Principal Civil Engineer

Recruitment #19-S01-001


Are you a registered professional California civil engineer with a natural talent for managing projects and leading others?  Do you have proven civil engineering experience in water and wastewater operations?  The City of Ventura is accepting applications for a Principal Civil Engineer vacancy on the collaborative Water and Wastewater operations team in the Ventura Water department. If you are a current regular status City of Ventura employee interested in this rewarding promotional career opportunity, apply online at by the 8/25/2019 filing deadline! 


Under general direction, manages and oversees an assigned functional area/division in the Public Works Department or Ventura Water Department and performs difficult and responsible administrative, technical and civil engineering work related to the management and supervision of the design and delivery of major capital improvement projects, land development, real property management, strategic planning, traffic and transportation operations, construction contract management, or water and wastewater programs.

This is a broad classification with individual positions assigned to specific functional areas; this allows for flexibility and cross training; duties and assignments may overlap depending on the operational needs of the department and staffing levels.  The current vacancy is in the Water Department.

This position is designated as "at-will", serving at the pleasure of the appointing authority, and subject to discharge without cause and right of appeal.


  • Has a team approach to problem solving
  • Understands the techniques of managing, scheduling and monitoring multiple projects simultaneously to ensure timely completion within budget
  • Has a good track record of project management experience that clearly demonstrates ability to identify and resolve project issues
  • Has excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Is an experienced supervisor with proven ability to hire, train and evaluate staff
  • Works harmoniously and effectively with staff, contractors, public officials and the general public
  • Has proven experience in the planning, design and/or construction of municipal infrastructure such as streets, drainage, water and wastewater facilities
  • Is an effective representative in a wide-range of settings, organizations and stakeholder groups including environmental and regulatory agencies, technical committees, non-governmental organizations, and industry associations


Depending on program area of assignment, duties may include but are not limited to the following:


Develops and implements comprehensive plans, goals, objectives, policies and priorities of the  assigned functional area/division; Reviews current and proposed projects, work schedules, organizations and personnel programs.  Prepares recommendations on a variety of public policy issues, procedural requirements, plans and ordinances.

Studies, plans, develops, coordinates, cost estimates, and directs the design or construction of a wide variety of major municipal projects. Manages, schedules and monitors multiple projects, and tracks projects budgets.  Manages the preparation of special studies, projects and reports.  Prepares comprehensive engineering reports.

Develops, prepares and presents budgets, reports, plans, presentations and supporting documentation. Coordinates long-range capital program and project funding with internal staff and local and regulatory agencies. Assists in the development of the Six Year Capital Improvement Plan including developing project descriptions, and preliminary budgets and schedules.

Inspects project sites to solve difficult problems; interprets specifications and City policy and makes change orders. Plan checks, directs, and personally reviews difficult engineering designs, drawings, specifications and estimates for development of related projects. Reviews and interprets construction drawings and specifications; plans and conducts pre-construction activities. Processes progress payments, construction change orders and claims. Makes decisions and/or provides recommendations on design, land development or construction issues.

Selects, supervises, trains, motivates and evaluates assigned staff, including professional and paraprofessional personnel; and reviews work in progress; evaluates performance of assigned staff, serving as coach, mentor, facilitator and trainer for individuals and work teams.

Coordinates activities with other divisions, departments and outside agencies to obtain various approvals, agreements, and permits, such as transportation planning, environmental clearance, funding, land acquisitions, and right-of-way for assigned projects.

Confers with property owners, contractors, architects, their representatives, and the general public concerning interpretation and application of City of department policies, rules and procedures, as well as traffic and transportation engineering and operations standards, street maintenance practices, and other related issues.

Facilitates effective interactions with and among professional and technical staff and peers, elected officials, outside agency staff, citizens and other stakeholders to ensure that information is shared, opportunities to be involved are available, and informed consent among affected interests is attained where possible.

Attends, participates, and represents the City on a variety of in-house and regional technical and planning committees. Conducts and/or participates in public hearings to explain program plans and solicit public input.

Provides staff support and participates on City commissions, boards, and committees as needed.

Resolves regulatory, implementation and interpersonal conflicts with individuals, groups and members of the public. Responds to and resolves difficult and sensitive public complaints.

Assists Department Head with activities, operations, and services related to budget, administration, staff development and operations.  Develops work plans, goals and performance measures for assigned division.  Responsible for division budgets, forecasting funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials and services and supplies; monitors and approves expenditures; and makes recommendations for allocations of resources to improve service delivery.  Seeks and supports continual improvement related to program outputs.

Performs related duties as assigned.

The Principal Civil Engineer position may lead, manage and oversee any of the following functional areas:

In Traffic and Transportation:    Leads traffic and transportation planning, development, traffic safety, operations and maintenance. Reviews and analyzes community growth patterns, trends in land use, community needs and other factors in formulating recommendations with City policies, codes and regulations in relation to traffic and transportation needs. Manages preparation and implementation of the City's Citywide Mobility Plan to meet the transportation goals of the General Plan. Manages the implementation of a traffic signal timing model and other activities to increase safety and minimize transportation system delays for all users. Manages a parking management program including parking permits, parking meter systems, parking structure and lot improvements and coordinates with other divisions and departments on maintenance, operation and enforcement of all parking facilities and parking lot maintenance in the City. Acts as the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator to establish and manage programs that encourage and allow safe use of the transportation system by bicyclists and pedestrians. Manages staff that maintains all traffic control devices, traffic striping and markings, traffic signals, transit stop facilities and parking meter systems in the City. Manages the Citywide Street Lighting District.  Responds to public complaints regarding traffic and transportation engineering and operational issues.

In Engineering Services and Strategic Planning:   Develops and oversees strategic plans and 30 year plan for the City’s infrastructure needs, including preparation of the Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Pavement Maintenance Plans.  Supervises and manages land development engineering plan checking, flood plain management, keys waterways maintenance, real property management and City Surveyor functions.   Responsible for the dredging and maintenance of the Ventura Keys. Develops GIS mapping of sidewalk repairs, pavement condition and capital project information on the City’s website.  Prepares quarterly reports on the status and progress of CIP projects for the City Council.   Coordinates and works with the Engineering Design and Construction staff for completion of CIP projects, reporting and implementation.  Assists the public, private engineers and developers and realtors on needed public works improvements for land development sites. Provides land development and grading permitting, land surveying and surveyor support.  Reviews FEMA guidelines, works with other government agencies for Flood Control Management and Mitigation, and responds to resident concerns.  Coordinates the review of Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, and Land Development Improvement Plans. Administers the Grading Ordinance and is responsible for preparing Public Works conditions of development. Processes and manages encroachment permits.

In Engineering Design and Construction:   Leads the design and construction of Capital Improvement Projects.   Monitors and supervises engineering operations for project final design, right-of-way acquisitions and easements, legal descriptions, agreements, studies, plans, costs estimates and specifications for capital projects; oversees construction administration of capital projects; including staff responsible for preparing, reviewing and analyzing bid documents; awarding construction contracts; schedules and attends pre-construction meetings; prepares maps, drawings, exhibits and documentation for meetings. Oversees staff and participates in field reviews, preliminary designs, design alternatives and studies for capital projects.  Manages land development construction and inspection and encroachment permit inspections; supervises construction inspection activities for capital projects; confers with contractors on construction progress; ensures compliance with applicable standards and regulations; provides resolutions to construction problems. 

In Water and Wastewater Operations (Ventura Water Department):  Leads engineering services in the water and wastewater operations in the Ventura Water Department. Serves as liaison with the Engineering staff of the Public Works Department on issues related to the design and construction of water and wastewater capital improvement projects and land development projects.  Coordinates the review of water and sewer improvement plans and conditions for residential and commercial development projects. Coordinates the planning, design and construction of water and wastewater capital improvement projects. Solicits, coordinates and reviews work of consulting firms engaged in water and wastewater studies. Oversees the compilation of the water and wastewater asset management systems.


License: Depending on assignment, possession of a valid California Class C driver's license may be required.

Certificates: Registration as a California Civil Engineer is required at time of appointment.


A combination of training and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering or a related field and five years of professional civil engineering experience which includes some project management experience and two years supervisory experience.


Employment Information:  Right to Work:  Before employment, candidates must submit documentation verifying their legal right to work in the United States.  Background Check:  A pre-employment verification of background, references, and medical examination will be conducted.  A drug screening may be required for some positions.  Applicants for positions using a City vehicle may be required to submit a DMV report.  Probationary Period:  This is an 'At Will' position, subject to discharge without notice or right to appeal.

Deferred Compensation: The City contributes $442 per year to at 457 Plan, and will match $1650 per year contributed by the employee, for a total benefit of $2092 per year.

Medical & Dental Insurance: Up to $665 monthly towards a selection of plans.  Medical insurance is effective the first of the month after date of hire.  Dental insurance is effective the first of the second month after date of hire. 

Optional Benefits: $495 monthly, which may be applied toward medical insurance premiums.  Cash-out option is not available.

Vision Insurance:  City paid coverage provided for employees and their dependents.  Vision insurance is effective the first of the month after date of hire.

Life Insurance: City paid term life insurance equal to the employee's annual salary, and dependent life insurance of $2,000 per dependent.

Disability Insurance: City paid short and long-term disability coverage.

Retirement:  Tier I - 2% @ 55/Single Highest Year of Compensation for Classic CalPERS members who worked for the City prior to December 31, 2012 and are returning to City employment.  Employees make a 7% member contribution, and may be subject to compensation limits per Section 401(a)(17) of the IRC.  Tier II - 2% @ 60/3-Year Final Compensation Period for Classic CalPERS members with less than a six-month break in service from another CalPERS or CalPERS'-reciprocal agency.  Employees make a 7% member contribution, and may be subject to compensation limits per Section 401(a)(17) of the IRC.  Tier III - 2% at 62/3-Year Final Compensation Period for New CalPERS members.  Employees make a 6.25% member contribution, and are subject to compensation limits per Government Code Section 7522.10.  Additional details regarding the City’s retirement plan will be provided to candidates during the job offer process.

Social Security: CalPERS members do not participate in Social Security retirement so there is no payroll deduction. Receiving a CalPERS benefit may affect your Social Security upon retirement. For further information contact a Social Security office or

Medicare: Employees participate only in the Medicare portion of Social Security. There is a 1.45% payroll deduction for this benefit.

Vacation: 3 weeks per year, increasing to 4 weeks after 5 years of service, for managers. Four weeks per year for Department Heads.

Holidays: 12 paid holidays per year.

Administrative Leave: 10 days per year.

Sick Leave:  96-hour-bank upon employment and additional accruals of 2 hours semi-monthly after 6 months of employment.

Annual physical examination:  City-paid annual physical examination.

Auto allowance: $250 per month for Managers.

Tuition Reimbursement: $2,500 per fiscal year for tuition and books for course taken at accredited institution.

Flexible Workweek:  A 9/80 workweek is available for some positions.

Wellness Program:  A comprehensive program is available, including on-site gym, exercise classes, downtown/beach-walking routes, weight loss, and tips on nutrition and healthy lifestyle

Selection Plan

Submit a City application and supplemental questionnaire by the filing deadline. The preferred method of application is on-line and you are highly encouraged to apply at If you are unable to apply electronically, you may request paper application materials by calling (805) 654-7853 during regular business hours. Paper applications can be FAXed to (805) 648-4467, or mailed, or hand delivered to City Hall at: 501 Poli Street, Room 210; P.O. Box 99; Ventura, CA 93002. If you FAX, it is highly recommended that you also send the original documents. The Eligibility List established may be used to fill other regular and temporary vacancies at the discretion of the City.

Once your application has been submitted, all future correspondence from the City will be via e-mail. Please keep your contact information up-to-date and ensure that your email spam filter allows you to receive messages from You may also view notices send to you by the City in the "My Applications" tab at

Department Selection Interview
A select number of candidates will be invited to a department selection interview being held in September 2019, date to be determined.