive or necessarily inclusive of the requirements of every position in the class.

  • Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of public administration fiscal analysis and control, human resources management, and program evaluation.
  • Knowledge of the intricate inter-working relationships within the Independently Elected Offices, Legislative, Executive and Judiciary functions.
  • Skill in developing policy analysis and alternatives and the identification of short-term and long-term implications of legislative issues.
  • Skill in operations management, including information technology, information management, and process improvement.
  • Ability to coordinate the multi-discipline varied programmatic, budgetary regulatory and management issues developed by the OST.
  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive issues under review.
  • Ability to deal effectively with all levels of personnel within the public and private sectors.

Job Requirements

JOB REQUIREMENTS for Director of Operations Office of the State Treasurer
Applicants must have education, training and/or experience demonstrating competence in each of the following areas:

  1. Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Human Services, IT or related field.
  2. Five years’ experience in financial administration such as comprehensive analysis of programs, budgets, projects, services, alternatives, and costs; financial planning, revenue generation, revenue forecasting, expenditure forecasting, cash flow management and establishing internal control.
  3. Three years’ experience in strategic planning which includes planning and mapping a path between the present and future usually for three to five years by determining key objectives, how to accomplish the key objectives, what strategies should be used, what activities would contribute to accomplishing the key objectives and developing performance measures to gauge and report progress or success.
  4. Three years’ experience in public policy administration which includes overseeing and directing the development, implementation and evaluation of public policies.
  5. Six months' experience in operations management which includes planning, directing, coordinating, controlling and evaluating operations typically through subordinate supervisors.