Occupational Grouping of Job Titles

Alphabetical Listing | Career Ladder Listing
Note: Groupings are subject to change without notice
A Administrative Services
AA Administrative Support
AB Fiscal Services
AC Human Resources Management
AD Information Technology
AE Land Acquisition And Property Management
AF Legal Services
AG Supply, Procurement & Contracting
AH Support Services
B Public Safety
BA Investigative Services
BB Law Enforcement And Public Safety
BC Motor Vehicle Services
BD Law Enforcement And Public Safety
BD Protection And Security Services
BE Probation and Parole
C Labor Trades & Crafts
CA Custodial And Laundry Services
CB Food Services
CC Trades Services
D Health And Human Services
DA Health And Safety Regulation
DB Health Care, Administrative, Non Medical
DC Health Care Support Services
DD Human Services
DE Medical Services
DF Nutritionist Services
DG Nursing Services
DH Pastoral Services
DI Psychology Services
DJ Pharmacy Services
DK Therapy Services
DL Volunteer Services
DM Human Services
E Cultural & Information Resources Services
EA Arts, History And Museum Services
EB Library Services
EC Marketing/Public Information Services
F Engineering, Planning, Technical Services
FA Electronics
FB Engineering
FC Fire Protection Services
FD Research and Analysis
FF Surveying
FG Construction Management
G Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Sciences
GA Agriculture and Animal
GB Sciences
GC Natural Resources