Environmental Services Supervisor

Solid Waste/Environmental Sustainability Assignment

Recruitment #18-S88-001


Are you a natural leader with a passion for leading and delivering innovative and quality environmental sustainability programs?  Do you have a solid background in the management of solid waste and environmental sustainability programs?  The City of Ventura is accepting applications for an Environmental Services Supervisor vacancy on our collaborative Solid Waste/Environmental Sustainability team (as described in the Solid Waste/Environmental Sustainability Assignment duties section below) in the Public Works Department.  To be considered for this rewarding career opportunity, apply online at www.cityofvetura.ca.gov/jobs as soon as possibile as this recruitment may close at any time. 


Under direction, plans, implements, coordinates, and supervises assigned environmental programs that include waste management, storm water quality, energy conservation and other related environmental sustainability programs. Performs a variety of research, program design and management, analysis, regulatory permitting and professional/technical administrative duties.


An eligibility list is being established to fill the current solid waste/environmental sustainability vacancy as well as future full-time or part-time related vacancy in any section of the Public Works Department.


  • Has a solid background in the management of solid waste and environmental sustainability programs
  • Leads by example and empowers their staff to do the same
  • Works cooperatively and collaboratively to attain regulatory compliance
  • Continuously seeks ways to deliver quality and innovative services
  • Has excellent communication and public relation skills
  • Has a passion and interest in managing environmental sustainability programs
  • Seeks to encourage and maximize community participation in environmental sustainability programs

      Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:


      Plans, coordinates, implements, and participates in assigned environmental program areas including waste management, energy conservation, storm water quality and other environmental areas to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local mandates, and in accordance with pertinent guidelines, regulations, and ordinances.


      Coordinates, monitors, oversees, and evaluates the work of assigned staff, contractors, consultants, and volunteers in the implementation and maintenance of assigned program/project areas; monitors due dates, contractual agreements, and work performance; and provides necessary training and instructions.

      Develops and prepares RFP's and RFQ's for distribution to vendors and contractors to obtain necessary services according to the City's procedures and guidelines; evaluates proposals and participates in the selection process; provides day to day contract administration; and evaluates contractors' performance according to contractual agreement.

      Represents City in assigned environmental areas at a variety of inter-agency consortiums, workshops, hearings and conferences such as the Countywide Recycling Consortium, Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance, Ventura Regional Sanitation District, Water Quality Control Board hearings and countywide storm water committees.

      Acts as primary resource and liaison between assigned environmental programs and local citizens, interested parties, and the general public regarding inquiries and complaints; researches situations, gathers pertinent information, formulates solutions, and implements resolution.

      Coordinates, oversees, and participates in the design and development of various public education, advertising, and other presentations regarding assigned environmental programs. Participates in the development of assigned annual budget; monitors revenues and expenditures; controls expenditures; and prepares periodic reports and updates regarding assigned budget.

      Establishes and implements administrative and operational processes, procedures, and systems to ensure maximum efficiencies and compliance with City and departmental policies; and monitors and evaluates effectiveness of work unit through established criteria and standards.

      Prepares a variety of special studies, reports, and documentation to present to City administration and Council; and utilizes various presentation formats and multi-media tools to present the requested information in the most understandable manner.

      Performs other related duties as assigned.

      Solid Waste / Environmental Sustainability Assignment Duties:

      Designs and develops a variety of waste management/recycling programs to accomplish the City's mandated and desired waste management goals and objectives; and evaluates the feasibility and cost effectiveness of various proposals and alternatives.

      Coordinates, monitors, and participates in conducting waste audits and data reviews to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of existing programs as well as determine the need for new programs.

      Coordinates and facilitates interdivisional and interdepartmental projects to incorporate environmental sustainability into city practices.

      Serves as a member of various interdepartmental committees to review development projects, offers recommendations, and reviews plans to ensure environmental compliance with applicable guidelines and legislation.

      Oversees metrics, narrative, and annual reporting for state and/or grant funded programs.

      Provides support for new and existing businesses regarding solid waste management, including oversite of trash enclosures located on city property.

      Storm Water Quality Assignment Duties:

      Plans, coordinates, implements, and oversees the City’s storm water quality management program; ensures City compliance with its federal and state mandated municipal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm water Permit and other federal, state, and local regulations regarding storm water and surface water quality.

      Ensures that the City complies with Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements; participates on various committees regarding TMDLs; reviews, comments, and prepares reports as necessary.

      Represents the City in the Ventura Countywide Storm water Quality Management Committee and various storm water subcommittees.

      Meets with state and local regulatory agencies to negotiate permit and related storm water quality requirements; attends and provides information at Regional Water Board meetings as well as Regional Board staff meetings and various stakeholders meetings.

      Maintains databases to track compliance storm water NPDES permit for regulatory reporting purposes; analyzes collected data for accuracy, integrity, and compliance; prepares the City’s storm water permit annual and semi-annual reports.


      License: Depending on assignment, possession of a valid California Class C driver's license may be required.


      A combination of experience, training and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in environmental studies, public or business administration, or a closely related field; and three years of increasingly responsible professional experience in researching, planning, and implementation of solid waste management or environmental programs including storm water quality, energy conservation or related area, of which six months must include direct supervision and budget management


      Employment Information:  Right to Work:  Before employment, candidates must submit documentation verifying their legal right to work in the United States.  Background Check:  A pre-employment verification of background, references, and medical examination will be conducted.  A drug screening may be required for some positions.  Applicants for positions using a City vehicle may be required to submit a DMV report.  Probationary Period:  Six months.

      Deferred Compensation: The City contributes $168 per year to a 457 plan and will match $1,650 per year contributed by the employee, for a total benefit of $1,818 per year.

      Medical & Dental Insurance: Up to $665 monthly towards a selection of plans.  Medical insurance is effective the first of the month after date of hire.  Dental insurance is effective the first of the second month after date of hire. 

      Optional Benefits: $495 monthly, which may be applied toward medical insurance premiums.  Cash-out option is not available.  

      Vision Insurance: City paid coverage provided for employees and dependents.  Vision insurance is effective the first of the month after date of hire.

      Life Insurance: City paid term life insurance equal to the employee's annual salary, and dependent life insurance of $2,000 per dependent.

      Disability Insurance:  City paid short and long-term disability coverage.

      Retirement:  Tier I - 2% @ 55/Single Highest Year of Compensation for Classic CalPERS members who worked for the City prior to December 31, 2012 and are returning to City employment.  Employees make a 7% member contribution, and may be subject to compensation limits per Section 401(a)(17) of the IRC.  Tier II - 2% @ 60/3-Year Final Compensation Period for Classic CalPERS members with less than a six-month break in service from another CalPERS or CalPERS'-reciprocal agency.  Employees make a 7% member contribution, and may be subject to compensation limits per Section 401(a)(17) of the IRC.  Tier III - 2% at 62/3-Year Final Compensation Period for New CalPERS members.  Employees make a 6.25% member contribution, and are subject to compensation limits per Government Code Section 7522.10.  Additional details regarding the City’s retirement plan will be provided to candidates during the job offer process.

      Social Security: CalPERS members do not participate in Social Security retirement so there is no payroll deduction. Receiving a CalPERS benefit may affect your Social Security upon retirement. For further information contact a Social Security office or www.socialsecurity.gov/form1945.

      Medicare: Employees participate only in the Medicare portion of Social Security. There is a 1.45% payroll deduction for this benefit.

      Vacation: 2.5 weeks, increasing to 4 weeks per year, after 10 years service. Employees may use vacation after successful completion of probation.

      Personal Leave:  27 hours per calendar year.

      Holidays: 12 paid holidays per year.

      Sick Leave: 96-hour bank upon employment and additional accruals of 2 hours semi-monthly after 6 months of employment.

      Tuition Reimbursement: $2,500 per year for tuition and books for courses taken at accredited institution after completion of probation.

      Flexible Workweek: A 9/80 workweek is available for some positions.

      Wellness Program:  A comprehensive program is available, including on-site gym, exercise classes, downtown/beach-walking routes, weight loss, and tips on nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

      Selection Plan

      Submit a City application and supplemental questionnaire by the filing deadline. The preferred method of application is online and you are highly encouraged to apply at www.cityofventura.ca.gov/jobs. If you are unable to apply electronically, you may request paper application materials by calling (805) 654-7853 during regular business hours. Paper applications can be FAXed to (805) 648-4467, or mailed, or hand delivered to City Hall at: 501 Poli Street, Room 210; Ventura, CA 93002. If you FAX, it is highly recommended that you also send the original documents. The Eligibility List established may be used to fill other regular and temporary vacancies at the discretion of the City.

      Once your application has been submitted, all future correspondence from the City will be via e-mail. Please keep your contact information up-to-date and ensure that your email spam filter allows you to receive messages from recruitment@cityofventura.ca.gov. You may also view notices send to you by the City in the "My Applications" tab at www.cityofventura.ca.gov/jobs.

      Department Selection Interview
      A select number of candidates will be invited to a department selection interview being held in January 2018, date to be determined.


      The City of Ventura is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We promote equal employment opportunity to all qualified applicants without regard to age, race, color, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and military and veteran status.

      In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need an accommodation in a selection process, please notify the Human Resources Department in writing by the final filing date of the position you are interested in. The Human Resources address is: 501 Poli Street, Room 210, Ventura, CA 93001, (805) 654-7853, e-mail: recruitment@cityofventura.ca.gov.