City of Ventura

Police Sergeant (#P07)

Unit: Police Unit (P)
$52.50-$63.81 Hourly / $9,099.86-$11,060.85 Monthly / $109,198.34-$132,730.21 Yearly


Under direction, supervises a detail of law enforcement officers in Patrol, or other personnel on special assignment, or conducts difficult and responsible criminal investigations or staff work.  Oversees and participated in all unit work activities and coordinates activities with other agencies.  This position may be required to wear a uniform and work rotating shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, and is subject to on-call and call-back status.


Police Sergeant is the first-level supervisory class in the Police job series exercising direct supervision over professional police staff, as well as civilian technical and clerical staff. Sergeants work independently,using discretion and judgment in making decisions and performing the full-range of police officer duties.


Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Plans, prioritizes, assigns, supervises, and reviews the work of law enforcement staff. Recommends and assists in the implementation of department goals and objectives. Implements approved policies and procedures. Establishes schedules and methods for providing law enforcement. Identifies resources needed and reviews level of need with appropriate management staff. Allocates resources accordingly.

Supervises staff; reviews employee performance, works with employees to correct deficiencies, prepares performance evaluations, and recommends discipline as necessary. Participates in the selection of staff.  Prepares and conducts staff training.

Briefs personnel at the beginning of a shift and makes assignments. Inspects the condition of equipment and personnel. Supervises the activities of officers or civilians. Reviews subordinates' activities and written work to ensure conformance to all regulations governing the responsibilities of subordinates.

Visits the scene of accidents, crimes, and incidents to provide assistance and review the activities of subordinates. Supervises and participates in the investigation of cases involving subordinates. Interviews citizens.  Responds to citizen complaints in a tactful manner.

Conducts special criminal investigations where experience and difficult problems are involved. Issues special equipment.  Stays current with trends and innovations in the field of law enforcement.

Assumes duties of commanding officer, as necessary.  Performs all duties of a Police Officer, as required.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge of: principles, practices and methods of supervision, training and evaluation; pertinent City, State and Federal laws and ordinances; practices and procedures of modern law enforcement, the criminal justice system, crime prevention, traffic control; advanced patrol techniques, including officer safety skills; rules of evidence for search and seizure; interviewing and interrogation techniques; police radio codes and procedures; safe use and handling of firearms and police equipment; occupational hazards and standard safety practices; basic first aid principles, practices and techniques; and basic English usage, spelling and grammar.

Ability to: effectively organize and oversee the work of others; supervise, train and evaluate staff; interpret and explain City policies and procedures; analyze complex situations and adopt quick, effective and reasonable courses of action; make sound decisions based on judgment; think clearly and respond in emergency situations; work tactfully with the public regarding difficult police problems; be fair and impartial in applying laws regardless of the ethnicity or socio-economic status of those contacted in the course of work; use and care for police equipment and firearms; control violent people and affect arrests; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; prepare clear and concise written reports;and establish and maintain effective working relationships.


License:  Possession of a valid California Class C driver's license is required.

Certificate:  Possession of a California Basic POST certificate is required.


Environmentworks in an indoor office environment and in an emergency peace control environment subject to seasonal climate and weather conditions; works on slippery, uneven and rough surfaces, and in condition where dust, dirt, and odors are frequently encountered; works with noise of traffic and police radio; works under pressure of emergency conditions in highly emotional and stressful situations, and with media scrutiny; drives a vehicle; works rotating shifts, evenings, weekends, holidays, and subject to call-back, on-call, and mandatory court appearances outside of normal working hours.

Physical Abilities: hearing and speaking sufficient to exchange information in person, on the telephone, or at formal presentations; bilateral vision of at least 20/100 corrected to 20/30 (no limit on uncorrected distance visual acuity with soft contact lenses, provided that lenses have been worn at least one year prior to hire); ability to distinguish colors; ability to hear in the normal audio range; audio-visual discrimination and perception for making observations; sitting, standing, walking, or driving for prolonged periods of time; kneels, crouches, bends, stoops, lifts, runs, squats, jumps, and climbs; drags 150 pounds for 30 feet in emergency lifesaving situations; dexterity of both hands and fingers to operate weapons and discharge firearms; mental capability to observe and interpret people and situations, react quickly to emergency situations, and make sound decisions demonstrating intellectual capacity; and maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.

Hazards:  exposed to blood, body fluids, and communicable disease; unpredictable and potentially hostile and dangerous situations; gunfire and other weapons; traffic accidents, smoke, fumes, dust, and fire; and to computer screens.


A combination of education, training and experience equivalent to graduation from high school and five years of experience as a Police Officer with the Ventura Police Department, including completion of a satisfactory probationary period as a Police Corporal with the Ventura Police Department, are required.  An Associate's degree in criminal justice, or business or public administration is preferred and a Bachelor's degree is highly desirable.

CLASS: P07; EST: ; REV: 4/28/2014;