Accounting Technician (#MABA01)
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$29,065.00 Yearly Min / $36,331.00 Yearly Mid / $43,597.00 Yearly Max

Accounting Specialist (#MABA02)
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$32,910.00 Yearly Min / $41,138.00 Yearly Mid / $49,366.00 Yearly Max

Description of Occupational Work

This class series uses two levels of work in the Administrative Services occupational group, Fiscal Services occupational series and describes full performance accounting support work. Accounting support services provide technical support to accounting, bank/tax examinations, collection, cash management, revenue, program funding, auditing, financial analysis, program management, timekeeping/payroll, and various other fiscal, financial, and tax functions.

Work typically includes various combinations of business transactions such as, but not limited to classifying, computing, verifying, recording/posting, reconciling, simple audit/examination, summarizing numerical data, and compiling reports. Assignments are accomplished through manual and electronic applications. Regular contacts include intra/inter agency, local/state/federal agencies, and private sector organizations/individual citizens.

Note: This career ladder series incorporates Accounting Technician and Accounting Specialist. Employee advancement/promotion through the career ladder depends on the employing agency's operational needs and distribution of work. Those two controlling factors may limit the opportunity for employees to advance to Accounting Specialist.  The Accounting Technician is to provide entry for hiring new employees into the class series but does not preclude hiring new employees at the higher level, Accounting Specialist. To implement the career ladder, current employees are assigned to the level for which they meet minimum qualifications and promotional standards. Employees may advance through the career ladder in accordance with promotional standards applicable to the employing agency. The promotional standards, part of a selection document under separate cover, set forth the criteria that define and describe the complexity of work required for advancement to Accounting Specialist.

Essential Functions

Essential functions are fundamental, core functions common to all positions in the class series and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all job duties for any one position in the class. Since class specifications are descriptive and not restrictive, incumbents can complete job duties of similar kind not specifically listed here.
  • Compute fiscal/financial transactions.
  • Reconcile transactions/accounts.
  • Classify and code fiscal/financial transactions. 
  • Review to ensure compliance with required documentation, computations, codes, signatures, and rules/regulations.
  • Record fiscal/financial transactions to various financial information systems.
  • Interact with public/private sector to provide/obtain information.
  • Compile information/develop reports for use by others.
  • Monitor balances and report discrepancies.
  • Participate in recommending systems and forms enhancements.

Levels of Work

Accounting Technician

This level represents full performance technical support of fiscal/financial/auditing functions. Work encompasses the full range of activities as described in Essential Functions.
  • Learns various processes/procedures, laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Responsible for full range of support activities involving agency fiscal/financial/auditing functions.
  • Assignments fall within established and known systems, processes, and operations.
  • Works independently with supervision limited to periodic review of completed work.
  • Provide technical assistance to higher level fiscal/financial/audit staff and various other internal/external contacts.
  • Regular communication typically includes internal/external contacts for the purpose of clarifying/gathering information and problem resolution regarding routine matters.

Accounting Specialist

This level represents technically advanced support of complex fiscal/financial/auditing functions.It is distinguished from the Technician level by work assignments broad in functional scope and/or requiring advanced technical knowledge, both of which require application of complex state or federal program laws, rules and regulations. Work encompasses the full range of activities as described in Essential Functions.

  • Responsible for full range of support activities related to agency fiscal/financial/auditing functions. Assignments fall within established and known systems, processes, and operations. Problem solving requires choice of solutions from range of known options.
  • Broad functional scope typically involves rotational work assignments throughout  multiple functional areas such as various tax functions, i.e. Personal Income Tax, Business Tax, Tax Audit, Tax Collection; or,  various administrative bookkeeping functions, i.e. payroll, benefits, accounts payable/receivable, etc.
  • Advanced technical depth typically involves responsibility for cost/salary/revenue projection; ledger reconciliation/consolidation, etc, requiring application of state or federal program laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • May assign/oversee the work of subordinate levels.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The intent of the listed knowledge, skills, and abilities is to give a general indication of the core requirements for all positions in the class series; therefore, the KSAs listed are not exhaustive or necessarily inclusive of the requirements of every position in the class. 

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of bookkeeping/basic accounting/basic auditing.
  • Knowledge of office practices, procedures, and equipment.
  • Knowledge of applicable accounting systems, budgetary processes, and auditing/reporting procedures.
  • Knowledge of employing agency's program concentration, policies, and procedures.
  • Knowledge of the applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Ability to apply analytical methods including computer applications to resolve bookkeeping/accounting problems.
  • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
  • Ability to develop/recommend courses of action and express ideas clearly,concisely, and effectively, both orally and in writing.
In addition to the above Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, the Accounting Specialist requires: 
  • Knowledge of interrelationships of agency's accounting/program functions.
  • Skill in completing special projects/studies.
  • Skill in educating internal/external contacts regarding policies/procedures related to complex fiscal/financial/auditing activities.
  • Ability to complete assignments across multiple functional areas.

Job Requirements

JOB REQUIREMENTS for Accounting Technician
Applicants must have education, training and/or experience demonstrating competence in each of the following areas:

  • Possession of an Associates degree or higher in Accounting or related field.


  • Possession of a Bachelors degree or higher in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Business Management, Computer Information Systems or related field.


  1. Six months experience in processing financial transactions in areas such as accounting, auditing, payroll, or taxes.
  2. Six months experience in creating financial reports which includes combining and presenting financial data from multiple sources in an organized format.
  3. Six months experience in using an automated information system to enter, update, modify, delete, retrieve/inquire and report on data.